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Zhang Li Yin continues the story from 'Agape' MV starring Victoria and Tao in a new teaser video

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f(x)'s Victoria deletes all her old pictures from her Instagram

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Still cut photos of 'My Lovely Girl' reveal Krystal working multiple part-time jobs

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Sh*t Krystal Says


Victoria displays her SNS power with over 1 million followers on Instagram

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f(x)'s Victoria bites into a juicy peach

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Now I wanna enroll in Hogwarts. Or MAYBE start another fanfic using a Hogwarts theme. LOL.

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Another Work in Bloom/Another Poll to Vote on!

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Krystal and Ahn Jae Hyun go on a cycling date for '1st Look'

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'lapalette' releases making films and additional photos of the Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal

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5 years

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Amber reveals handwritten letter to fans for f(x)'s 5th anniversary

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5 for 5

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Krystal sweetens things up with 'Etude' lipstick in new CF featuring Nam Joo Hyuk

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Krystal pulls off flirty and classy for 'Etude House'

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Fashion King' rep responds to rumors suggesting that Sulli won't join promotions for the movie

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Why am I just now finding out about this f(x) song?? XD

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'Fashion King' rep assures fans that f(x)'s Sulli is committed to her filming schedule

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SM Artists Age Ranking (Updated as of August 2014)

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'Singles' release BTS pictures of Jessica and Krystal

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Jessica and Krystal enjoy a fun sister date at Disneyland

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BTOB's Peniel, f(x)'s Amber, U-KISS's Kevin take on the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

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