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PS. I think I like my brother--O.O

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Would you?

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Taemyeong : The Dragon Queen, Original Character | Choi Sohee

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Original Characters wanted for my Harry Potter au story! (Closed)

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A new Jackson Wang Story?

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Looking for a good graphics person to do a poster for my new story

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Fantasy/action/adventure stories

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My sister's first story on AFF!!

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A Fic like Love Makes You Family

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Deciding on "Main Characters" Vote pweasee!

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Choose a girl to be the main character: Winner

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My First Ever Fanfic ^^

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Choose a girl to be the main character

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Melody of the Seoul. - Oneshots Compilation.

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my characters are me...ish

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Christmas Promises. - Xiumin TwoShot.

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Couples' Retreat Sequel-Afterall, We're Married Readers

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I'm on Wattpad + MBB Sneak Peek!

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New story!!

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OC fics????

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