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Take My Hand (We're Off To Never-Neverland)

Yoongi and Hoseok keep taking naps together. It starts out by accident, at first; they just happen to fall asleep in the same place at the same time--later it may not be an accident at all.

Rewritten The Destiny

By Aszkjm Updated
Characters Suho, luhan
With 2 chapters, 2 subscribers, 60 views

Love overwhelmed the destiny. In which Kim Junmyeon chose to love despite being given a choice.  Kim Junmyeon had been given a choice to re write the destiny at three critical point of their life, first moment during their first time meeting each other, second, during their confession, and third when Luhan's heart stop beating.  Luhan was supposed to die, but he didn't....

What I want for Christmas

By Glimmer01 Updated
Characters Suho, Kai, Chen, Irene, EXO cameos
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 150 views, 1 comments

In which twins Jongdae and Jongin conspire to give Junmyun a perfect Christmas. Will they make his wish come true? Or, Jongdae and Jongin as the younger brothers of a longsuffering teacher Kim Junmyun - guilt tripped into showing some gratitude on Christmas Day. Throw in a love interest, a protagonist too shy to confess, two younger siblings taking matters into their own hands and you have an interesting - and maybe even romantic - Christmas ahead.    (Was originally a

The Rebels are Crazy

By lizbird101 Updated
Characters All of Exo, BTS and probably some other Kpop stars.
With 25 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 730 views, 10 comments

'Goddammit! Run!' The words echo through my head and I shoot up from the pillow. I am in bed. Nothing happend. I saw a guy go up in flames, yet I don't know him. I don't know any of them. They told me about visions. They said I'd get them since I was gifted with the 7th Sense. Something that is dangerous to have. Some call it a gift, others call it a curse. They want you dead, but also alive. It depends on their mood if you get to live or die. Pink JiHye (Mali) and her bro

Two Moons And The Mermaids

By peppers Updated
Characters you, EXO, BAP, Luhan, Kris, Suho, Yongguk
With 46 chapters, 79 votes, 878 subscribers, 30980 views, 621 comments

What happens when Exo and BAP encounters a group of mermaids? Trouble, right? Mermaids could either mean a terrible storm, a luck that is about to change from good to bad, or someone is about to be taken down to the bottom of the sea to die.    

EXO shorts/ oneshots

By Yeajin Updated
Characters EXO and OCS
With 50 chapters, 76 subscribers, 1520 views
Status Subscribers Only

This is just going to be the place where I post most of the exo oneshots and short stories. Sometimes the stories maybe moved to become an actual full length if so please leave me a comment below.   Fall into my arms: Sehun fanfic----->omplete  Hurt: Chen fanfic-------> Complete Thank You: D.O fanfic --------> Complete Betrayed: Suho fanfic ----------> Complete Changed: D.O fanfic -----------> Complete

A Road to Remember

By aecha93 Updated
Characters chorong suho
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments

Characters: Park Chorong - Chorong Kim Jun Myeon - Suho Synopsis: She is an angel. That is what told by everyone around her. She just want to have an ordinary life as other people but God have It's own plan for her. The sudden news which brings her life become miserable can only be cure by him, a devil. Is it possible for an angel and a devil to live side by side?? Is this really a cure or just a poison to put her life become more miserable??

Crowned (mafia!suho)

By gwaenchanhajagiya Updated
Characters suho, jangmi (oc), xiumin, lay, baekhyun, chanyeol, chen, kai, sehun, kyungsoo, Angel (oc)
With 1 chapters, 30 views

It's Sad to Belong [INDEFINITE HIATUS]

By Army143L Updated
Characters You/OC | Suho/KimJoonmyun | Xiumin/KimMinseok | Park Chorong | Exo and Apink Members
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 97 subscribers, 18 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Fixed marriage. Company matters. Legacy to protect. Family to obey.  

Chicken Maniac

By ItsyBitsy_Orchid Updated
Characters Se Hun, Su Ho
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 194 subscribers, 6 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

This is only ONE-SHOT of SeHo from my excessive FEELS of SeHo. This will be short. This is just an fiction for SeHo lover ^_________^

Wolf Mate

By yangpa73 Updated
With 6 chapters, 11 subscribers, 170 views

    Kim Haesoo live was simply happy and peaceful. Being the Alpha daughter makes her respected by her pack and quite strong as a werewolf warrior. But who know when she was happy welcoming her brother back from his journey, she meets her mate, a rough who has killed many werewolves and

Hold Me Tight

By EXOMyAngels0214 Updated
Characters Suho Chanyeol
With 30 chapters, 2 votes, 27 subscribers, 1920 views, 7 comments

