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Moments Like These

There was something always satisfying about waking up in a new dormitory – a new bed – each and every day; the potent taste of alcohol lingered on his tongue but Minhyuk cared little for that and more about who he'd spent the night with.

This Cute Boy is My Body Guard???!!!

By ciahyun89 Updated
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments

'appa!! appa!! appa!!'  minwoo keep on struggling on taemin's arm. as he watched how his family got killed by those monster people. tears keep on falling as he watch his sister being shot. 'why??!! them??!! why!!' he then remember his father's last words for him . 'whatever happened promise me Minwoo you won't do anything stupid that will put you into danger. never do a revenge son' i promise that father... i promise.........   Minwoo wa

Masquerade of the Fallen Angels

Characters Sunggyu eunji dongwoo woohyun Hoya Sungyeol Myungsoo Sungjong Ailee Krystal bora Hakyeon
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 34 subscribers, 390 views, 6 comments
Status Subscribers Only


Thin Line

By taebaratan Updated
Characters infinite, (possible) oc
With 1 chapters, 120 views

So dear beloved (future) readers, I present..... *drumrolls*... My third story. *so anticlimax sigh...*  As usual, I'm going to put this story as subscriber-only because till now I still haven't found my confidence yet...   I'm going to ask you first (I'll make a poll later) about how do you all want this storyline to be, in idol verse with an oc paired with one of infinite member or just fictional, all in my own little corner world *muhahaha* T

"Fix yourself"

By Pinkunicornsrainbows Updated
Characters Youngmin kwangmin donghyun minwoo hyunseong jeongmin youngkwang dongwoo
With 10 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Youngmin was in love with kwangmin, his twin brother. But...but it was wrong right ? It was so wrong, it was so disgusting. It was sick. Youngmin was sick. "Go fix yourself" was what everyone was saying to him. And maybe they were right ? Maybe he had to fix himself. When he was gonna fell deep into the hole called "hopelessness" and "pain" deeper someone came and offered him help. Someone who was also in love with his own brother. Someone who dosen't want to share his brother with youngmin's

New Infinite Story Concept

By Junmia Updated
Characters Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungjong, etc
With 1 subscribers, 60 views

6 years after their debut, Infinite is now in danger of disbandment. No one got along with each other. Their clear dislike in each other was picked up by knetizens, and as a result, a huge scandal occurred. Their popularity significantly decreased and they soon were only known for the members rocky relationship.  Recently, a new member was added to the group. His name was Lee Sungyeol. He was placed temporarily in the group as a mediator, as well as to stir unwanted attention away fro

All the Way to my First Concert

By mjcharest Updated
Characters Lee Sunghee (OC), INFINITE, Lee Sungwon (OC)
With 22 chapters, 1 votes, 40 subscribers, 6 comments

Lee Sunghee has taken her twin brother’s place in his band while the latter is quietly admitted in the hospital. She has to learn the choreographies and the lyrics of INFINITE’s songs the quickest she can in order to not put her brother’s career at risk and manage to take care of her younger brother in between her new really busy schedule. But…   What will happen on the path t

Tears of Gumiho

By ruuann Updated
Characters Hoya, Dongwoo, Sunggyu, Woohyun
With 11 chapters, 33 subscribers, 560 views, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Sebuah cerita yang menampilkan sesosok gumiho dan seorang manusia yang mencoba mencari makna di balik kata percaya, cinta, dan penyesalan.

Lovely Family ❤️

By Cinthia-eonni Updated
Characters Sungyeol, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hae Won (OC), Cho Hee (OC)
With 7 chapters, 3 subscribers, 180 views, 1 comments

  The story of a complicated family, a wealthy family and three brothers who arrived to change their lives by accident.    Interview: Q: What do you think of the Ryu sisters? "Hae Won is the most horrible person I have ever met, but Her sister is nice" -Kim Sungyeol (played

Just a Child

By fishykevinwoo Updated
Characters Boyfriend - Kim Donghyun and No Minwoo
With 17 chapters, 9 votes, 49 subscribers, 3030 views, 59 comments

Donghyun didn't think it would ever turn out to be anything more, nor had he ever hoped for it. To him, Minwoo was always, afterall, just a child. Current Prompt(s) (that I really really need to get to): -alphabetical order-chibby521How about meeting again on the wedding day of Minwoo's sister? Or a teacher-student role (college probably?)? crimsongravedigger Something that

Letters From The Heart [HIATUS, READ CHP 9]

By inspirit7ifnt Updated
Characters Moon Aeri (OC), Nam Woohyun, Jeon Jungkook, Jang Dongwoo
With 9 chapters, 5 votes, 57 subscribers, 1620 views, 20 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

One assignment. One student. One enlisted 18-year old.

