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Kindly read if you have time :-) hehe

by exoexo123 on


by SugoiNagashiSakura on

Episode 9

by tsubakitheshawol on

The Female OC: A Writing Contest

by Renzei27 on

Episode 8

by tsubakitheshawol on

Episode 7

by tsubakitheshawol on

Need Opinions, Please Give Them To Me!

by Renzei27 on

Do You?

by love_me_love_kpop on

Episode 6

by tsubakitheshawol on

Episode 5

by tsubakitheshawol on

Episode 4

by tsubakitheshawol on

Episode 2

by tsubakitheshawol on

New co-author story ^^

by PrincessHades on

Kim Sisters: Kim Yerin & Kim Yeseo Profile

by chiielicious on

Okay, everyone. I need people's opinion on this serious topic...

by DaeJaeBangHimUpLo on

Xi Zi Yu Profile

by chiielicious on

New FanFiction: COMING SOON!

by iJiYongVIP on

Deserves a thought

by dennisse on

Hey! Hello? Oh Hi!

by AbigailEngrasiaM on

Lee Sun Mi || Original Character ©

by park_dobii on

Craving for a Lee Minho or Kim Woobin Fic?

by KpopLoverPham on

First Chapter~

by Baekxiuhxn on

Besides the users that read this fic, is there anyone interested in reading my first original character story...?

by hiddenrose on

New fanfic. It's been on my mind, so I decided to write it. I already did the first 2 chapters if anyway is even interested.

by hiddenrose on

Christmas present!

by kitcatbambina on


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