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Omerta [Kai x OC]

When runaway Lee Jaehee ended up getting tangled in the darkest parts of Seoul, there was no escaping. Enter in guns, blood, a superior dangerous man and a violent political business, Jaehee ended up as a pawn, bound by the code 'Omertá'. [mafia!au]

Way of Loving You

By ErinKrystal Updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Chaerin Lee, Others
With 51 chapters, 42 votes, 364 comments
Status Completed

  Introduction :     Marriage. One word, eight letters. Everyone knows about that thing. Even a five year-old kid knows what a marriage is about. Only they do not know what is to be in a marriage thing. More pitiful is wh


By evantaresh Updated
With 5 chapters, 4 votes, 141 subscribers, 1090 views, 46 comments
Status Subscribers Only

soulmate means your other half, and mate means friend. but have you ever feel like your friend is your trully other half? what if you denied it because he doesn't meet your expectation about type of partner in your imagination? which one will win the fight? the head or the heart?     G-Dragon, a player who change his girl as much as babies changing diapers. CL, never dating anyone before but have many relationship knowledge from her closest fri

M.A.D.E For You (Edited)

By piecesofrainbow Updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Chaerin, CL, G-Dragon
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 105 subscribers, 550 views, 9 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

“The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.”


By iamanadea Updated
With 20 chapters, 37 votes, 636 subscribers, 414 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Inspired by        G dragon's song        

The longing in the loneliness

By Syzwxniey Updated
With 2 chapters, 76 subscribers, 670 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  KWON JIYONG He is a bisnesman and ceo of YGE HOTEL. He is superb rich and can have everything that he wants but in his heart there is n

The Mirror

By ladyGD Updated
Characters kwon jiyong, lee chaerin,
With 1 chapters, 42 subscribers, 210 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kwon jiyong AKA Gdragon. -Next heir of kwon empire. -party lover -most famous bachelor in korea. -chance his girl like changing his expensive clothes -Tie into Lee chaerin AKA CL  

My bully... my fave

By SoKawaiii Updated
Characters 2ne1 CL gzb bigbang gdragon skydragon
With 4 chapters, 9 subscribers, 360 views, 5 comments

Chaerin is just a normal girl and a quiet one as well. She never shows her gzb part because she thinks it only makes it worse. But what if a guy makes it happen?? What if chae's bully...becomes...her fave!!

Fruit Basket

By kharminah Updated
Characters Lee Chaerin and Kwon Jiyong
With 10 chapters, 7 votes, 302 subscribers, 4350 views, 53 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  This will be the edited version of this story. To avoid confusions, I have decided that instead of using Flashbacks simultaneously with the present story, I'll just go with the usual flow. Meaning, the story will start when Jiyong and Chaerin were still young. I love Little Skydragon's Puppy Love therefore expect me to DRAG this. When I say drag, trust me, I mean it. Hahaha...  

Point Of No Return

By Soahnim Updated
Characters Lee Chaerin, Kwon Jiyong, 2NE1, BigBang, YG.
With 2 chapters, 16 subscribers, 280 views, 5 comments

Their love is strong, but is it strong enough?. Trapped in a world of materialism, shallowness, and music… will she be able to survive alone, without him?.  

The CLingy Biatch

By kharminah Updated
Characters Lee Chaerin and Kwon Jiyong
With 6 chapters, 15 votes, 291 subscribers, 3480 views, 115 comments
Status Subscribers Only

She loves Jiyong too much to the point that it suffocated him. She always cling to him as if he'll disappear anytime from her life. She always nag about him spending more time with his friends rather than having a date with her. She always get suspicious whether he has another girl in his life. She basically gets jealous whenever he gets to talk to another girl around. Chaerin practically set Jiyong as the center of her world...   ...until he got fed up and chase her away desp

J and the Ogre Princess

By Fadedmoonlight Updated
Characters Lee Chae Rin, Kwon Jiyong, Jay Park, Kwon Seunghyun (Seungri), Park Sandara, Kim Hyuna
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 87 subscribers, 4740 views, 37 comments

Who am I?   My name is Lee Chae Rin, first year of highschool. Known to most people as that weird fat girl, I've lived through their

One Stop Closer to Paris

By Kookiekwon Updated
Characters gdragon cl jiyong chaerin daniel dara minzy
With 40 chapters, 29 votes, 200 subscribers, 14580 views, 253 comments

Lee Chaerin's life was turned a full hundred and eighty degrees when she meets a charming and sweet guy from France. Just what was the secret that he is hiding from her, and why is their relationship the greatest mistake of the century?           

