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Recommend me angst stories (Whether yours or someone else's)

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A Heart's Wonders

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"Only Mango OK" Ad Shop brings to you > ※ The Game ※ by DGNA_Forever

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The Semantics of Angst and Fluff

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Rainbow Pony

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New Story I wrote hoping to get more people looking at it.

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"What Lies Beneath" (Chen x Hwasa fanfiction) Teaser. Coming soon...

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Decision - New Story Idea?

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should I?

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I'm sad.

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[ChanBaek Fanfic] A Life Saver Named Park Chanyeol

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Best Wishes: Hopeless Romantic (iii)

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Plans for a new genre

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Added Contents into my story "Jars of Rain 雨爱"

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At dawn

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Heart beats faster

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Sakura Tears

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Pretty Ugly Tears

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