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The Definition of Jungkook

It all started with underwear. Or maybe it didn't. Did it start with a confession? No? Food? Math? Pirates in the Caribbean? Ahh, this is exasperating. It started somewhere. Just take my word for it.

He is A SHE???

By dimplepurple updated
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 19 subscribers, 260 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hwang Tia never likes the marriage arrangement between her and an unknown guy So when she sees the opportunity, she takes it without hesistation    

Remember Me?

By thecyborg updated
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, random appearences by Exo members
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 30 views

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun but still lets him go...           Hello fellow fandom buddies! This is my first story on aff and I'm terribly excited about it. Quick warning: if you don't like angst then don't read this:)


By tootles-- updated
With 6 chapters, 147 votes, 246 subscribers, 419 comments


In-Law Affair

By Bummies updated
Characters Kris, OC, EXO
With 2 chapters, 40 views

  I’m the mistress. The victim? My own sister. I’m the worst. I fell desperately in love with my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband. 

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ SIMS TWT ROLEPLAY :officially opened ー looking for more chingus to be a part of us! ♡ (´。• ᵕ •。`)

By HTTPSIMS updated
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✶ Ƚuminoso | ℝoleℙlay 。♚ ↬TOKYOGHOUL!au | Semi-Literate | JOIN US! Many faceclaims available!

By baekpudge updated
Characters You!
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 11 subscribers, 210 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

You're My Song

By BubbleTea1218 updated
Characters OC, Super Junior, EXO,
With 6 chapters, 2 subscribers, 70 views
Status Subscribers Only

They met by accident or was it fate that brought them together....was it the same fate that lead them to separate ways with each other....will it be the same fate that will bring their hearts back together again....betrayal, hurt, anger, pains, wrong choices, mistakes, memories, can they turn back time, can they redo the mistakes made, can they rethink the choices done, or will the bittersweet past rewind itself. A story of pain, betrayal, tears, trust, forgiveness, love, hope, second chances


By Contentfulyfe updated
Characters Shannon Pak (OC) & Exo
With 18 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 3 comments
Status Members Only

Shannon Pak is a first year college student at BainBridge University in Illinois. She's about to conclude her first year as May was slowly approaching but it wasn't going to be a peaceful year for her as she finds out her best friend back home has gone missing and her ro

Back To Square One

By UrLuvCreator updated
Characters || Byun Baekhyun || Original Character ||
With 11 chapters, 16 votes, 195 subscribers, 2560 views, 111 comments

“Sometimes, two people need to fall apart for them to realize how much they need to fall back together and learn to hold on tighter – the second time around.”

How Cute...

By Saili1 updated
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 50 views

Chin Sun was an average girl who loves her parents and family and lived with her brother and his friends and just enjoyed life. People thought of her as the typical ice princess since her brother and his friends were kingkas and she didn't really talk to many people. Many people feared her because EVERYONE new she could fight and she never backed down from a fight. But little did they know that Chin Sun is actually very emotional and just puts that image on so she doesn't get hurt again. What

Through the Dreams of the Cosmos

By ExOXoXo97811 updated
Tags exo sehun dream
Characters Sehun
With 1 chapters, 10 views
Status Completed

Ever wounder what a dream would look like, put into words? Well that is wh

Popularity Boost

By exolovingfanfics updated
Characters Oh Sehun, Xi Luhan, Oh Hyomin, Xi Luxuan, maybe others
With 12 chapters, 5 votes, 90 subscribers, 2380 views, 9 comments

The Oh Company, the largest company in Korea, and the Xi Company, the largest company in China have devised a plan to create more profit by using a popularity boost by using their sons. And the sons, Oh Sehun and Xi Luhan, don't like it one bit. The two companies, engrossed with money, have done the worst publicity stunt (at least in Sehun and Luhan's perspective): engaged their sons to each other. The audience was deathly silent, with exception of Luhan's and Sehun's spit-take wi

Just Different

By exobuffaloes updated
Characters exo kai oc chanyeol
With 8 chapters, 4 votes, 86 subscribers, 840 views, 11 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A 26 years old man who is cold, distant and unexpressive. A 24 years old woman who is insensitive, indifferent and sometimes funny. An arranged marriage which unites them together. His father needs an insurance for the merge with your family company. His father needs you as the insurance.

ethereal -- [ sm entertainment girl group ] - apply now!

By StarStreakedSkies updated
Characters you
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 330 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

[CONTENTID1]we are ethereal.[/CONTENTID1]   [CONTENTID2]March 21st, 2012.[/CONTENTID2]


By Dreamingxoxo updated
Characters You and Me
With 23 chapters, 8 votes, 41 subscribers, 1070 views, 45 comments


By glowingrp updated
With 4 chapters, 32 votes, 188 subscribers, 6800 views, 165 comments
Status Subscribers Only

School 2015-2016

By vuivui169 updated
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 1 subscribers, 40 views

This is the last year at high school. Gonna make some difference.  

JUST Common Sense

By asdfghjklONLY4YOU updated
Characters OC Kim Soyoung & Luhan of EXO
With 57 chapters, 36 votes, 359 subscribers, 14390 views, 290 comments

      Common sense is something that one should already know and do; Therefore,

Counting to Infinity

By northofthehouse updated
Characters EXO, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Junmyeon (Suho), Zhang Yixing (Lay), Kim Jongin (Kai), Kim Minseok (Xiumin), Do Kyungsoo (D.O.), Oh Sehun, Lu Han, Huang ZiTao (Tao)
With 22 chapters, 10 votes, 53 subscribers, 2830 views, 48 comments
Status Completed

22: Sometimes, seeing Yixing gives Jongin stomach butterflies. (But there's always real ones, too.) Pairing!KaiXing, BotanicalGarden!AU A collection of EXO pairing drabbles and one shots. Prompt submissions WELCOME and APPRECIATED!

✈ ░▌ lederpin roleplay。〔 fb-based · non-au · come join us #no rAgrets ·

By LeDerpin updated
With 54 chapters, 879 votes, 6209 comments
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Pigs can turn into Swans too

By kpopanddramaluver updated
Characters Lee Hyemi (OC) , Kim Jongin(Kai), Oh Sehun, and Exo plus some idol appearances.
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 1 comments

Lee Hyemi is bullied for being obese at school and her own home by her abusive drug addict parents. What if one day she is taken by a well-known and wealthy mafia lord to be transformed into the perfect lady? Will she fall in love with the kingka Kai at her new school? Or will the boy who's overshadowed by Kai win her heart? 

V for Vendetta

By pandabiscuits updated
Characters Do Sera/You, Yixing, Sehun, the rest of them EXO boys, Kim Jieun (OC)
With 62 chapters, 14 votes, 289 subscribers, 114 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

She belonged to a family.  

I'll Always Be There For You

By helloilovebap updated
Characters Baekhyun, Kai, Sera (OC)
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

  Synopsis:   Park Sera was born a weak baby.  She was only two kilograms when her mother gave birth to her.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

By chanyurrr updated
Characters Lu Han | Tiffany Hwang |
With 15 chapters, 7 votes, 60 subscribers, 1930 views, 34 comments
Status Completed

[CONTENTID1] [/CONTENTID1] [CONTENTID2] Dissociative Personality Disorder  (n) The presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with it

Reasons To Why Lu Han is the Perfect Boyfriend Material

By chanyurrr updated
Characters Lu Han | Tiffany Hwang | Other |
With 10 chapters, 8 votes, 48 subscribers, 1550 views, 25 comments
Status Completed

[CONTENTID1] [/CONTENTID1] [CONTENTID2] So here's the thing, I,