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Xiumin :D

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Quiz: Who is Your K-Pop Valentine?

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Blog #6

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drabble bcause im depressed.

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CLICK [STORY] Giclée (Hand Sanitiser) - marmalody

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Need help//Seriously!

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New One-shot

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First Fluff Poster!!!

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The Romance of Rivals

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A Nerd's Romance: Gangster edition

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Goodbye Summer - A HunHan oneshot

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Get To Know Me Through Other SNS!

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Fluff Fics

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A Day Without You

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I'm BACK!!!!

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Blood is Thicker than water

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If It weren't for IceCream

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After ten years!

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Louder Than Words || Story Advertisement

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★Kimchi Spaghetti | Advertisement Shop★ Match Made in Hell

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exo cute and funny~

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\\( ; u ; )// Ayyo finally! +Update fanfic and such

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live journal & angst fics

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