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LuHan's 'Me' Teaser.

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Happy Xiuhan Day 3

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We Belong Together

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Why !!

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New Selu Fic Fest!

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Write for Selu fic fest 2017!

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Luhan's new MV snatched me bigtime

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anyone selling luhan/exo luhan pc?

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Believe in HunHan...

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selling some exo merch ayyyyyy (50% are tao though)

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Luhan sends a birthday message to Tao

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So, I just watched the Great Wall movie

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Curtain x on call

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HUNHAN-Bad kitty Sehun (one shot)

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Luhan says 'Do it again, I'll lock your mouth' to 'China's Best Paparazzi' Zhou Wei

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Happy Birthday My Dear Deer

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'China's Best Paparazzi' says Luhan has a girlfriend and a child

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Jackson poses with Luhan after filming the Chinese version of 'Running Man'

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The Utterly True Story of a Highschool Crush

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