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Exo Finding Their Mates

Exo a pack of Werewolves These boys were born immortal with remarkable powers. They look like human and act like human, however they are able to turn into wolfs,Each one is destined to have mate, will there be any complications on finding their true mate

My One And Only One.

Bykwon-oumi updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Others.
With10 chapters, 12 votes, 141 subscribers, 3870 views, 53 comments

Jung Yunho is a successful business-man who comes back to his home country to get married to Kim Jinhee, the girl he got engaged to since they were kids. But life isn't that simple. What would happen between those two? and what kind of surprises are hidden for them?


Bysupergeneration09 updated
CharactersJaejoong and You
With2 chapters, 6 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Every second, I hear your soft breathes. I don't know why. Since the day we lasted, I thought everything will fall on me. Why is it like this? I miss you so much. I hope you will come back to me some day but I guess it will not happen. But my hopes came back again when I saw you for a minute along the streets. Is fate giving me a chance again? I want you to breathe with me again.

Roses of Yesterday

Bybutt3rflyl0v3r updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong, Jang Geun Suk, Tiffany Hwang Miyoung, Sunny Lee, Choi Siwon, Choi Sooyoung & Jung Yunho
With55 chapters, 7 votes, 37 comments

Jaejoong & Tiffany were good childhood friends although their social statuses were anything but alike but something happened to make them separate. As time flew by, Jaejoong grew up to become a well known popular singer. While he was achieving success, Tiffany was living below the poverty line. Will they ever meet each other again? If they do, what will happened? Read & find out…

Groom Wanted!

Bybutt3rflyl0v3r updated
CharactersKwon Yuri, Seo Joohyun, Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong
With5 chapters, 9 votes, 20 comments

One by one, all friends of Yuri were getting married except for Yuri & her best friend, Seohyun, but since Seohyun already has a boyfriend, she isn’t worry about anything & that leaves Yuri all free & single but being an only child, she can’t stay single forever so what happens when she goes out looking for a groom? Will she be able to find one? Or is her future groom someone that is right in front of her all this

Forbidden Royalty

Bykittybat133 updated
CharactersHyuna, Kai, DongJun, JaeJoong, Yunho
With10 chapters, 7 votes, 79 subscribers, 1860 views, 74 comments

She wasn't supposed to be born. She had nothing. She was nothing. She should be happy though right? At least she was a princess. At least she didn't starve or live in the cold. At least she had a best friend. But... she would give everything up to be truly loved for once. Her name was Kim Hyuna, and she was a forbidden royalty.   Kim Hyuna 17 Years old

Just My Luck

Bycassiesb updated
CharactersNana, Hero Jaejoong
With1 chapters, 6 votes, 8 subscribers, 70 views, 4 comments

  Introduction If I had to say what type of luck I have, it would be


Bycgurl0697 updated
CharactersSandara Park, Choi Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Donghae, Lee Minho, Gong Minzy, Lee Seungri, Park Bom
With18 chapters, 2 votes, 48 subscribers, 770 views, 18 comments

Excerpt: RAMPAGE  In the depths of the city lied an enormous mansion. Now this wasn’t your typical fairytale like structure with resemblances to a palace or a castle. This was a state of the arc and modern facility in which one woman operated. Here is where rampage took place. What is it? Well you're just going to have to wait and see.   

Song For You

ByAuroraJuri updated
CharactersYunho, Jaejoong, DBSK, Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu
With30 chapters, 26 votes, 134 subscribers, 5090 views, 146 comments

PART II: Newly dating, Jaejoong and Yunho begin their life as trainees, which involves a lot of hard work and trials... and not a lot of time for love. Can a newfound relationship really survive this way, or will they have to kiss dating goodbye?   PART I: When runaway Jaejoong is taken in by Yunho, they connect over their shared love for music. While Yunho is falling in love with Jaejoong's songs, Jaejoong is falling hard for him, and this secret may prove to be the one he's

Entangled : The Puppeteer

ByGwagHyeYu updated
CharactersOnew, CL, Lee Hi, Yunho, Suho, IU, Yesung
With3 chapters, 6 votes, 31 subscribers, 480 views, 13 comments

Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of sociology, aesthetics, social psychology and culture. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely a

Dandelion Boo

ByHaruno_Aoi updated
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 100 views, 4 comments

Aku sudah hafal kebiasaanmu, merenung di tengah hamparan ilalang di kala senja seperti saat ini, dan kemudian aku akan mendatangimu. Kau mengais ilham di tempat favoritmu, menggoreskan inspirasimu melalui gambar dan tulisan. Pun mungkin, mengenangnya yang telah tiada.

Love Again?

ByInspirit4ever7 updated
CharactersNana, Myungsoo, Jaejoong, Suzy
With14 chapters, 4 votes, 56 subscribers, 970 views, 19 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

At the famous Woollim High School for Arts, Kingkas and Queenkas dominate the school. They seem to hate anyone that they meet without even knowing the person's last name. They all look like a group of rich, snobby, rude people that have fans only because of their looks. But what if at Woollim High the Kingas and Queenkas aren't like that? What if they are rude for a reason? All because a special someone played with their heart and broke it? And they will do anything to prevent from falling in

Love Pain

Bypartyinseoul updated
With46 chapters, 16 votes, 304 comments

3 couples 1 story   Kim Jaejoong, Kim Hyoyeon and Kim Yein. Their lives are connected... blood related. Jaejoong,

Lotus Candles

ByHaruno_Aoi updated
With10 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers, 420 views, 17 comments

Aku pikir kau mulai jenuh sehingga kau tak lagi setia. Aku pun sadar ada orang lain yang mengasihiku melebihi dirimu saat ini. Namun aku bertahan, berharap dapat kau cintai lagi, berusaha tak sampai membagi hati dengan yang lain, bahkan bila orang itu serupa denganmu.

