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悪魔 THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS RolePlay {Facebook Roleplay} [REOPENED]

The Institute is inviting you to join a school for special people: Shadowhunter, Faeries & Warlocks Are you ready to join the school and go through action, lust, adventure and even love?

Snow White and the Hunter Prince

By MargarethRomanoff Updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Park Gyuri
With 20 chapters, 21 subscribers, 590 views, 3 comments

According to the shaman, he was haunted by a spirit, enchanted by a witch, or might be played by a dwarf. But Jaejoong did not believe in any superstition, especially when the sole reason of him being shocked and whipped was as beautiful as Snow White, a goddess who was bathing in a nearby river -with no clothes on- while her silky hair was playing along with the wind. And when the girl turned aroun

Lord of Darkness Part II

By fireshadow Updated
With 56 chapters, 12 votes, 108 subscribers, 81 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

      Twenty Years has passed since the Lord of Darkness destroyed the Oracle. 

The owner of my heart [Edit]

By redkisses Updated
Characters jessica, donghae, jaejoong,
With 7 chapters, 16 votes, 168 subscribers, 18500 views, 409 comments

Jessica struggled in between her past love, Jaejoong and her present love, Donghae.  Who shall claim the heart of our princess?

Every Hour, Every Second

By hyeonjungie Updated
Characters Yunho Jaejoong Junsu Changmin Yoochun +more
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 45 subscribers, 1020 views, 12 comments

Every hour  Every second   Every second is precious Not everyone knows but he knows

New chapter

By attasukkie Updated
Characters bang yong guk, kris, kim jaejoong, Zelo, GD, TOP, Jackson, Mark, Kim woo bin, lee jong suk...
With 37 chapters, 14 subscribers, 600 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

new chapter... new life... new friends... new love...?  

The Reject Princess

By Topu-Da Updated
Characters jaejoong, Ocs, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin
With 33 chapters, 9 votes, 49 subscribers, 2160 views, 42 comments

Being rejected over a commoner, like every other 'evil' princesses in fairy tales, she had to return to her country. Now that she is humiliated, she is angry. However fate has something else for her. She may not be fated to be a queen, she may be fated to be more. Perhaps an Empress...          

My Mr.Vampire

By Kim_EunA Updated
Characters Kim EunA Luhan EXO
With 42 chapters, 175 subscribers, 3550 views, 8 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

My Mr.Vampire EunA was normal girl. EunA has peple that cares for her. Jaejoong is her brother they live in a house. Thier parents are not with them. JYJ is family to her. Her life completely changed when...... Kim EunA

The story I didn't know

By Ceanjthana Updated
Characters Suzy,Jaejoong,TOP and kpop idol cameos
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 15 subscribers, 220 views, 9 comments

He was a ruthless Mafia She was the golden girl to a influential couple He vowed never to love again after she left. She vowed to return, to find her love again. He was heartless,he destoryed anything and everything that got in his way. She was broken, though she had everything, she wanted none. He searched for her. She longed for him.    

A Selection of Chocolate-Boys

By gaksitalGaksital Updated
Characters Suzy and twelve hot guys (Park Chanyeol, Kim Myungsoo, Nam Woohyun, Luhan, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Himchan, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Heechul, Shim Changmin, Jung Taekwoon, Kim Woobin, Jungkook)
With 67 chapters, 250 votes, 29740 views, 1022 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Going to university is an exciting thing, especially if you're coming from a boarding school with no experience with boys. Suzy is a hopeless romantic, but her life takes a turn when twelve (yes twelve!) guys make an appearance. Guys are alot like chocolates. They come in all sorts of flavours and packages. What is Suzy's favourite chocolate? Will she be spoiled for choice? Will she have a sweet-tooth, or will she hate sugar forever? With an evil villai

가시 꽃 Thorn Flower

By risingsilently Updated
Characters Yunho || Jaejoong
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 158 subscribers, 1090 views, 26 comments
Status Subscribers Only

가시 꽃 (Thorn Flower or A Love Story Of Sorrow) --- Flowers has its own language, each of its different types significies something deep and meaningful whether it is about the obscure sorrows and the momentary bliss of just one individual but, mostly, flowers can be used to fully define a love story of someone and sadly, Yunho and Jaejoong's flower seems to be filled with thorns. Will th

The Runaway Ice Princess

By el_lirio85 Updated
Characters You, Jaejoong, DBSK, Kai, Kris, Exo, SME arstists and Kpop artists
With 68 chapters, 29 votes, 820 subscribers, 21230 views, 232 comments
Status Subscribers Only

      He was one of the heir of Kim’s family and was known as a famous playboy heartthrob. She’s in a high school student and a leader of their gangster from her previous school. The two of them meet up with each other coincidentally.

My Lovely Barista

By syaf_AKTF Updated
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 850 views, 14 comments

      When my eyes meet yours , there is an aura that I do not know where it comes from. Why is this happening to me? 

Our Royal Hours

By Xiao_Mei Updated
Characters Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong
With 3 chapters, 6 votes, 133 subscribers, 1480 views, 20 comments

My YunJae take on Princess Hours

Falling for forbidden

By katychan666 Updated
Characters Jaejoong, Yunho
With 6 chapters, 9 votes, 157 subscribers, 1930 views, 30 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Yunho, an university student, has confessed his feelings to his professor, Jaejoong, quite a few times. At first Jaejoong ignores his student, however Yunho's persistance pays of and before he knows it himself, Jaejoong had already fallen for the other one...

