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Identify the story I'm looking for PLS!!

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Main MALE character For Next Story

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Luhan's girlfriend Guan Xiaotong rumored to be pregnant!

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Luhan captured video calling his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong

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Luhan celebrates his 3rd year anniversary since returning to China

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Anger Spikes IV: all of you who think that you are somehow connected to an idol because you are their fan.

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Luhan admits he's in a relationship with Guan Xiaotong

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hunhan and so on

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Luhan is Dating

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Luhan's girlfriend, hiatus, crying hunhan heart and wishes of a fan who wants Lulu happy

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Luhan (+ girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong)

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Luhan's gilrfriend

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Congratulations LuLu ☆ !! will love you forever unconditionally. ♡ 

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Last Night I Saw A Dream And HunHan

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Luhan releases an MV teaser for 'Like a Dream'

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Hunhan Fic Fest!🦄💫

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Will Lay be leaving EXO like Luhan, Kris, and Tao? Some netizens believe so

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Luhan lends his powerful vocals for 'Sky Hunter' OST

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