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Ripped Jeans

Yes, there were a lot of things you didn't do, but you put up with me, loved me, protected me. And there are so many things I wanted to tell you when you return. But you didn't.

The Blood Brother Code

By Korekrypta updated
Characters Oh Semi (OC), Xiumin, Sehun, Luhan, Tao, the rest of EXO
With 43 chapters, 515 votes, 3932 subscribers, 2483 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

"No, seriously, though, what high school student who's just about to graduate films some blatantly dangerous guys beating somebody to death in a dark alleyway?" "Oh Semi, apparently."   Semi's graduation present was a death threat from the country's biggest mafia boss and a hasty eviction to the United States.  Nine months later, she's in hospital making a near miraculous recovery from an assassination attempt from

You Can Lean on Me

By BlackLilies updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan
With 10 chapters, 40 votes, 204 subscribers, 4640 views, 111 comments
Status Completed

Luhan becomes Xiumin's eyes in return Xiumin becomes Luhan's voice.

Royal Couple

By The_JokeR updated
Characters JongDae, Nara, MinSeok, Dajin & Rian, Exo M
With 51 chapters, 3 votes, 62 subscribers, 2510 views, 40 comments

JongDae is South Korea’s crown prince; he is the only survivor from the royal line. His parents were killed when he was just a kid by the people who wanted to annihilate the royal family.           Still, they didn’t manage to kill him and when he was ol


By shilalala updated
Characters xiuhan
With 2 chapters, 6 votes, 23 subscribers, 160 views

"You didn't just leave Exo. You've left me too. And if I had ever meant anything to you, you wouldn't have done that. The funny thing is that I really thought that you would be there for me, no matter what happens. But look. Look, who was the one, who broke the promise."


By Rinotokika updated
Characters xiumin, luhan, chanyeol, chen, d.o, exo
With 5 chapters, 12 votes, 47 subscribers, 400 views, 14 comments

Author: Rinotokika Genre: a bit of supernatural and fantasy (I guess), cafe,  romance Rating: PG Life  in a grey monochrome world would sound like a perf


By Nethae updated
Characters xiumin, minseok
With 8 chapters, 13 votes, 32 subscribers, 320 views, 5 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Just random thoughts of Kim Minseok ...  

Stay ...

By Nethae updated
Characters xiumin, luhan, xiuhan, exo
With 15 chapters, 6 votes, 111 subscribers, 2110 views, 24 comments
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Catching Mr.Player

By Nethae updated
Characters xiumin, luhan, xiuhan, lumin
With 15 chapters, 58 votes, 197 subscribers, 34 comments
Status Subscribers Only

    My First Short Story Was ( Bubble Tea & Angry Tao )


By turquoisecyan updated
Characters xiumin ll oc ll exom ll exok
With 3 chapters, 1 comments

Biasalah, semua orang akan jatuh cinta. Tak kiralah berapa kental pun hati tu. Tak kiralah betapa garang pun muka tu.  

You, who is always by my side

By Xshadower_ontaeX updated
Characters minseok,you (OC)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 40 views
Status Subscribers Only

Some people will spend a life time chasing after someone who doesnt want them.    isnt it time for us to stop, turn around and see the ones running after us?  You, who have always been by my side.. As my older brother, protecting and loving me. Minseok oppa, no matter what, i want to be with you.

Tea Stains

By BlueBoiceGirl updated
Characters Lu Han, Lee Minjung (OC) || Minor: Kim Minseok, Kris Wu
With 3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 150 views, 2 comments

[Story for NANOWRIMO 2k14] Lu Han is the smart, good looking guy who sits coolly at the back of the room. Except, that isn't how he truly looks like. Instead, many who look, only see his appearance as a beautiful female  that many of the males on campus could simply not resist. No one in the entire school campus knew t

Counting down the Seconds

By heynay updated
Characters xiumin, luhan
With 2 chapters, 14 votes, 72 subscribers, 590 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The moment Kim Minseok was born, the baby boy was given a death sentence. 6574:00:00:00*     Kim Minseok's parents committed a serious crime, but instead of punishing the parents, they punished the unborn child. From the moment Kim Minseok was born he was given a death sentence; a timer engraved on his right shoulder counted down the days, hours, mi

Jessica's little secret

By U-knowholic updated
Characters Jessica Krystal Daehyun Boa Xiumin Jaejoong Suho Chen and Kai
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 59 subscribers, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Pregnant at 14 and there's only one man who can be the father. Jessica never had a happy day as her mother is neurotic and her father is a distant memory. So when she gets a new step dad, who gives the the attention she wants, Jessica feels secure. Sadly her bliss is short lived.   

