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Do you love me??

ByChandara61 updated
CharactersEXO-K, WINNER,BOBBY, B.I and more character to come!!~~
With6 chapters, 220 views, 1 comments
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When you introduce yourself,  my first impression that I hate you, When we met at school, you ignore me, When my bestfriend and I doing skinship, you looks digusting, When you help me at school, your girlfriend bully me and you never help me, When your bestfriend took m

You're Not My Type

Byseiku- updated
CharactersKris Wu (EXO), OC (Angela), EXO
With21 chapters, 35 votes, 309 subscribers, 7090 views, 99 comments


She's My Baby

Bysujuexolover updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Kim Kiara (oc), EXO
With2 chapters, 6 votes, 59 subscribers, 420 views, 7 comments
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ARRANGED MARRIAGE. This is the fate that awaits Oh Sehun and Kim Kiara, once they complete their graduation. They have lots in common: They are both straight As

Fate Brought Us

Byxiearf updated
CharactersNam Woo Hyun + Kim Sung Kyu
With25 chapters, 225 votes, 1379 subscribers, 37000 views, 1023 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Mr Nam forced his son into an arranged marriage just to stop Woo Hyun from continuing his path to be a singer and work with him instead while Sung Kyu was left without other choice other than agreeing to this one ridiculous plan – being a good son he is.     DETAILS :   1. Rating PG-13 maybe

Luhan's 17 Years-old Wife

Byzfarahiyah28 updated
CharactersLuhan, Kim Jungin (OC), Sehyun (OC) and more...
With16 chapters, 3 votes, 91 subscribers, 1820 views, 9 comments

Luhan will do anything to be in his mother's will. She was rich. In the will, he must marry his mother's best friend's daughter. But, she's 17!? Kim Jungin is a super-duper rich girl. It is like she was born in castle. Even she is a rich girl, but she is kind, humble, smart but a bit lazy. Luhan's life changed with Jungin by his side. But, his love to Sehyun never faded.   Will he love Jungin more than his first love Sehyun?   

Is this love?

Byinspiritb2utyforever updated
CharactersMyungsoo | Taehyung
With23 chapters, 7 votes, 3480 views, 67 comments
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  Sunghyun is just a normal average girl enjoying life in Cali until her parents suddenly had to change jobs and move to Korea. New school, new friends, and hot boys. Love is in the air.

Can never be together

ByMiracle_143 updated
Characterskyuhyun donghae you/OC
With5 chapters, 2 votes, 7 comments

  "Kyuhyun-ah , do you have to leave?"         " Of course ______-ah , don't worry i will always send you letters and-" " Kyu-ah saranghae"  "Nado saranghae, look ____-ah i'll just go to the seminary and after a couple of years i will become a P

A Thousand Miles

Byone_and-only updated
CharactersMyungsoo, OC/You
With29 chapters, 27 votes, 240 subscribers, 7100 views, 106 comments

    I found myself falling in love with you when I said to myself I wouldn't, I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with a girl who I was arranged, I was just doing so to mess with you but I broke that promise. I found a source of happiness from your smile, your smile help me forget all of the bad things and I feel so relaxed around you, I could be my ownself. Your innocent

My Arranged Marriage [under serious editing]

ByEXOsWifey updated
Charactershaemi, Baekhyun and EXO
With26 chapters, 30 votes, 27190 views, 96 comments
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What happens when a rookie star idol and and a food-loving girl are forced into marriage because of bussiness reasons? What future is held for EXO's Byun Baekhyun and the most successful CEO's daughter,  Lee Haemi?    hello EXOsWifey here! This is my second fanfic so please support me :)

The Perfect Bride

ByNubci4 updated
CharactersJung Yoomi (OC), Luhan, EXO
With32 chapters, 73 votes, 711 subscribers, 22890 views, 447 comments

What if you woke up one day in an unfamiliar house...or should I say mansion? What if you were showered by expensive gifts, clothes, shoes, etc.? What if you were forced to ma

Guess what? I'm engaged to The Conceited Jerk [New Edition]

Byminsty updated
CharactersOC, Myungsoo, Chanyeol, Taemin, GDragon, L.Joe, Infinite (minor)
With11 chapters, 47 votes, 744 subscribers, 34150 views, 480 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

Kwon Jieun, seventeen years old, little sister of the infamous leader of Big Bang and the dorky happy virus of EXO, bestfriend of the overly loved maknae of SHINee and...soon-to-be wife of the most wanted 4D visual of INFINITE. Yup, that's me, nice to meet you, I'm a simple girl whose life is like a fairytale, except that unlike in the fairytales, the boy I'm going to marry, the oh-so-handsome L that everyone wants, is the WORS

Just One Day

Bymyeonssi updated
CharactersJoonmyun & Jieun
With11 chapters, 1 votes, 27 subscribers, 790 views, 12 comments

  Those who are heartless once cared too much.Because of a hurtful past,Lee Jieun decided to live all alone without relying on anyone,especially guys.But what happens when her parents wants her to get married to someone she never knew?Will she obey to their order or resist the marriage and what if she had no other choice but to get married to him?


BySehun_O updated
CharactersKai | Lee Ara(OC) | Exo
With14 chapters, 86 votes, 1987 subscribers, 42470 views, 523 comments
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Kim Jongin caused an accident that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. He got a girl pregnant, what's worse, on a one night stand. The girl confessed to him but still he doesn't want to take responsibility of her. He's too busy and maybe just doesn't want to take care of the child. However, 

True Man

Bysilver-illuminated updated
CharactersKim Jong In (EXO), Lee Hae Ra (OC), Jung Na Mi (OC), Oh Se Hun (EXO) and minor characters
With1 chapters, 6 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments

For him, he thought that he could play with girls' feelings easily just because they are weak and fragile. He often uses them for his own benefits, to fulfill his needs of lusts. He did never nor wanted to learn the inner sides; the beauty of every woman when they fall in love. When the shocked news hit him, would he ever can escape? What will he do when more shocking and unexpecting scenarios came along? Will he change and call himself, a true man? 

