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Tao's appeal on court's dismissal of his lawsuit against SM Entertainment also defeated

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Will Lay be leaving EXO like Luhan, Kris, and Tao? Some netizens believe so

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Anyone out there who has watched Tao's movie (TEOI)?

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selling some exo merch ayyyyyy (50% are tao though)

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Luhan sends a birthday message to Tao

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Help me find this please

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Taoris- Clingy Omega one shot

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Angel Dust Preface (mobile friendly version)

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New Things With Exo (MV's, Challenges, Interviews) - 2017 Edition

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Fic Rec (Tao/OC) - Romantic Comedy - humor - romance - drama - cannon au

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Arranged Marriage- Taoris one shot

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who has the best of exo?

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SME's lawsuit against Tao dismissed in China + SME responds

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So I entered a Tao-centric ficfest...

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Jackson, Tao, and Luhan win awards at '2016 Tencent Star Awards'

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Ztao's New Drama

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Tao monkeys around in 'Journey to the West' drama stills

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Tao opens up about the hardships he faced under SM Entertainment

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Need help from you! Deal or no deal part two, Tao's pov.

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