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axel michaelis ; geriko

By mayfair posted

Chinese Names??

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New Original Kdrama coming soon!

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Kpop | K-Hip Hop | Kwave Scenarios & Oneshots

By kpopwavescenarios posted

1000 views for my Love Sick Fanfic about Ohm! Chapters coming soon for LS Fics and Elias' story.

By Bambikill posted

Love Sick Fanfics and Elias' story - Sooooon!

By Bambikill posted

Gender Roles in the K-Pop Fanfics and Fandom (and Society in General)

By RiverFawn posted

Request: Poster

By Contentfulyfe posted

The Professor - 150418 Update!!!

By IloveFishieOppa posted

My Love Sick Fanfics and Elias' story - writing hiatus soon to be lifted ^^

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undiscovered gems

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Spell Of Fate

By enterawsomename posted

EXO Fanfic Recommendation: Star-crossed Killers

By queenxb posted

The Professor Chapter 3 + Best of Best Manila

By IloveFishieOppa posted

500 views for my Original Character BL story about Elias

By Bambikill posted

New chapter of my Original Character BL story is out

By Bambikill posted

{AD} Ragged Memory

By Xoxoreadallaboutit posted

Chapter 2 of my original BL story is out! What do you think?

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Infinite and Winner fanfic!

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Star - Advertisement Shop-story 4 World 4 Soulmate by Dodo_Kyungsoo1

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Deleted AFF Stories

By Challey posted

Star - Advertisement Shop-Story Title: Once Again by aisheob

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The Ellesonc

By TsuKyrah posted