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35 Questions for writers/authors [Stolen from ExoLuver_ARMY][Tagging everyone!]

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35 Questions for writers/authors (stolen from dandelion_26 and MissUnnoticed) [tagging everyone]

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10 facts about YOU~

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-Weird Facts About Me-

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10 Facts about me

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Is This True ? →Boys and Girls←

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Facts of left-handed people

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ton of quesions

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More facts! (Cuz its fun)

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tumblr stolen stuff

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50 facts about me

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stolen from taoftsehun (shes such a qt)

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50 facts about meh

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Something About Me ^_^

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Me and my weird self

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Things That Would Make Me Happy (2016 positivity post)

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Read this facts~

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Getting to know: Lallyp0p

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15 weird facts about me... lowl

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