Mr. Stalker & Miss No. 1 Fan

By buffysummers Updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Song Ji Hyo and Taeyang (Big Bang)
With 21 chapters, 16 votes, 91 subscribers, 5060 views, 247 comments

"I'll get my revenge on you!" - Kim Jaejoong "I like him.. but he's too 'hot' for me!" - Song Ji Hyo   Being a famous hallyu star made him the most wanted bachelor in Korea. Girls are screaming for his attention, but to Kim Jaejoong they are just some fans who went crazy on him for his flower boy look and beautiful voice. That gave him an advantage to set a higher standard for an

A FAIRY tale................

By fireshadow Updated
With 4 chapters, 8 votes, 73 subscribers, 27 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

        "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints in your heart and we are never the same."      

Veiled in Silk

By KeepCalmN_AKTF Updated
Characters Jaejoong & Yunho + Changmin, Junsu, Yoochun + others
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 46 subscribers, 740 views, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

“That which resides within the folds of these chambers is the affair of the Emperor only. Do not concern yourself with it, Captain. You will do well to avert your gaze from such matters if you value your life and all that is dear to you. You see nothing, and you hear nothing.”  Captain Y. Jung, the South’s most ruthless army leader and valued military tac

Bad Student

By RoyalDream Updated
Characters Krystal - Mark - Myungsoo | Sulli - Hyuna - Jaejoong - Jungkook
With 8 chapters, 7 votes, 65 subscribers, 1440 views, 21 comments

Being the rebel she is, Krystal Jung made it her ultimate goal to seduce the new hot substitute teacher Mark Tuan, never mind a new threat coming her way, a.k.a. Kim Myungsoo. And so the game begins!

The Phantom Train

By gaksitalGaksital Updated
Characters Kim Jajeoong, Kim Jongin, Jun Haesun (OC), Park Chanyeol, Kwon Jiyong, Im Yoona and Park Yoochun
With 11 chapters, 9 votes, 59 subscribers, 1350 views, 27 comments
Status Subscribers Only

After losing a loved one, he never thought that he'd be asked to board the Phantom Train, a mysterious vehicle rumoured to travel to a place full of secrets, and answers to the past. Jaejoong joins a group of strangers, each one holding a secret of their own. All is not as it seems for the realms of death are surreal, and conniving, and if not tread upon carefully, Jaejoong could lose himself in oblivion forever. How will the journey unfold for him? Will he find the answers th

This Was No Accident (it was a therapeutic chain of events)

By madd4the24 Updated
Characters Yunho Jaejoong Changmin Kyuhyun Junsu Yoochun Siwon Leeteuk Zhou Mi Ryeowook
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 49 subscribers, 980 views, 15 comments

Desperate to escape a loveless, abusive arranged marriage, Jaejoong books passage on hardened Captain Yunho’s space freighter bound for the far reaches of the solar system. But unbeknownst to them, an assassin gives chase. (A space adventure featuring gun fights, romance, and a heist of epic proportions.)

My Friend's Death Wish

By suhashiny Updated
Characters jaejoong lay OCs (you as Reya) junsu yoochun
With 29 chapters, 5 votes, 78 subscribers, 1750 views, 39 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kim Jaejoong, during his comeback concert after returning from the army, receives a call that his childhood friend has met with an accident, leaving Jaejoong as a guardian of his five year old daughter. But here's the catch, the girl Sophie Lee has no idea who Jaejoong is and wishes not to get close with him.

JJ's Foolproof Guide to Seduction

By xxmirabellaxx Updated
Characters Yunho, Jaejoong
With 10 chapters, 32 votes, 641 subscribers, 256 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When the man of his dreams moves in next door, JJ tries every trick he knows to get his attention. But when his attempts to seduce Yunho end in disaster, JJ gets creative.


By gaksitalGaksital Updated
Characters Bae Suzy, Kris Wu, Kim Jaejoong, Oh Sehun, Luhan, Nana, Amber Liu and Kim Junsu.
With 11 chapters, 21 votes, 160 subscribers, 3110 views, 64 comments
Status Subscribers Only

 Because, sometimes, beyond the woods or deep inside our dreams,  the phantoms find their way back into our lives. The lives of these individuals are woven together by fate. Suzy and Kris are best friends and hope to walk together down the path of life. However, not everything goes in plan for them. With Suzy being chased by a man who claims her as another, and meeting her secret stalker and Kris getting in touch with the woman who stomped on his heart in the past, they are forced to

Protective Siblings..

By sitinurilyasa99 Updated
With 20 chapters, 3 votes, 50 subscribers, 3510 views, 21 comments
Status Completed

She have four OVER PROTECTIVE  older brother and one younger brother.. It annoys her sometimes having five but there is times when she wants them with her.. They seldom shows their love towards her and always being protective in whatever she is doing.. But what she didn't know is that deep down five of her brother.. They love

Falling in love with autumn

By JaehoChocolatchaud Updated
Characters Jaejoong & Yunho
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 220 views

Jaejoong was running but minutes later he met his paradise.