Moonlight: Undying Love (Sequel to Moonlight: First Love)

Bykpopgirl2494 updated
CharactersYou, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jongdae (Chen), EXO Members
With11 chapters, 7 votes, 89 subscribers, 1810 views, 34 comments

You’re running away from reality, also dragging your brother to come with you, hiding yourself from everyone. But reality was really harsh, as it is. You met your first love again, Byun Baekhyun after a long time disappearing, and were forced to marry a guy which you’re never met by your parents. Apparently, your future husband turned out to be your best friend who also seeking for you a

From Marriage, Till Love

BySHINeePreethi updated
CharactersChoi Minho, Ashley Park JooHyun (fictional), SHINee, extra OCs and idols
With2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views

Hi! So, again, I am a stupid..... but this is my dream fic. Yes, I always waned to do a marriage fic, but sadly couldn't :( Anyways, heere it is! *sparkling eyes* This is the first ime I'll be putting pictures of the two's dresses, I know it's lame, but I always wanted to try that.... Credits of pictures goes completely to their owners and for showing it to me No copying, or printing and re-uploading illegally is allowed!! This is purely fi

A Prince's Wifey

Bywiltingflower updated
With12 chapters, 18 votes, 217 subscribers, 3130 views, 117 comments
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      An arranged marriage.. between an orphan girl with a prince.. a coldhearted prince who 


Byjongtothein updated
CharactersSehun OC EXO APINK
With2 chapters, 50 subscribers, 320 views, 5 comments
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  She's only 20 but her parents already arranged her marriage with someone that she know well, Oh sehun. Not wanting the same things happen like what happen to her mom before, she married to him. But, become a  wife to a playboy is actually hard.   Will their marriage last forever or in the end her fate is just exactly like her mom?


Byanchovy0504 updated
Charactersoc eunhyuk super junior hyukjae
With15 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 1200 views, 7 comments

WE GOT MARRIED? this is not even a reality show. It's 101 percent real and i'm gonna married my childhood friend , World Star Lee Hyukjae. - Shin Sol Mi   I'm going to marry her for the sake of all people. Just for that.- Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk) of Super Junior.    

The Hottest Guy On Campus.......IS MY HUSBAND?!?!

ByMaybabe46 updated
CharactersJung so min, Kim hyun joong, Park shin hye, Kim so eun, Lee min ho, Kim bum, Mr and Mrs Kim, Mr and Mrs Jung
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 48 subscribers, 320 views, 13 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Somin is a chabeol. She and her family are well known around the world. At school everyone knows who she is and tjey try to befriend her for her money and nothing more. She was a nerd at school and had only two friends which were Park shin hye and Kim so eun. Hyun joong was regarded as one of the hottest guys on campus. He was every girls dream and every guys envy. What happens when the nerd and hottest guy who is also the captain of the football team, are arranged in a marriage because of their

The Blood Brother Code

ByKorekrypta updated
CharactersOh Semi (OC), Xiumin, Sehun, Luhan, the rest of EXO
With30 chapters, 191 votes, 1025 subscribers, 785 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

"No, seriously, though, what high school student who's just about to graduate films some blatantly dangerous guys beating somebody to death in a dark alleyway?" "Oh Semi, apparently."   Semi's graduation present was a death threat from the country's biggest mafia boss and a hasty eviction to the United States.  Nine months later, she's in hospital making a near miraculous recovery from an assassination attempt from

Beyond Curse

Bybluestarrynight updated
CharactersKim Jongin x Krystal Jung x Soojung Na x Oh Sehun
With24 chapters, 7 votes, 2830 views, 20 comments

Kim Jongin and Krystal Jung , one famous couple on their generation as of now. He known as the dancing machine and she known as hottest chic. Who would not agree on this couple right?   BUT many don’t know that Kim family had been keeping their own biggest secret when it comes to marriage.   The

The Arrogant Couple

ByAqiilahR updated
CharactersTaehyung (BTS), Bora (SISTAR), BTS, SISTAR
With12 chapters, 10 votes, 155 subscribers, 2140 views, 54 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Kingkas and Queenkas usually bonds, right? Well, I mean… Because they’re rich, they would choose each other, right? NOPE! Why not these two? They would not even TRY to be nice to each other. It can’t be avoided if their fated together by their parents… Just what will happen? Will Taehyung like the idea of a noona being his wife? Can Bora put up with an annoying dongs

Insane House-Mate

Byprinceyehet_ updated
Characters|| Oh Se Hun ( EXO ) || Lee Ah Young ( OC ) ||
With29 chapters, 3 votes, 83 subscribers, 2300 views, 29 comments

" A young girl who is searching a house to live in even she has a parents who want their young girl live with them but she don't want and finally she can rent a house in apartment which just left one empty house with useful necessities like co

I'll Remain Loving U, Even U Love Her

ByHunKrisHan updated
CharactersBaekhyun OC EXO
With16 chapters, 24 votes, 516 subscribers, 11880 views, 80 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

"Baekhyun please stop this , I didnt do anything wrong" I beg him while sobbing "No, you're the one that should be receiving these punishment from me, dont deny it you bad girl" He rub those hurtful words to my face and leave me crying alone just like that   "EunMi-ah you're getting married next week" My dad said with his calm voice "What?? Are you crazy, mom, Dad?? I'm just 17. What are you thinking? I dont believe this" I yell like a crazy girl not mindin