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MyThoughts: KARA

by ckaz99 on

In need of reading

by Geeky4ever on

Jessica Being Bitten By Goo Hara

by GalaxyMinions on

Former KARA member Nicole enjoys the Ultra Music Festival with SHINee's Key

by KPOPfan619 on


by apinkshidae on

Depressing Week for KPOP fans

by fabulous91 on

My Promise: GyuL Fic

by datemate on

Top 10 Most Played Songs (iTunes)

by Bangtan_Boys7 on

What is life without Nicole?!

by TaeminieAppa on

[Rainbow Rambling] #18 ❁Beautiful Cover❁ ♯ To My Boyfriend ♯ (with KARA)

by hopelesswriter on

Dreaming Polaris | stories

by orangefox on

Boys and Girls

by Rianne2580 on

KARA - Step


I want the puppy that Seung Yeon is holding. The puppy is so cute! xD

by hiddenrose on

3000s KARA's Nicole and Jiyoung's thought about their ancestors leaving 2000s KARA

by syer1001 on

Nicole and Jiyoung leaving Kara

by HoshaTree on

About Kara.

by baechimi on

FML-ing... Anybody Want to Join?

by omgcake on

Rainbow-Kara! (+some Nine Muses, ZE:A) (spazzing+ranting part 2)

by hopelesswriter on

Dance Cover?

by jjongpani- on

Same Idol Birthday!

by DoubleSHINee on

TaeTiSeo, 4minute, KARA, A Pink, & SISTAR show their motherly side for the 'Angels' Letter' project

by KPOPfan619 on

any Kamilias here?

by lovelyme23 on

Seungyeon's Song

by iam_jkl on

No Korean artists featured for the second year in a row for three of Japan's year-end music festivals

by KPOPfan619 on


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