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New oneshot collection?

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Can someone pretending to be Jessica Jung and say I missed you too to me??? T_T

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[ taengsic fiction ] Moonlight

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Just wondering..

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Writing, Ongoings, AUs, and The Thirst for a Non-Depressing Taengsic

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The author of is plagiarist?????

By JoeyTJ posted

first taengsic oneshot! (possibly the last. taeny is love.)

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Taengsic shipper

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50 questions (just bcoz)

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Kesalahan abadi

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taengsic ermerger (excerpt) + et cetera

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TaeNy fic vs TaengSic fic? Lol NO

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Mind Is Blown

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I wish...

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All In My Head

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Game of Thrones spinoff

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PLEASEE (Sharing is caring) :3 Lol xD

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Fic Help

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Remember TaengSic

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And the winner is...

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That one song, that one pairing

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why sica why

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