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Woogyu (3,782 woogyu fanfics)

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Toasted Marshmallows and Canoes

[Exo and Vixx summer camp!AU comedy] Kyungsoo never liked summer camp.

Shower Duet

By gotaemin updated
Characters Kim Sunggyu and Nam Woohyun
With 1 chapters, 30 views

I wrote this in one sitting because of a tumblr post that I found cute.

My Little Apprentice

By shyspirit2006 updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE), Kim Sae Ron (ACTRESS), Lee Sungjong (INFINITE), Rowan Blanchard (ACTRESS), Cha Baro (B1A4), Lee Sandeul (B1A4), Henry Lau (SUPER JUNIOR), Amber Liu (Fx), Kim Byungjoo (TOPP DOGG), Kim Hansol (TOPP DOGG), Park Choa (AOA)
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 850 views, 6 comments

Once every year all of the Sorcerer's and their Apprentices gather in one place to socialize and meet old friends and new. The most powerful Sorcerer Kim Myungsoo and his young Apprentice Kim Sae Ron have always declined the invitation to busy with Sae Ron's training and Myungsoo dis-liking to socializing. But this year the meeting has become manditory forcing them to attend, now what will happen when Mungsoo meets Lee Sungjong a beautiful and shy boy who seems to make Myungsoo's heart fl

We Don't Suit Each Other

By MyungYeol_OTP_Feels updated
Characters myungsoo sungyeol sunggyu woohyun dongwoo hoya sungjong myungyeol woogyu yadong
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 140 views

Myungsoo is cold guy and playboy. He's good lookinng and rich, everyone loves him and have many fans, but he doesn't have any friends except Sungjong. Sungyeol is childish and kind. He looks lika a nerd, big glasses and long hair. he isn't popular at school. Woohyun is good looking, childish and loves to flirt with a girls, but he isn't popular because girls think that he's an

The Bully Who Has Feelings

By CatChangSeok updated
Tags woogyu
Characters Kim Sunggyu , Nam Woohyun
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 35 subscribers, 550 views, 7 comments

A story in which Woohyun is a sophomore and Sunggyu a Senior. What happends when Woohyun finds the truth about the big bad school's bully?

Beautiful Creatures.

By Princess_Nammm updated
Characters Infinite members.
With 6 subscribers, 100 views

Woohyun, Myungsoo and Howon enter unknown territory when they transfer schools. Sunggyu's, Sungyeol's and Dongwoo's territory.   Characters: ^^ These baes (aka Infinite)

Falling In Love With You

By starfinite updated
Characters myungsoo sungyeol moonsoo daeyeol woohyun sunggyu hoya dongwoo sungjong
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 23 subscribers, 440 views, 2 comments

"I and Yeollie are just bestfriends" Myungsoo always thought to himself. But his heart says that he's in love with his bestfriend. He did everything to set aside those feelings but it grows more. As he begins to say, "I'm... falling in love with you".

No Quick Fix For Consciousness

By ShesABadWolf updated
Characters Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, and Infinite members as the appear......
With 9 chapters, 15 votes, 188 subscribers, 3960 views, 39 comments

Kim Sunggyu – Rocker. Lead singer of an irrelevant band. He has a habit of dying his hair varying shades of red depending on his mood and can’t leave his dingy old apartment without eyeliner and his favorite leather jacket. Everyone else is just seems so unbelievably happy and he lives alone with two strays. While trying to figure out his life and manage to keep up with school he meets someone very interesting, Nam Woohyun. Sunggyu

() My Man's Scandal

By ranasungmin updated
Characters (Main) Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, Jung Eunji || Infinite members and others
With 21 chapters, 10 votes, 60 subscribers, 2970 views, 37 comments
Status Members Only

Present - February 2015 I’m Jung Eunji, a 22 years old vocal trainer at ASJ Entertainment for two years already. I got many appreciations by the company in spite of my young age, even got a sponsored car and apartment for myself, paying off my achievement in those two years. My life never can get happier when last 18 months ago, a g

The Part Timer

By galkasnoopy updated
Characters Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Sungjong, Infinite
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 37 subscribers, 1690 views, 21 comments

He loves his part time jobs. He gets to meet him.


By yen_tting updated
With 3 chapters, 3 subscribers, 440 views

Hi! I'm actually the B2uty_4ever user if you know the story http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/557785/forbidden-of-us-angst-infinite--woogyu--myunggyu-donggyu  


By sophomoric updated
Characters Hoya, Sungjong, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Woohyun, Sunggyu, Dongwoo (Infinite)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 100 views, 2 comments

“I did it because a disaster can do two things: either wedge a gap between people or unite them."