A Winter Secret

By reaching-blue-skies updated
Characters Xiumin, Lee Haeri (OC), Brief appearances of other EXO members (including Kris and Luhan)
With 8 chapters, 5 votes, 27 subscribers, 520 views, 15 comments

A snow storm invaded the small village in Korea. This is not just a storm; it is the rage of the snow spirit, the Pyry.  To appease the spirit, a young female is supposed to be sacrificed, not by killing but to be sent into the woods for the Pyry to consume. This is the traditional way that their ancestors has told them. 

One Bite

By aquabloom updated
With 3 subscribers, 40 views

Minseok works at a small,cute cafe that is located right in front of the Wangja university. Everyday Minseok sees a pocket sized male come into the store, and everyday that same male would follow the same pattern. He would order one cupcake, take one bite of the dessert, read, stay 20 minutes, pay the bill, and then leave. Minseok became quite intrigued and also quite offended as to why the male would only take a bite of the cupcake and lea


By minseoka updated
Characters Xiumin Luhan EXO Xiuhan Fluff
With 2 chapters, 21 votes, 34 subscribers, 980 views, 12 comments
Status Completed

EXO Xiuhan PG This was Luhan's favorite time of the day, barely waking up, Minseok cuddled into his arms. ((A/N: Just a fluffy little oneshot (split

Where The Wolves Went

By EXOdarkwolf updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Chen, Kris, Tao, Lay, Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, DO, Sehun
With 5 chapters, 9 votes, 31 subscribers, 290 views, 14 comments

Something or someone has brought Luhan to an unfamiliar place, a place he's seen in his dreams. Of course he saw nothing wrong with sleeping beneath a certain tree, but when he wakes up, our doe eyed deer finds himself in a most peculiar situation. With a most peculiar boy, a very wolf-like boy... "Hey Luhan!" "What?" "Stay alive for me, I want to see you again someday." "How will we meet again if I don't even know your name?"

Colorful Rainbow

By Ming_9090 updated
Characters xiumin luhan xiuhan yixing chanyeol
With 6 chapters, 25 votes, 42 subscribers, 440 views, 4 comments

A continuation from "Do You Still Remember?" http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/824789/    This will be a oneshoot collections after the story. As a oneshoot collection, it will be a mess in timeline because I will write as what idea will pop out later. Please bear it. :D

Our Journey

By thunderfrost updated
Characters xiumin, luhan, chanyeol
With 8 votes, 21 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments

Minseok has always followed traditions, always pleasing her beloved father's desires, but when he fix her up in marriage with Park Chanyeol, she finds herself unable to follow the rules her father has given. Luhan is a free spirit, a women lover, he does what he pleased and he just care for himself. But when he meets Minseok, he finds himself unable to let her go. It's said that when two souls are destined to be together, life is just a journey to make them cross paths.

I'm Lost Without My Overdose

By lovekpop28 updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Sehun, EXO.
With 5 chapters, 10 votes, 900 views, 7 comments

Hi! This is my first published fanfic so please feel free to leave your comments so I can better myself!  ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ As Luhan desperately searched for Xiumin to apologize of the incident that happened, he couldn’t help to think if he actually deserved Xiumin’s heart back after all the suffering he put Xiumin through.

Dearest Mister Cat

By Eenie_Meenie updated
Characters luhan,seohyun
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 26 subscribers, 610 views, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

A demon cat?? Naughty and a flirt?? "women and love is my food..there is nothing more than that" Is that still remain the same after he meet someone??    

Labyrinth of Deceit

By mistyflames updated
Characters All of EXO
With 18 chapters, 5 votes, 580 views, 14 comments

Twelve people. One Labyrinth. None of them know how they got there, none of them know how, or if, they're going to get out, and in this dark and desolate place, only one thing is certain: no one else can be trusted.

∂ινєяgєит fт. кιм мιиѕєσк

By CynicalShowcase updated
Characters Kim Minseok, Kang Jihae, EXO, Minor Characters
With 3 chapters, 25 votes, 90 subscribers, 8 comments

Hello my lovely readers. I have prepared (hahaha... that's a joke) a lovely fiction featuring the ever so lovable Kim Minseok. It's... interesting, and I'm not sure how some of you will react but

Express it Simply

By vanillaxm updated
Characters Dara, Xiumin, 2NE1, EXO
With 20 chapters, 22 votes, 150 subscribers, 3730 views, 146 comments
Status Members Only

>>>Dara must start dating. Xiumin is allowed to date. Plot twist: They will eventually date each other ...