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I'm happy for you!

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Just wow!

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Tao fights his inner demons in full MV for 'AB'

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Tao reps both 'Black and White' in teaser MV

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Tao goes 'Black White (AB)' in MV teaser

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SM Entertainment continues legal battle against Kris, Luhan, and Tao in China

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Tao takes on lead role as martial arts actor for 'The Game Changer'

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Tao coolly responds to questions about SM Entertainment

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Tao spills tears talking about the hate comments toward him and his family

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Tao longs wistfully after his dream girl in MV for '19'

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Tao acts alongside Jackie Chan in upcoming motion picture 'Railroad Tigers'!

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Does anybody even????

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Does anyone know how to pre order Tao's Adore and how much it is?

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Tao comes back strong with 'Hello, Hello' featuring Wiz Khalifa!

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Z.TAO - "Hello Hello" Featuring Wiz Kahlifa

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Underground King

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In the spirit of the Panda

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Dear Tao...

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Netizens derisive over Tao showing off his not-so-humble abode

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Tao and SM once again take their arguments to court in fourth hearing

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Why I'm gonna fail school

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Tao to reunite with Kim Byung Man on Chinese edition of 'Law of the Jungle'

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