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Tao Blogs

Tao's fans plant a forest in Gangnam for his upcoming birthday

By KPOPfan619 posted

Exams and Tao

By Blueflower740 posted

Tao leaves his first message on Weibo since rumors of him leaving

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The weibo post

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Tao updated his weibo.

By Rita_km posted

exo and bullying

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Tao and his father

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By sunflowerpots posted

And Them There Were Nine

By Ellasauras posted

Tao's father gives interview, says his son has agreed to leave

By KPOPfan619 posted

my heart's broken.

By Hugs_and_Kisses posted

People leaving EXO

By Kuehki posted

Fans wonder if Xiumin deleting his Instagram account has any connection to the latest news about Tao

By KPOPfan619 posted

Let's T.A.O. (Talk About Oppression)

By hahahaharlequin posted

Is Tao really leaving?

By sujuexolover posted

tao's father

By Mizore12 posted

I wanna die

By railai posted

Hard times

By FLAE1291 posted

I Love Tao Way Too Much

By AllAlong posted

should i feel happy?

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[Rant] Tao leaving EXO(?)

By shiningstarx posted

We Are On- Falling A Part

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