Gloomy Heart

By efrina18 Updated
Characters GD, CL, Dara, 2ne1 n Bigbang members
With 3 chapters, 9 comments

Notice me Take my hands

best thing i ever had

By liine95 Updated
With 15 chapters, 4 votes, 80 subscribers, 3970 views, 66 comments

After a wild night   Chaerin discovers she is pregnant of Jiyong   Though a night no one of them pretend to remember,   she is decided to tell him the fact that he is going to be a daddy   But then she remember the fact that it was just a few days ago when jiyong asked Kiko for marriage  


By renai_han Updated
Characters Lee Chaerin G-Dragon Taeyang T.O.P Daesung Seungri B.I
With 4 chapters, 17 subscribers, 910 views, 3 comments
Status Members Only

Amnesia is classified as an otome game


By yasminchoi Updated
With 14 chapters, 22 votes, 432 subscribers, 5980 views, 135 comments
Status Subscribers Only

HEADLINE NEWS: WHERE IS CL ???                 After her US debut almost a year ago, 2NE1’s leader CL a.k.a Lee Chaerin has been MIA. No one seem to know her whereabout. Her agency YG Entert

The Express Way

By FeatherStroke Updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong (Gdragon) & Lee Chaerin (CL)
With 2 chapters, 9 votes, 116 subscribers, 25 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When he can't distinguish between what's right and what's wrong, music and fame become too overbearing for Kwon Jiyong to handle. Leaving everything behind, he decides to take a break from life as he knows it. Somewhere in a foreign land, he bumps into Lee Chearin, an open-minded travel blogger, living her life on the road in the simplest yet most fulfil

marriage 101

By evantaresh Updated
Characters Lee Chaerin, Kwon Jiyong, CL, GDragon, Youngbae, Sandara Park, 2ne1, big bang, others.
With 29 chapters, 20 votes, 511 subscribers, 13000 views, 331 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Teaser: Chaerin: i'm a party animal, so i need a family man who doesn't like party to make my life balance. Jiyong: i know i'm a playboy who got drunk everynight, that's why i want to be with a girl with a motherhood characteristic who will make me stay at home.   that's what they want but, this is what they got   "What...?" Chaerin answer the phone with a crack voice because she was in the middle of sleeping.

Tug of war

By sweetsour Updated
With 4 chapters, 8 votes, 79 subscribers, 3090 views, 25 comments

Whatever happens to someone who stopped beliving in true love? Whatever happens to someone who fell for a player? Whatever happens to someone who stays by as best friend keeping the one sided love in silent? Whatever happens when the player seems to fell for someone again only this time it was not the best friend again? Whatever happens when the best friend garner an attention from a seemingly too good to be true mate?      

Without You

By Tofinite Updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Chaerin, Members of Big Bang and 2NE1
With 15 chapters, 14 votes, 194 subscribers, 6260 views, 108 comments
Status Members Only

After spending a year in Los Angeles working on her U.S. debut, Lee Chaerin finds herself back in Seoul leaving her with no choice but to confront everything she tried to hide from: Kwon Jiyong

Not too late

By mimidoe Updated
Tags skydragon
Characters chaerin jiyong ygfamily
With 1 chapters, 9 subscribers, 220 views, 3 comments

it all started with a kiss, how will it end ? what will happen between these 2 ? will they end up together or its just a fase? .Find out how chaerin and jiyong deal with their life when something completely unexpected happened.

Crazy in Love

By chaelinjiyong Updated
Characters gd cl
With 25 chapters, 3 votes, 273 subscribers, 6030 views, 70 comments
Status Subscribers Only

I dont know what to put next to Good To You ff so I made this while I'm still thinking what to write next. T_T changed the tittle from They Don't Know About Us to Crazy in Love ~

Mrs. CEO

By daizariel Updated
Characters choiseunghyun parkbom kwonjiyong leechaerin parksandara Taeyang Seungri Daesung min
With 26 chapters, 46 votes, 701 subscribers, 13070 views, 248 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"My name is Choi Seunghyun, I'm 28 years old. I go by the name TOP, because I'm always on top, in bussiness and in bed.. I'm the CEO of Choi Conglomerate. I am one of the hottest bachelor alive in the world and you will be mine whether you like it or not..." My jaw was literally drop. Is he crazy?!  


By killah1 Updated
Tags skydragon
With 10 chapters, 5 votes, 96 subscribers, 4430 views, 46 comments

This is how I look at Dr. Kwon and Nurse Lee. Based on that cute fanart of them.

Call You Mine

By evantaresh Updated
Characters Kwon Jiyong, Lee Chaerin, G-dragon, CL, Taeyang, Kiko, Soojoo, Xin, Bom, Minzy, Dara, Seungri, Daesung, Mino, Bobby, B.I, Winner, Ikon, other idols.
With 8 chapters, 14 votes, 137 subscribers, 2510 views, 70 comments
Status Subscribers Only

GD, the new boy in YG university, called the 'it' boy for both his looks and talent. CL, the student council presindent. ordinary yet talented girl. this is the tale of two people met and got confuse by what so called feelings.