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Downtown Baby

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Please help by voting to get NU'EST to come to the UK!!!

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the next soloist

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SHINee Downtown Baby mv FULL link to DOWNLOAD:

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Wikipedia: SHINee Edition


SHINee without Onew is...

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Jonghyun-Shut me up [preview]

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SHINee call out to their 'Downtown Baby' with Japanese PV teaser

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Attention Shawols!!!

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Camden Road Reccomendation

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Shinee Ice bucket challenge

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Hardcore SHINee Feels

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Ultimate shawol questionnaire (borrowed from shawol4208 ^^)

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My poor bling bling

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50 Things A Shawol Needs To Answer

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SHINee's Jonghyun wins prize drawing at the 'SMTOWN Live After Party'

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SHINee Questionnaire (stolen from Fan_of_Karma)

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This is turning out to be the most perfect thing ever

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Taemin drops highlight medley for his solo debut mini album 'Ace'

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Taemin's Teasers and Jonghyun - The Biggest Taemint Of Us All

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Kim Jonghyun (aka Lee Taemin's #1 fan)

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No SHINee Comeback This Year?? T_T

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