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Melody of the Seoul. - Oneshots Compilation.

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my characters are me...ish

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「CONTEST」 My Perfect Wedding

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Christmas Promises. - Xiumin TwoShot.

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Couples' Retreat Sequel-Afterall, We're Married Readers

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I'm on Wattpad + MBB Sneak Peek!

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New story!!

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OC fics????

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My first Oneshot.

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Update + Need of your opinions!

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New Story?!!! EXO SAGA Ends~

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My Flower Boy Protector

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OC Fics

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MBB update!!! Love is in the air ❤️ + Fan Fic schedule

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Story Ad - My Unlucky Traits

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Story Ad - A Change Of Mind

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Story Ad - The River That Flows Through The Sea

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Story Ad - 56 Days

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axel michaelis ; geriko

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Chinese Names??

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New Original Kdrama coming soon!

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