Protective Siblings..

Bysitinurilyasa99 updated
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 27 subscribers, 680 views, 5 comments

She have four OVER PROTECTIVE  older brother and one younger brother.. It annoys her sometimes having five but there is times when she wants them with her.. They seldom shows their love towards her and always being protective in whatever she is doing.. But what she didn't know is that deep down five of her brother.. They love

The Guy Magnet

Byorionsbelt updated
CharactersOC Choi Siwon Kim Jaejoong Park Yoochun Kim Hyun Joong Jung Ilwoo
With14 chapters, 2 votes, 12 subscribers, 250 views, 3 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

    A nonconformist wallflower who wasn't looking for love.  Five attractive and powerful  men whom  she will cross paths with, along the way. No matter how casual their meetings, it seemed that it was not meant to stay that way. For soon, they will find their lives tangled unexpectedly.

Hostages To.. Lovers?! 2

ByMulti-FandomGirlIsMe updated
CharactersBang Binchae (OC); Park Taejun; Bang Junhong; Kim Jaejoong; B.A.P: Bang Yongguk, Kim Himchan, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, Choi Junhong (Zelo)
With17 chapters, 2 votes, 56 subscribers, 1740 views, 20 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

It has been two years since the incident. And two years since they met. Will fate put them back together again? Or everything will be messed up like the past?

The Runaway Ice Princess

Byel_lirio85 updated
CharactersYou, Jaejoong, DBSK, Kai, Kris, Exo, SME arstists and Kpop artists
With50 chapters, 15 votes, 476 subscribers, 11290 views, 166 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

      He was one of the heir of Kim’s family and was known as a famous playboy heartthrob. She’s in a high school student and a leader of their gangster from her previous school. The two of them meet up with each other coincidentally.

A Mistake

Bycrazy_girl11 updated
CharactersDB5K , yunho , changmin ( TVXQ) , jaejoong , yoochun , junsu (jyj) and others
With9 chapters, 9 votes, 2030 views, 72 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

" roommate " a program about a group of men and a group of girls idols were or actors. Originally it was kai a member of exo who will be in the program but they changed him and choose chanyeol maybe because chanyeol is friendlier  and a smiling angel. But what they didn't see coming is when an exo's member " kris " will leave the band. The staf thought it was a rumor but unfortunately it wasn't ! They must take a fast dission because the filming MUST be tomorrow so wh

Made Me Believe Again

Bymeilianalim updated
CharactersPark Yoo Chun, Lee Mei, Kim Jae Joong, Song Jong Ki, Kim Jun Su, Shim Chang Min, Jung Yun Ho
With3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Yoochun never imagine that some day his wife would gone just like that, he tried as hard as he can to proof his love to her. Lee Mei lost her family when she still young, her mother pass away after fighting with brain cancer at her 7th birthday and her father died in a car accident when he go to their  family Jewerly shop to take her 17th birthday present, Birthday become a nightmare for her and he choose to left her husband before her birthday...  

Who Are You?

Bynwurkygurl updated
CharactersOC, Jaejoong, Sehun, Chanyeol, Seo Kangjoon and more
With2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 150 views, 3 comments

He lived through the most ancient times, a being with many names, his obsidian wings stretches out through the dark skies and his eyes hollow as the deepest ocean. What is he? Why does he appear now? “Why do you keep following me? Who are you?”

My Hero, My Love, My Romeo!

ByLordLevi updated
With24 chapters, 11 votes, 101 subscribers, 127 comments

Not in the past, not in the future, in world where only two names rule. In a world where these names mean nothing but war to each other, how do two young lovers, sworn enemies, find a way out of the dreadful destiny that awaits them? Is their a way Lord Yunho, heir of the ever stronger family of Jung, kings of the underworld, and Master Jaejoong, the ever loved prince of the Royal family, Kim, can escape the love they have helplessly fallen into?  "But know this my dear children, no m

why did you came?

ByExotic9999 updated
Charactersjaejoong yunho
With12 chapters, 14 votes, 132 subscribers, 4510 views, 78 comments

Jaejoong and yunho were best friends since they were born. Yunho have feelings for jaejoong.  When they turned 17, Yunho confessed to jaejoong.  Jaejoong accepted yunho. But after 2 months jaejoong left yunho.  After a week jaejoong left, yunho's father died because of his weak heart.

Snatches and Snippets

Bykokkikokki updated
With18 chapters, 10 votes, 80 subscribers, 3480 views, 91 comments

This would be one shots of DBSK, post-lawsuit. The one shots are random, and may not be in chronological order. This is because I have the attention span of a five year old, with plot bunnies jumping at random times, which does not do well for chaptered stories. Bleh!   There will be no angst, but lots of failed crack. Genre would range from fluff to pure ridiculous. I gurantee nothing. XP