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Maerin No More?

By taemeilin_ posted

Leonard Nimoy =(

By oppach posted

thnx + oneshot + ending.

By chunjixbyungie posted

New Stories, Good News & ETC?

By Slyent-Yehet posted


By aomg_ikonx posted


By draculasdaughter posted

Kim Hyun Joong got fined

By draculasdaughter posted

Happy New Year everyone!

By WIAN13 posted

Tsu.co PAYS you to use it. Do u find it useful?

By MoroccanBlackDragon posted

OMFG, I can't believe it!!! I can't believe it until it seriously comes out!! Are you serious?!! I've been hoping this will happen for a long while & now it came true. OMG.!!! This is like the best news I heard this whole month LOL XD

By Shadow_Reiya posted

Kyu's colleague from Radio Star, in trouble

By draculasdaughter posted

i have a good and bad newss

By snsdtaenylove posted

Ladies' Code's Manager Faces 2 1/2 Years In Prison For Fatal Car Accident

By fizzyxo posted

Fantasy Series Returning From Break!

By WIAN13 posted

My New Youtube Channel

By marshmallowduizhang posted

Ladies' Code's manager was arrrested

By draculasdaughter posted

in few years things might be changed

By draculasdaughter posted

always sad news...

By draculasdaughter posted


By Chi-Chimwwc posted

this would be great!

By draculasdaughter posted

2014 Crisis

By blind_angel posted

it might be true...

By draculasdaughter posted

Next Updates...

By WIAN13 posted


By draculasdaughter posted

I'm Dead. I'm So Dead.

By sweetsonata posted