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EXO sweeps the Daesang at award ceremonies this year

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Kris releases 'Juice' MV for 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' soundtrack

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'CeCi' China shares handsome cuts of cover model EXO's Chanyeol

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Kris Wu Co-Stars in American Movie with Vin Diesel (XXX 2: The Return of Xander Cage)

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'Mixxxture' project briefly teases for upcoming collaboration between EXO's Chen and Dynamic Duo

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Emptied Recycle Bin after deleting folder for fics TT_TT

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Production company of Kai's upcoming KBS2 drama opens up about the idol being cast for the main role

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That Moment When...

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The Leon Theory

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Exo Mpreg/Fluff Drabbles

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bottomsehun $_$

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{ Brevity KRP Advertisement } Accepting all Asian idols. Apply with an active Tumblr only!

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I'm being shameless here.

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EXO's Chen to collaborate with Dynamic Duo?

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Fall into EXO Suho's dreamy gaze in brief, romantic teaser for 'Stars in the Universe'

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Am I A Terrible Writer?

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Kaisoo one shot

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Writing Tip of the Day (Repetitive Word Usage In Sentences)

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I Found This Fantastic Blog On Writing Adviceā€¦

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EXO Sehun's cute mistake to Seventeen's Junghan brings laughter

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