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Tao Blogs

Save the Panda!!

By tintinepots posted

shamelessly promoting because luntao is awesome. that's all.

By Moon_Minhee posted

GOT7's Jackson and EXO's Tao sustain minor ankle injuries while filming 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'

By KPOPfan619 posted

Through the sinkhole? ~Dream~

By GaiaMilina posted

Fei Is So Done With Tao


anyone , do u have this pic ?

By NurulFariza posted

EXO's Tao shows loyalty to friend Huang XiaoMing and to cameo in upcoming Chinese movie 'My Sunshine'

By KPOPfan619 posted

Tao Dancing To Genie


Taoris in a nutshell

By AloisDA posted

Hold On Till May

By AloisDA posted

Hong Eun Hee takes a candid photo of EXO at the '2014 MBC Entertainment Awards'

By KPOPfan619 posted

My fanart

By Yukotan posted

Tao speaks up against those who leave malicious comments towards him

By KPOPfan619 posted

Protect and trust Tao! (Please read)

By exosenpai_2 posted

Hwang Zi Tao issue

By YooRaeXO_ posted

Rumor of Tao

By Moonzy posted

Tao wants to nullifying his contract with sm ?

By soohanfeels posted

Tao? planning of nullifying his contract soon?

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By Snowflake21 posted

New Fanfic Posted on my Tumblr Blog!

By ybakura posted

so cute~

By --base posted

d.o hates tao? bull!

By pandabaozibun posted

tao pt 2 with woohyun XD

By uchiha_yrha posted

tao pt 1 with ravi XD

By uchiha_yrha posted