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any Canadian ELF, esp Min, Hyuk and Shin fans?

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SMEnt's statement

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Kangin...breaking news!

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sadly, it's true!

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hope it's not true!

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BTS' Jin 'accidentally' professes love for Girls' Generation's Sunny!

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any ideas?

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Krystal + Kai: why you need to think before you speak.

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Brussels - Belgium

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News, News, News (Story Update, Secret Santa Event (Infinite 2015 & IGOT7 2016) and life)

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Dear subscribers...

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have you heard about the 'same idol couple news' thing?

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MY EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry for such late updates

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very Important info!

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Random spazz

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Shameless advertising - Please read

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p-sehyuk Times

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Paris Attack.

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Heart Goes Out to Paris, Japan and etc.

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