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How I Got Into K-Pop

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101 Facts About Me

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Hey, psssssstt.... we don't have cookies, but we have some Exo facts :D

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my Chinese traits

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A few facts about me!

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15 facts about meh! (IDK why I am doing this)

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Fill In The Blanks [Stolen from wintermintcookie]

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Know me a little better :3

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10 Facts About Mehhh (1)

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Knowing what people think of me and more~ (thanks my babes)

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~10 facts about me part 12~

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~10 facts about me part 11~

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~10 facts about me part 10~

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44 Facts

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50 Useless Facts About Me

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~10 facts about me part 9~

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Sleep less than 6 hours may cause early death.

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Some Random Facts About Me :)

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10 facts about people who read this blog post

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25 Facts About Me!

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Get To Know Me

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105 (stolen from Rinaliane)

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And I jumped up until a hundred and fifty [stolen from hyunvirus]

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20 Facts About Me

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10 facts about me

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