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A Lady's First

Somebody's reputation might not always exactly define who a person really is. You've heard of facades right?


ByHyukkieMyHubby updated
With10 chapters, 6 votes, 23 comments

Cho Kyuhyun...Sm Universities best in everything student...   Classically talented, genius in every subject...   and yet the school's most irritating student and prankster....   No fears according to students... . . . BUT WHAT HAPPENS THE NEXT DAY...WILL CHANGE IT ALL

I Love Jaejoong

Byteeyunjae updated
With16 chapters, 6 votes, 2960 views, 47 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Jaejoong & Yunho are best friends , no matter what the situation , Jaejoong always stick around yunho. In an sudden need of hour , yunho needs help. will Jaejoong help yunho out? What if this one little help becomes a mess ? What are the Jung family planning behind yunho's back?

I won't love you but at least let me stay

ByJaeyunsbaby updated
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Jaejoong's life is pretty simple until he gets the news that his father got married for 2nd time and then he has to decide between getting to know his new "mother" or go to his grandparents house in the mountain that he enjoyed the most when he was younger.

Can I Really Love or be Loved?

Byema1392 updated
CharactersYunho, Jaejoong, Kris, Exo, DBSK/TVXQ, JYJ
With7 chapters, 9 subscribers, 580 views, 4 comments

  I have been asking myself for a while now... Why can't I find someone to love me for who I am? Am I meant to live in loneliness? Why has everyone I loved dearly left me alone in this cruel world? Why can't someone save me from this nightmare? I have been living by myself since I was f

Pabo Bear

ByPandaJae updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong Jung Yunho
With40 views

Jaejoong is your typical whiny demanding girl-boyfriend and yunho is your typical pabo bear.

Of Wolves and Dragonkin

Bykpopnoona updated
CharactersJung Yunho, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Shim Changmin
With13 chapters, 16 votes, 131 subscribers, 3840 views, 71 comments

Drawn together by an ancient curse invoked by a vengeful Goddess, four princes of the realm set out to undo the greatest injustice their world has ever known by defeating an ancient evil that for four centuries was believed to have been destroyed. Bound together by an ancient love, a lonely prince must find a way to undo the mistakes of his fore bearers and br

Hope in the Air

ByReepicheep updated
CharactersJaejoong, Yunho
With2 chapters, 34 subscribers, 370 views, 5 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

HOPE IN THE AIR LYRICS - LAURA MARLING      There is a man that I know, seventeen years, he never spoke. Guessed he had

Mistaken Identity

Byspringmiya updated
CharactersYunho Jaejoong Junsu Yunho Changmin and others
With11 chapters, 20 votes, 396 subscribers, 3810 views, 146 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

 Young Kim Jaejoong has found himself in a sticky situation,.. On a nightshift at the hospital he reserve a call from the local bar asking him to pick up his friend, who was completely wasted when Jaejoong arrived. Being Jaejoong he listen to his friend. For a while he had know his friend and his father had been having trouble, after his friends father lost his company... and turnes to drin

A Mistake

Bycrazy_girl11 updated
CharactersDB5K , yunho , changmin ( TVXQ) , jaejoong , yoochun , junsu (jyj) and others
With10 chapters, 9 votes, 2230 views, 75 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

" roommate " a program about a group of men and a group of girls idols were or actors. Originally it was kai a member of exo who will be in the program but they changed him and choose chanyeol maybe because chanyeol is friendlier  and a smiling angel. But what they didn't see coming is when an exo's member " kris " will leave the band. The staf thought it was a rumor but unfortunately it wasn't ! They must take a fast dission because the filming MUST be tomorrow so wh

Familier Heart

ByBromancelover updated
CharactersJaejoong and Yunho
With22 chapters, 8 votes, 49 subscribers, 2680 views, 49 comments

A young man was about to lose his fiance ___  other young man hangs in the mouth of death  and life ___ the fate plays a different game with these three lives ___


Bykwon-oumi updated
CharactersJung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong ❤
With5 chapters, 9 votes, 60 subscribers, 1090 views, 23 comments

        "Meeting you wa

The Silver Lining

Byseiza32 updated
CharactersJaejoong, Yunho
With10 chapters, 6 votes, 109 subscribers, 2720 views, 23 comments

Just another story about Yunjae and baby. ...   Please, I really don't know what to write anymore.. T_T I'll post the first chapter along with the foreword... So, enjoy!

