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Fate Brought Us

Mr Nam forced his son into an arranged marriage just to stop Woo Hyun from continuing his path to be a singer and work with him instead while Sung Kyu was left without other choice other than agreeing to this one ridiculous plan – being a good son he is.

The Playboy Doctor

ByYGfambam updated
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Hello Everyone!  I want to introduce this story about the ever hardworking Sandara Park and the forever plaboy Kwon Jiyong! I just want to tell you guys that this story is not mine and only made an adaptation and made the characters to be Dara and Jiyong because I felt that the character's personality in the story also fits Dara's

Marriage Getaway

ByLovelyBless updated
CharactersMC: Sohee, TOP - SC: GDragon, Xiumin, Sunny, Dara
With13 chapters, 5 votes, 39 subscribers, 910 views, 45 comments
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Marriage Getaway

Baby Daddy

Bysecretseven updated
CharactersTOP, Dara
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Park Sandara is a successful PR consultant, but more than that she was one of the most sought after bachelorette in Seoul. This, to her, was more of a pain in the than anything else. So she was beautiful, successful and rich. But this only made men either too arrogant to have the guts to approach her or too intimidated to even look at her. So on her lunch with her best friend, Choi Seung hyun, she gives the largest sigh humanly possible. "Whoa! What was that?" He takes a bite on o

Black Wings

Bycgurl0697 updated
CharactersSandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Choi Seunghyun, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Donghae, Park Bom, 2NE1, BIG BANG
With11 chapters, 4 votes, 106 subscribers, 810 views, 9 comments
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This is the story that was never told, the ink that never soiled those pure white pages. This is the story of a love like no other. This is a story of one girl’s dream that went so terribly wrong, and horribly right at the same time. This is my story. 

Life of an Idol

ByAzrkii updated
CharactersLee Chaerin, Park Bom, Park Dara, Gong Minji, Kim Joonmyun, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, Wu Yifan, Kim Minseok, Lu Han, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae, Huang Zitao
With21 chapters, 21 votes, 194 subscribers, 7560 views, 135 comments

Life of an Idol is a story about two popular korean pop (KPOP) groups which narrates how they met, became friends and fell in love. It is a story of friendship, family and love. 

Broken Promise

ByPandaSeungriBear updated
CharactersDara TOP G-Dragon Bom Seungri CL Taeyang Minzy Daesung
With29 chapters, 12 votes, 109 subscribers, 4090 views, 54 comments

At the start he said together forever. He then stopped calling and texting. The next time Sandara saw Seunghyun was when he performed on television.   "Does he still remember me?" Sandara said tears falling down her cheek.

Capture the Love

Bychaera143 updated
CharactersCL Dara Taeyeon Bom
With11 chapters, 10 votes, 137 subscribers, 1700 views, 49 comments
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The story of two photographers who found each other through the forces of destiny. Will their friendship develop into something else--something deeper, romantic, and exquisite?   

I can see you

Bywoomin4ever updated
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There's a weird pleasure in loving someone who doesn't love or notice you.

..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸.ஐThe EXO Fanboy's Princessஐ..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸

Byyeollieaddict updated
Charactersdara, chanyeol, baekhyun, g-dragon, 2nE1, onew, sanghyun
With30 chapters, 21 votes, 287 subscribers, 13210 views, 193 comments


I'm Gonna Live With EXO?!

Bykerisz updated
CharactersMain: Dara & Exo || Minor: Bom Minzy CL and others
With33 chapters, 40 votes, 394 comments

She's a 17 year-old girl who's beautiful. She has so many suitors but she turned them down. ALL of them. She hated boys. She HATES boys. No wait, she's ALLERGIC to them. But o

Unexpected Love

Bysweetypupu updated
With8 chapters, 1 votes, 39 subscribers, 630 views, 22 comments

People are destined to be in love but they find their love in unexpected way. Chanyeol likes Dara and thinks Park Bom as noona…Bom likes Dongwook and knows Chanyeol interest for Dara. What happen when Chanyeol found himself living with a beautiful gi

Through the Eyes

ByEXOticSydneyGrey updated
CharactersSandara Park, EXO, Thunder
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Her name is Sandara Park. She's beautiful, mysterious, powerful and dangerous. She never wants to mingle with other people, making her a big mystery to the curious ones. The most interesting thing about her is that she never lets anyone see her eyes. She always wear sunglasses in school which makes her look weird in the eyes of her schoolmates. But beyond their knowledge is a horrifying truth.   ----   They are the so called

Four Shots of Love

Byobjectivity updated
CharactersDara, Bom, Minzy, Chaerin ft. Big Bang
With14 chapters, 17 votes, 82 subscribers, 3670 views, 34 comments

Hopeless with love, Dara, Bom, Minzy & Chaerin have got themselves in quite a pickle. At least they can laugh at each other's misfortunes. After all, what are friends for?      

