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B2UTY&B2ST Writing Contest!!!!

By 84NGT4N posted

EXO Fanfic Recommendation: Star-crossed Killers

By queenxb posted

help finding a jongdae fic

By soupbunny posted

The Professor Chapter 3 + Best of Best Manila

By IloveFishieOppa posted

500 views for my Original Character BL story about Elias

By Bambikill posted

New chapter of my Original Character BL story is out

By Bambikill posted

{AD} Ragged Memory

By Xoxoreadallaboutit posted

Chapter 2 of my original BL story is out! What do you think?

By Bambikill posted

Infinite and Winner fanfic!

By lovelybones98 posted

Star - Advertisement Shop-story 4 World 4 Soulmate by Dodo_Kyungsoo1

By lolita26 posted

Deleted AFF Stories

By Challey posted

Star - Advertisement Shop-Story Title: Once Again by aisheob

By lolita26 posted

The Ellesonc

By TsuKyrah posted

Suho/OC fanfic ideas

By distorteddevil posted

Marry U Chapter 25 Updated!

By IloveFishieOppa posted

Dr. love

By jazzyqu33n posted

Acid Teochii - ChoLock picture!

By TaemintTriskelion posted


By RiverFawn posted

Special Chapter Update!

By AnahataUsagi456 posted


By 31stMarch2012 posted


By loveluyoonalways posted

[A] Must read: JE T'AIME

By loveluyoonalways posted

Remake of a Story

By Nyanon posted

Anything else?

By ImAKawaiiPotato posted

AFF Topic Discussion || Female OCS || GUYS NEED LOVIN TOO!!!

By YeojaUiMongsang posted