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Part 2

by hahasoshi on

follow my twitter anyone? ♥

by trivia on

Zhang Li Yin releases MV teaser for 'Agape' starring Victoria, Tao, and Song Jae Rim

by KPOPfan619 on

Sulli,we love ya!

by Hachan on

So sad now

by Hachan on


by AiStudio on

My Top 10 Kpop Groups

by LoLo15 on

[teaser] Zhang Liyin's MV ft. Victoria and Tao

by applegreentea on

f(x)'s Sulli to take a temporary hiatus from her activities + 'Red Light' promotions revealed to have come to an end

by KPOPfan619 on

F(x)'s Situation

by cooliecoolie on


by Anakyl on

Sulli's Temporary Hiatus

by shiningshawol13 on


by _krystalized on

f(x)'s Sulli to take temporary hiatus

by LoLo15 on

Welp, there goes Sulli... and possibly fx

by Shiny_A_plus on

SM what are you doing?

by ElleJacobs on

f(x) share their thoughts on their unique style of music in 'The Celebrity'

by KPOPfan619 on


by LoLo15 on

so apparently f(x) is not having a happy comeback after all.

by lightwavesurfer on

f(x) have cancelled all their promotions for red light

by ZodiacLover on

What's up with our caterpillars f(x)??

by SapphireKpop on

Which group(s) do you think have a better chance of making it in America??

by LoLo15 on

Dance cover

by Exofangirl223 on


by DragonTopsThePanda on

Should idols stop getting special treatment in universities in South Korea?

by K-fanatic on


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