Even My Dark Side Love You

Byyeyekyunie updated
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 45 subscribers, 1350 views, 43 comments

Akibat keisengan sang sepupu Choi Kyuhyun, Jaejoong kecil terjebak di sebuah situs makam kuno. Meskipun hilang selama dua hari, dan tidak ada luka serius ketika Appa Jaejoong menemukannya. Tapi benarkah Jaejoong baik-baik saja? Karena sejak kejadian itu, Jaejoong menjadi buta warna, namun Jaejoong mampu melihat sosok yang tak bisa dilihat oleh orang lain, Jaejoong jadi bisa melihat arwah/hantu. Sejak kejadian itu pula, Choi Hank

Stay With Me Tonight

ByHaruno_Aoi updated
Characters| Jaejoong | Yunho |
With5 chapters, 1 votes, 3 comments

Jaejoong, yankee yang tobat setelah lulus dari akademi kepolisian. Ia jatuh cinta pada Yunho sejak pandangan pertama, dan ia berusaha menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik karenanya. Ia berkesempatan mengenal Yunho lebih dekat. Sayang ia belum bisa membedakan antara cinta dan hasrat memiliki. Padahal cinta bukan sekadar tentang rasa, tetapi perasaan, pilihan, dan tindakan.

Dorm Scandal

ByBromancelover updated
CharactersJaejoong, Yunho, Jong Suk, WooBin, Xiah, Yoochun, & slight (Wooyoung & Nichkhun/ G dragon & Top)
With1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 160 views, 1 comments

Two babies steps in this world together, meets like a fate, what kind of relationship they hold?   

Locked Away

Bytigergal updated
CharactersXiumin Luhan
With26 chapters, 46 votes, 153 comments

Xiumin has been locked away, surrounded by walls, since he was young to escape a terrible fate his parents were warned about but soon those walls will be broken down by the one who holds his fate. Luhan has been training to be the leader of his pack since he was young and has known he must have a mate, but not just any mate the one the fates decided would be his. Once his training was complete he began to look for his mate, the one that would calm his wolf, but it seems impossible till one da

Love Always Finds It's Way

Byteeyunjae updated
CharactersJung Yunho , Kim jaejoong, Changmin,Junsu,Jang guen suk
With24 chapters, 12 votes, 213 subscribers, 9350 views, 189 comments

It's an arranged marriage, but yunho was neither in denial nor in favour. As for Jaejoong , Jung family was his new family, where he'll make new memories. This story just enlightens their everyday mishaps, perhaps jealousy, family love & perhaps love.Let's find out.

A heart with no name...

Byincarcerous updated
CharactersYunho Jaejoong Changmin Ara Jessica Boa
With19 chapters, 18 votes, 4410 views, 119 comments

Kim Jaejoong had never imagined to have fallen for someone so quick, and with a guy! Yunho, the player of school is mad about Boa, but what happens when the two lovers come face to face? and when jaejoong confesses his love to yunho?! sparks fly around as they give in to their throes of passion and love, till a heart wrenching tragedy leaves one of them heartbroken (???) what happens next when 20 years later jaejoong and yunho meet again ?


ByMrsYooChun updated
With1 chapters

Hey ^-^  Hab ne neue idee für eine Story wollt die mal hier schreiben xD

Behind the Scenes

Bypupeez4eva updated
CharactersJaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu
With5 chapters, 7 votes, 76 subscribers, 970 views, 35 comments

DBSK are once again a five member group - but the story of how it happened gives all of them a headache. (“…We’re going to prison aren’t we?” Junsu whimpered).

Tears Of The Moon

Bysakuramochi5 updated
With24 chapters, 12 votes, 215 subscribers, 7920 views, 241 comments

'We are mated for Life.And even after that,we will be together..'