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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

i'll try anything once

a fluffy, cliche high school love story.

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Tic-Tac (Spanish version) [Short story challenge]

Una breve historia, que supone un viaje entero.  No se que más decir acerca de esto...

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CharactersJessica & Taeyeon
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My Challenge ... My 10 Drabbles


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CharactersKim Taeyeon — Jessica Jung — Park Hyomin — Lee Sunny — Tiffany Hwang — Kim Hyoyeon — Kwon Yuri — Seo JooHyun — Park Jiyeon — Krystal Jung
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A World We Can't Love In

They didn’t like what had happened, or how everything fell apart so fast, but one thing was for sure, they were in love and lived in a world where it wasn’t supposed to be.

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one shot

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Just a drabble. I think I can only update my story, Be Mine, in another 2 months. Sorry guys.

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A Dream Come True

Jessica Jung is happily married but her dreams involve another woman. Jessica is determined to find out why a girl other than her wife is making her heart flutter when she doesn't even know who the girl is in her dreams.  A story of choices...     Your author is back with a one shot! Please comment and I hope you enjoy ^^

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Settle Down

You're cold and I burn; I guess i'll never learn.

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The Taeng Bond

Just a little series of drabbles about Taeyeon's relationship with all the other 8 members of Girls Generation :)

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CharactersTaeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun
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A crack-inspired story between two neighbors with different tastes in music.   WARNING: THIS STORY IS SO CHEESY YOU CAN MAKE MAC & CHEESE OUT OF IT

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Sometimes you can only feel a certain way when in the light of someone.

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A simple story about TaengSic.. Read it by yourself if you want to know how the story goes..        

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Being With Someone You Love


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My Cupid Sister

In this story, Tiffany has a little sister and her name is Hwang Sarah.  She is a success entrepreneur who open a new office in Korea. She will be The Pretty and Smart Cupid who will send the unspoken word. How will this story end ? Let’s see.

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Three Boxes

      1…       2…       3…         And here I am. Standing in front of her. She doesn’t say anything. I guess she’s looking at me, maybe trying to tell me something but I can’t hear her. I used to hate her. I used to despise her. But not anymore. Why?   Because I realized that I love her more than I hate her. I reali

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The End

"Nothing ever lasts forever."  Wrong.   You have to be happy, after all I've done  You have to know that no one will ever love you as much as I have  -BEAST, Good Luck 

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Why are you doing this to me?  Why am I doing this to you?    Why are you only like this to me?  Why am I only like this to you? 

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Gift ( I Know it was From You)

Dia sudah pergi, di pergi dan tak akan pernah kembali lagi, apa yang harus aku lakukan? Bagaimana aku bisa melanjutkan hidupku? Kenapa kau meninggalkanku Yuri? Aku pergi ke salah satu bot cemilan dan memilih cemilan apa yang akan ku beli saat music di supermarket itu bertukar ke lagu berikutnya   (random song-lyric edited) Sometimes I’m thinking about

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Sentimientos Incontrolables.

Es un fanfic SooSica con muchas otras parejas más, muchos enredos amorosos, problemas del pasado y por sobre todo… Sentimientos incontrolables…   Edite la descripción (◕‿◕✿)

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Annoying beep

  Hi! It's Taeyeon's voicemail speaking. Sorry I can't take your call right now. Please leave a message after the annoying beep.   "Fine. If you don't want to be friends anymore, that'

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Cause I cant..

Cause there's always that one person whom your heart belongs to but you just dont want to admit it..

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Never Ever [Ver. TaengSic]

        "Nunca jamás, no puedo renunciar a ti Nunca jamás

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CharactersKim Taeyeon & Jessica Jung
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One Fraction of A Moment

I’ll look at you like the sun when you come homewith anger in your fists.

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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica
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Before 3AM

Taeyeon is not going to have hate, rumours and scandals destroy what she has with Jessica.   She's pulling through and asked only of Jessica to stay with her through it all.   Before the clo

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You Are The Best

A Taengsic Fanfic. Something that kept on bugging me. I just need to write this so... hopefully you'll like it. :D Anyway, Kwon Yuri is Man-Yul here. Hihi (CREDITS TO THE OWNER OF THE PHOTO! :D)

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