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12 Dates to Find 1 [EXO/OC FANFICTION]

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New Fanfic!

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Need some judgement(haha)

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New Story : Lou-Veu Letter (EXO Kai x OC)

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I'm Back! Hiatus Is Over!

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Confessions of an Mpreg Enthusiast

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Remember Rosemary [EXOxOC Fanfiction]

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New exo X OC fic rec list

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To all the Chanyeol lovers....

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Angelus (Chanyeol x OC)

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The Angel's Mission (New Fanfic)

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The name may be but this contest is definitely anything but y. ;)

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Not Like Other Girls

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My Original Characters

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PS. I think I like my brother--O.O

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Would you?

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Taemyeong : The Dragon Queen, Original Character | Choi Sohee

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