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Lust for Blood series: Open for suggestions!!!!!!

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Baekhyun: My Super Plastic PET, Just Leave it to PET! [A Comedy/Fantasy Story Blog!]

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Urgent message!!! 4 new polls!!!

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If you could turn invisible for 1 day, what would you do?

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I want to make a webtoon

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I need someone with good hearing!

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A new Roleplaying Novel

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Not for the faint of heart

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Help me!! [CLOSED]

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Fantastic Fantasy Writing Contest

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Upcoming BTS/Yoonmin Fic - CHARACTER TEASER - Action/Adventure/Fantasy (Get Hyped AF)

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Look out!

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Easy Way to Win Karma...

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You're Invited to Read My New CanonAu Vampire Fic (Sherlock BBC Fandom)

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wolf!got7 series || rated m || fluff

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Shadowhunters/Fantasy Roleplay

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Deeper Look into "The Universe Collided"

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Help for my 'Lust for Blood' series wanted!

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Fantastic Fantasy Festival

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