Park Chanyeol CEO of Unisilver Music Industry everyone looks up to him and his humble and lovely personality but behind every smile is a broken man he has been married to Park Sooyoung (Joy) his best friend he doesn't want to say by force but it kind of was since of his stupidity of being super drunk having a one night stand and getting her pregnant with their son Park Yijung who is 6 years old don't get chanyeol wrong he loves his son with all his world he'd do anything for him but he knows

Boys for kisses

By kalastefana Updated
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 400 views, 11 comments

SM highschool  sweet-hearts Baekhyun Kyungsoo and Chen are searching for the so called love to shaken their lifes. Baekhyun discovers a recipe for the Elixir of love. One small sip and they will fall in love . But when that happens none of them is pleased with the result!!

The Perks of Being Alone

By zinoxvibes Updated
Characters ✖️ Kim Joonmyun ✖️
With 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 40 views
Status Subscribers Only

Joonmyun, a man who'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, stopped taking his meds, not because he felt he didn't need them, but because he knew they weren't working as they usually did. With this new information he knew it wouldn't be long befor

Exo 12: Unknown Enigma

By 2BBlaineBri-An Updated
Characters Sehun (wind), Baekhyun (light), Chanyeol (fire), Kai (teleportation), Lay (healing), D.O. (earth), Suho (water), Xiumin (frost), Chen (lightning), Tao (time control), Luhan (telekinesis), Kris (flight), Exo Fighters (called Enemies)
With 5 chapters, 3 subscribers, 170 views

In this world, there are 12 rulers that were destined to be special for they were the 12 that were given special powers to protect the earth. Each power is given to each individual man as a way to keep the earth and its people alive. At least this is how is was supposed to be… until the people that walk this earth became greedy and demanded to know how to acquire these powers, even if it means killing them to get the secret. Human’s purpose of acquiring their 12 different powers is to

Eunji with two arrogant men

By Siskatiska Updated
Characters Jung Eunji,Lay,Sehun,Suho,Chanyeol,Baekhyun,Xiumin ,Chen,Kai,DO,Chorong,Naeun,Bomi,Hayoung,Namjoo,Hoya,Sunggyu,Woohyun,Key,other Kpop idols and actors cameo.
With 11 chapters, 1 votes, 137 subscribers, 2070 views, 35 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jung Eunji,Apink main singer doesn't expected that she will be involved with two seemly arrogant EXO members. Lay or Yixing a Chinese origin,a senior and Oh Sehun a Korean,her junior. Both handsome,both cold as ice and both annoying her at first impression. Her life is becomes complicated because of them.    


By Glimmer01 Updated
With 34 chapters, 5 votes, 54 subscribers, 1440 views, 42 comments

  Lipstick chateau wine-red colour  White champagne blood on my collar...   [ LOTTO AU ] Seoul, year 2074 The heart of the city has become corrupt, tainted by its wealthy inhabitants. The rich cavort in pleasure domes, made untouchable by their wealth and power While the poor starve in its outskirts. But crime is everywhere in the city, lurking in the grime infested streets rife with robbers, corruption hiding beneath the facad

The White Pearl

By purelyme Updated
Characters Exo, suho, chanyeol, d.o, baekhyun, lay, kris, luhan, chen, kai, sehun, tao, xiumin
With 47 chapters, 1 votes, 11 subscribers, 950 views, 7 comments
Status Members Only

Legend has stated that the White Pearl can bring peace if it's in the hands of the good, can bring destruction if it's in the hands of evil. Many years ago on Exoplanet, a group of evil (Chaos) invaded in search for the White Pearl to hold true power and to take over the planet. In order to save Exoplanet and protect the White Pearl, Exodus (a group of supernatural humans) fought against Chaos. Chaos and Exodus w

We Got Married: EXO Suho Edition

By exokyunglu Updated
Characters Lee Seohyun (OC Actress), Suho, EXO
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 112 subscribers, 1020 views, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Dead boy walking (reprise)

By Ring-Ding-Dong Updated
Characters Jongin Junmyeon Luna Amber (main characters, there will be mentions of others)
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments

Jongin is a respected actor well known throughout the television, movie and stage world. Junmyeon is a well respected stage manager that, doesn't take crap from anyone, not even Jongin. What happens when together they find out that an assassin is trying to kill Jongin, and possibly even Junmyeon ?

The Somebody

By kyuxosm Updated
Characters kris suho krisho joonmyeon wuyifan
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 67 subscribers, 2810 views, 17 comments
Status Completed

School rooftop is a place where Joonmyeon think only he does know. But he is wrong.