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EXO BaekHyun story

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Now's the Time for Mad Love!

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News -Updates, Projects and more.

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Insanely Cool Applyfic: Inside The Mirror

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A Cute Vampire Series / Bite #1

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New Fic Promo!! Please Support it!

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To Love and Protect

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[Self AD :3 again] Jars of Rain 雨爱

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Big News (Important announcement // Please read)

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me and him

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New story starring Baekhyun

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A Heart's Wonders

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A Sneak Peek!

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Unsent Letter - Hopeless Romantic v

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Stick to Turkish Drama (Dizi)

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Rainbow Pony

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Your Votes Decide- Upcoming BTS OneShots.

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When Teens Flirt

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