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The Imposter

by creationsofthemind on

For not updating.

by Hangook143 on

Unwanted Marriage ♡ 명은 ♡ : UPDATE

by xiearf on

Any story recommends?

by Amsiyluy on

1000 Subscribers :') and poll...

by BaconGalaxy on

i'm obsessed...

by loveyouIII on

My very first fanfic^^

by ralucanyx on

I need your help~!

by miyocca on

how 2 arrainged marrege

by aflatoxin on

Kai fanfic :3

by i_love_me on

Daily Blog #5; 1/25/13; Selca, Titles, Smut and more

by dongyas on

Arranged marriage fics--- it's near impossible to find a good one

by deadbodies on

cσитìиυαтìσи | ⓢⓔⓠⓤⓔⓛ + recommended site


It's a MUST You Guys Check This Out ;))


Arranged Marriage Fics: Your Thoughts?

by ChaoticDarkAngel on

New Story! [featuring Taemin and Gongchan]

by sherinahime on

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