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Lee Jung Hyun chooses Tao as her favorite EXO member'

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HELP! Jebal?

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MEEP. Panda-hug updated :D

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EXO leave fans swooning as hot bikers for '1st Look'

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Huang Zitao is the baddest life ruiner

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XiuTaoHun, important.

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Taoria Couple.!! xD

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You'll know it when you see it

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Arguments Against Kris In A Nutshell


爱的独白 (Agape) by Zhang Liyin

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Victoria and Tao

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My Brother guesses who is who in EXO

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Zhang Li Yin stirs emotion with 'Agape' MV starring EXO's Tao, f(x)'s Victoria, & Song Jae Rim

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The Story Behind Zhang Li Yin's Agape M/V


Gifs from Agape

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e n e

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Zhang Li Yin_爱的独白 (사랑의 독백) (Agape)_Music Video ft. Tao and Victoria

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Agape Official MV

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I didn't know Tao could be this hot. lol.

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Exo's rappers

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Tao weibo update

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Tao to receive extra treatment in Korea for his 'Laws of the Jungle' injury

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