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Seunghyun Drabble.

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Daily Drabble

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Sorry Kai....

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2nd Year On AFF

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Just wanted to get some things out there...

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A story i want to share ^-^

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Drabble: Taxi

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Short drabble

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What I hate

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another i don't know, read if you want orz

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\\( ; u ; )// Ayyo finally! +Update fanfic and such

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Prompt Contest Finished Entry!

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I don't know what is this. But-

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Disebalik Lensa Kamera(drabble)

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Leading Light

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Timing (JongKey)

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DRABBLE [SEKAI] - It was almost love

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Story Time 8 (Born of Fire and Blood)

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Just the other guy [Xiuhan,Hunhan,Sekai,Kai...]

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Sungyeol drabble...

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BaekSoo drabble

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Finding My Style

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