Woolim University

By Junmia Updated
Characters Sungyeol Myungsoo Sunggyu Woohyun Sungjong Dongwoo Hoya
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 104 subscribers, 970 views, 29 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Lee Sungyeol is a new freshman at Woolim University. Accepted as a poor scholarship, he is less than welcome to the rich and prestigious college. When his life intertwines with Kim Myungsoo, he life will never remain the same. Friendships, romance, school, drama; will Sungyeol be able to adjust to a completely different way of living at the most rich university at Seoul, alongside the the heir of the wealthiest company,

My Crush Is Crushing On My Brother

By Sarikura Updated
Characters Jin, Dongwoo, V, J-Hope, OC + Sides: Rap Monster, OC, BTS, Infinite
With 33 chapters, 8 votes, 52 subscribers, 2720 views, 15 comments
Status Completed

Ever heard of Jang Hyunjae? Well if you haven't you must've been living under a rock! She's Seoul High's very own Angel~ Her and her childhood bestfriends, Taehyung aka V and Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope are back for junior year of high school. Soon enough, a group of good-looking, handsome guys transfer and they're ready to sweep

Mister Mime And Miss Chatterbox

By gaksitalGaksital Updated
Characters Sunggyu (Infinite), Heeyeon (OC)
With 8 chapters, 66 votes, 697 subscribers, 7930 views, 133 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

He was born without sound. She was born loud. He became her silence, so she became his voice. But when the Mime falls in love with the Chatterbox, how could he tell her if he cannot speak?

A Flat World For You

By deliberatemistake Updated
Characters Woohyun Sunggyu Kibum Sungjong Myungsoo Sungyeol Hoya Dongwoo
With 9 chapters, 8 votes, 13 comments

    Woohyun believes that the world is round.   Sunggyu knows that the world is flat. And what goes around never comes around, what goes over the edge drowns.  


By fishykevinwoo Updated
Characters Boyfriend - Kim Donghyun, No Minwoo, Lee Jeongmin
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 810 views, 15 comments

- When two sons came together for a marriage of convenience, a series of untimely events was the last thing they expected. - arranged marriage AU pairing(s): donghyun/minwoo, jeongmin/minwoo  rating: PG13 - except language - MAINCHARACTERS:as described

You don't know my love

By Pinkunicornsrainbows Updated
Characters donghyun minwoo
With 6 chapters, 11 subscribers, 330 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Donghyun loves minwoo. He loves him so much. But he knows minwoo dosen't love him back. Or...does he ?

Words That Are Hard To Say

By Mi1kT3A Updated
Characters Kim Sungkyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Hoya, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungjong & Lee Jungyeop
With 9 chapters, 6 subscribers, 380 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

Set during the coldest month in Seoul in the year 2017, the hearts of seven young man were becoming as cold as the North wind. Talks on contract renewal has been floating around on every fansite or kpop based forums. An inevitable question where Inspirits (fandom) fear the most, "Will they renew?" 

Unexpected Feelings

By starshine9 Updated
Characters Hoya You
With 9 chapters, 1 subscribers, 120 views

Is what they're saying true? Did i take this too far? i should've told him once I realized where my heart was. This wasn't suppose to happen in the first place. Am i lying to myself?

things you said

By fishykevinwoo Updated
Characters Boyfriend - Donghyun, Minwoo
With 50 chapters, 3 votes, 21 subscribers, 2100 views, 76 comments
Status Completed

A DongWoo fic challenge with 23 prompts~ All these are in the same universe and I'll be linking them all up. Chapters definitely of varying lengths!

Survival Masquerade

By xdreammerx Updated
Characters Main: Jang Dongwoo, Choi Joohee (OC) / Side: Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongyoon (OC)
With 4 chapters, 360 views, 2 comments

An innocent reunion between two childhood friends takes a skewed turn into the shadows. As hidden truths are revealed, both Dongwoo and Joohee realize that nothing is as it seems. And the more they uncover, the further they lurk into the enemy's radar.