It all begins with a prank??? {EDITING}

By akira33 updated
Characters Sunggyu, Woohyun, Hoya, Dongwoo, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong, Yongguk and other Idols from groups like Shinee and so on XD
With 77 chapters, 84 votes, 992 subscribers, 57610 views, 1098 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Updates every 2nd day ^^ In which: Sunggyu is clumsy and plain, but if his emotions get too strong, he changes completely Dongwoo is easy going and enjoys every day Woohyun is a flirt, who would even flirt with a refrigerator, but he has one rule: NO GUYS Hoya only cares for Woohyun, Sungyeol and his little princess Sungjong and he doesn't want to befriend othe

You Predominate My Life

By aderation updated
Characters Krystal Myungsoo f(x) Infinite
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 32 subscribers, 990 views, 10 comments

I never thought of that a person can affect my life that much Her departure can make me fall in depression I never thought of that I can madly fall for a person Leaving him made me fall in pain I tried

Infinite's Fanboy

By Yui_Chan updated
Characters Jang Dongwoo - Lee Howon - Kim Myungsoo - Nam Woohyun - Kim Sunggyu - Lee Sungyeol - Lee Sungjong
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 40 subscribers, 470 views, 6 comments
Status Members Only

  Jang dongwoo is a typical inspirit. His social life is pretty much nonexistent as he spends so much time looking and fanboying over the new

Another WOOGYU Fanfic Recommendations!

By myungjhejhe updated
With 50 chapters, 3 votes, 77 subscribers, 5880 views, 22 comments

Hi!!!! This is one of the many fanfic recommendations here on AFF, featuring my favorite OTP in the whole world, WOOGYU! This is also my first time writing here!^^ I'll be recommending (obviously) some WOOGYU fanfics that I have come across AFF, Archive of our Own, Live Journal or anywhere around the web. Fanfics that I really, REALLY like. Fanfics that are worth sharing to the world.... There will be some rated M fics, but don't worry, I'll will mark those chapters so


By Kvothe updated
Characters myungsoo kai zelo daehyun sehun sungkyu woohyun
With 22 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 590 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

He left as he came without word, with your heart, leaving only parts of a map. And you are insane enough to follow the clues, to make a map and find him. Because he is the only reason.

Romeo Must 'Dye'

By woogyuinmylife updated
Characters Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, and the rest of INFINITE members
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 28 subscribers, 760 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

  Everytime Woohyun wants to dye his hair red, Sunggyu disapproves. So, he always ends up choosing other colors. (Or how Kim Sunggyu decides to stop himself from having a boyfriend.)  

That one time...

By QEEqahvi updated
Characters INFINITE, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Howon, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Sungjong
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 228 subscribers, 1850 views, 7 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

That one time when Sunggyu broke down, when he couldn’t take it anymore, when he realizes how hard it is to keep up – how hard it is to pretend, when he just wanted to drop everything and go back home.  

steal my name (not my heart)

By walkaways updated
Characters Sly Sunggyu, Mysterious Woohyun
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 960 views, 28 comments
Status Subscribers Only

In which Sunggyu is a sly thief and Woohyun is his new victim. 

The difficulties of being in love with someone

By oOAkiko-ChanOo updated
Characters Main: Nam Woohyun, Kim Sunggyu//Side: Rest of INFINITE
With 17 chapters, 9 votes, 136 subscribers, 4860 views, 37 comments

The difficulties of being in love with someone...Woohyun could sing a whole song only about this topic. Unrequited love, one-side love, the love form afar; yes all those feelings are well known by Woohyun.   But who is this Woohyun? Woohyun, Nam Woohyun, is the main vocalist of the boy group INFINITE along with Sunggyu. Woohyun was born on the 8th of February, 1991 in Seoul. His dream had been the same for years- He wanted to become a singer, he stu

Sleeping Beauty

By luluswift updated
Characters sunggyu, woohyun
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 23 subscribers, 540 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

Sunggyu needs a new bed but it turns out that Woohyun wants the same one.

VOI • CE [vois]

By xiearf updated
With 53 chapters, 41 votes, 685 subscribers, 690 comments
Status Subscribers Only

100 INFINITE OTP oneshot/drabble challege , filled with fluff , slight angst , and love. prompt and scenario's sent by CANDIES. aiming to complete all 100 sent prompts before Christmas 2015. contain mostly fluff with woogyu as the most frequent pairing. inspired by Lim Kim's song, VOICE. 

Strawberry Prince

By amalinaphantomhive updated
Characters Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungyeol, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Howon, Lee Sungjong, Yoon Doojun
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 250 views, 3 comments

A boy who live happily with his strawberries, Strawberry Gyu. A fateful encounter changes his life, as he the only one having a magical power to save his kingdom from destructions. A romance between the princes of the two kingdom. And the enemy who seems to find ways to separate the Strawberry Prince from his fiancee. The story of the adventure of Sunggyu, the Strawberry Prince in order to revive his kingdom and protect them from the darkest enemy.