Play Boy vs Man-haters

ByDaranikhun updated
CharactersDara*Sehun*Other cast*
With13 chapters, 12 votes, 108 subscribers, 1110 views, 69 comments
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Dara is a man-haters while Sehun is Playboy.What will happening if fate brought them together ?Will they falls for each other?

Fate or just a mere coincidence?

ByRako-chii updated
With84 chapters, 41 votes, 310 subscribers, 19850 views, 654 comments

           (credits to the owner of the poster :* )

From an Idol to a Dog

Bylouiselove updated
Charactersluhan, dara, exo, 2ne1
With11 chapters, 33 votes, 169 subscribers, 2610 views, 137 comments

One day, the famous idol Lu Han turned to a dog because of an inevitable accident. Now that he's a dog, he started to have weird feelings for his beautiful master, Sandara Park. Wishing that he becomes a human again, will he still be able to return to his human form and live happily ever after with her? Or just remain as a cute puppy and be forever watching her?

Wedding Bells.

ByTheAwkwardMomentWhen updated
CharactersDara, GD, Thunder
With5 chapters, 10 votes, 176 subscribers, 32 comments
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When Ms. Clown Met Mr. Serious

ByJennilyn updated
CharactersSandara Park, Kwon Jiyong
With60 chapters, 71 votes, 1608 subscribers, 46700 views, 921 comments
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Hi everyone! another day without visiting home (DGH) :(..I'm so sad..hhuhuhu..Anyways, just want to share this fiction to you guys.,keke♥..My inspiration in writing this fiction is my lost earring that I really really love. Actually, i lost the other one so I'm still keeping the other one. And to tell you the truth, I'm wearing its other half while nothing in my other ear..kekeke♥..I'm so weird right?whahahah! Anyways, hope you'll like this fiction.. please drop some comments and suggestion


Bypatush_ updated
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Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, Sandara Park can see auras, hear people's thoughts, and know a person's entire life story by touch. Going out of her way to avoid human contact and suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Jiyong.

Aurealion: Curse of the Park Twins

ByTheSociableIntrovert updated
CharactersSandara Park, Park Sanghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Seunghyun, Lee Ji-Eun, Kim Jinwoo
With19 chapters, 29 votes, 215 subscribers, 4260 views, 95 comments
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        [CONTENTID3] Aurealion: Curse of the Park Twins

Apple Pie

ByAnnaAliah updated
CharactersChanyeol(EXO),Nana(After School),Dara(2NE1),Kangjun(5urprise)
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 23 subscribers, 1250 views, 19 comments

  Exchanged lover will make Apple Pie taste better.  

Jiyong, the Bastard and Dara, the

ByBelita updated
With5 chapters, 8 votes, 51 subscribers, 630 views, 38 comments

Ooops!   Before you even curse me for the title, let me just tell you one thing: I love Dara so much!     This is Dara being the that we all want her to be!   Enjoy!   I plan this to be a collection of oneshots.   Help me!   **PS I am not abandoning my other stories. Just that, I can't find the inspiration to write a happy Dara-Gon stories! Sorry ^^

My time to shine

Byeffy123 updated
Characterssandara park, kris, cl, park bom, minzy, yg family, exo, sm
With37 chapters, 18 votes, 148 subscribers, 5530 views, 172 comments

I was living my dream my life couldnt get any better.Until the pictures surfaced the internet. My past came back to me. Thats when they all changed, my life turned upside down.They hated me when i didnt do anything to them.So having no life seemed better until he came along and changed my mind.

Two Horns and a Tail

ByPatbingu updated
With5 chapters, 11 votes, 156 subscribers, 780 views, 36 comments

Dara was living a very content life in her last year of college. She had a best friend who would always be there for her. Was excelling in her veternarian studies- hoping to soon be accepted into the vet school she had applied for. And an apartment which she could call her own.   Life was going just right for her.   Untill, of course, a mid-class devil called Jiyong decided to tie himself to her.  


Byhottiesweetie18 updated
CharactersSandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Park Bom, Lee Chaerin, Top, Taeyang, Daesung, Taeyang
With3 chapters, 1 subscribers

This will be my first Daragon story, I stopped writing fics for quite a while now.. but now im back    I hope you enjoy reading my story :)))   Spread the Daragon Love