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April 15th of 2014

by TheUnknownFangirl on

Pray for missing South Korean sunken ship victims

by crazyforkpop on

Pray for the Students of the S. Korean Ferry Disaster

by Shawol360 on

Should I Write Or Not?

by chanyeoldesu on

Lost Data~ Y_Y

by suju9001 on

March, 2014

by joanwee_001208 on

search ended in sadness ╥╥

by mjjejae_mira on

HunHan Oneshot that I refuse to put as a story named: Dead Soul

by taecyoon9pm on

Luhan Fic Anyone?

by KakashiFreak on

Long day + Tired + Accident + Sick

by LovelyIna on

Review for 백색지연인 (白色之戀人)

by pigrabbit1212 on

To My Readers, With Love

by --dalnim on

[O/S] Life is like a gamble..

by msnosun on

so many dreams

by CLonenumber97 on

[webcomic] peng_exo's Rainy Sunday (xiuhan)

by xiuharem on

repost: they hurt her

by ayopieceofyou on


by ericaababyy on

Did you hear about the tragedy in Spain ? :(

by Marianations on

I want to watch the full movie of Don't Cry Mommy, but I'm afraid my heart & mind might not be ready to watch this kind of movie...

by hiddenrose on

Small Story (The Truth; Sehun's Sister)

by SweetlyDelightful on


by fanof-fanfic on

New Chapter

by OctopusAegyo on


by LegendintheMaking on

Apology, News and Thoughts

by WitchChunji on

You will be missed Se7en D,:

by S_aranghaeyo on


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