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Hyuna (2,201 hyuna fanfics)

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The Classified Accounts of Ami Hwang

The funniest part about being cornered against the wall with 7 guns pointed at my head was how the only thing on my mind was my chemistry homework.

Ten October Drabbles

By hyukbins updated
Characters VIXX & girl group idols
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 140 views, 5 comments

Ten short stories, one-shots, drabbles until October 26th ♡

Depression Isn't Just an Illness

By absolutlyperfect19 updated
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 69 subscribers, 1880 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

I've told you before but you never listened, so I'll repeat myself one more time.   "Loving and helping are two different things, Hyerin. You need to understand the meaning of each word before you decide to love or to help."

Gone with the Reflection

By snowflake16 updated
Characters Kris, Suho, Bae Suzy, Kim Hyun Ah & Exo cameos
With 43 chapters, 72 votes, 238 subscribers, 5520 views, 115 comments
Status Subscribers Only

After a fight ending in disdain, an enchanted mirror brings them to another world. Gone are the days of taunting each other over ordinary things.    From castle walls, an enchanted forest, and doppelgangers, the boys will learn something new. It’s isn't ju


By xxBabydollxx updated
With 10 chapters, 16 votes, 68 subscribers, 2390 views, 72 comments

  Kwon Jiyong loves his sister more than anything in the world. He loves her so much he’d hurt anyone who hurts her. What happens when she follows after her dead lover? What happens when he takes revenge? What happens when he takes the wrong girl?

Love VS Fate

By Junah17 updated
Characters Hyuna,Kai,You,Exo,SNSD,4minute,Beast and many more
With 24 chapters, 10 votes, 157 subscribers, 4850 views, 147 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Love is something that you're not sure whether he is the one for you... WHILE Fate is something that you didn't expect who is it and strangely feel that you're attach to him.

My Exotic Beauty

By ebonypurette updated
With 35 chapters, 1 votes, 33 subscribers, 3030 views, 2 comments

  Rachel and Joon are experiencing a bad breakup and are on the road to being "just friends" if even that. Both are still secretly in love with each other but will never admit it. There were more people who opposed their relationship rather than accepting it anyway. So what to do when Joon thinks Rachel's in love with his brother? What to do when Rachel thinks Joon is going back to his past of gangs and violence?  

☼ Radiant : Hyuna's First Girl Group! [Applyfic Open!]

By xINeedUx updated
With 2 chapters, 9 subscribers, 410 views, 1 comments


By Nana02 updated
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 30 subscribers, 660 views, 6 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A siblings who are live together after their parents dead.

Dance Practice

By LadyRyumi updated
Tags hyuna ilhoon
Characters HyunA and Illhoon
With 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments

HyunA was in the practice room alone dancing to Roll Deep when she notices that she has an unannounced guest and decides to have some fun.

Sweet Intermission

By rhapsodysiscaa updated
Characters Jang Hyunseung || Kim Hyuna
With 16 chapters, 8 votes, 181 subscribers, 3510 views, 81 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  [HIATUS] Kim Hyuna doesn't have a choice but to obey her father's request; to marry someone that she never knew. She tried to find a way to run away from this 'arranged marriage'. But what if Jang Hyunseung, her best friend, asking her hand in marriage in front of her family? Hyunseung x Hyuna!AU

So You've Found me Out

By leemimi1223 updated
Characters L.Joe, Hyuna & Cameo from Teen Top
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers
Status Completed

All L.Joe wants is a peaceful Saturday afternoon, but when his gossip-loving, annoying, nosy, stubborn childhood friend comes into the picture, he knows that that is not what he'll get.   A mystery one-shot loosely based off SuJu's 'Attack of the Pin-Up Boys'.


By fellyciach updated
With 44 chapters, 14 votes, 106 subscribers, 5990 views, 290 comments

They say you'll never forget your first love. Is that true? How if your first love who made you suffer for many years come back in your life? Can you let him go and find a new love? Or you'll hold on and being hurt again?

-OUR STORY-(english ver)

By vixxstarlight3012 updated
Characters Luhan,Hyuna,EXO,amber,jiyoon,sohyun,yura,minah,park bom,song mizkem
With 22 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 1750 views, 18 comments

Hello there!!! Firstly,I would like to thanks to all readers that read this story..and I'm sorry for wrong spelling or grammar because english is not my first language and my english is also poor so I hope you can understand my let's start

One Night Result

By Yuee2639 updated
Characters Jang Hyunseung and Kim Hyuna
With 23 chapters, 5 votes, 424 subscribers, 6550 views, 85 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Could one night change everything? Jang Hyunseung and Kim Hyuna are about to know.

Happy Endings?

By Leehyunwoo479 updated
Characters Kai, Krystal, Hyuna
With 1 chapters, 91 subscribers, 870 views, 1 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Everyone has their own love story. What we don't know is how is it going to end? Is it going to end with a happy ending or sad ending? This is a story where Kai is still searching for himself leaving a sick Krystal behind. They didn't even meet each other for the last time.Will they have a happy ending or a sad ending? Check out the story if you want to know~ XD A/N: I know the description suck but I hope you'll enjoy the story. :D

Be Mine Again

By Dragonfly96 updated
Characters Hyuna , Kris , Myungsoo , Kai , Luhan and others
With 3 chapters, 14 votes, 66 subscribers, 2340 views, 21 comments

  CHARACTERS   Kim HyunA Hyuna is an ordinary girl who had fallen in love with boy named Kr

Bound together

By hyejin_kim updated
Characters You,sehun,hyuna,kai,hara
With 1 chapters, 6 subscribers, 100 views
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

FROM THE AUTHOR 'HOPE' AND THE SEQUEL TO 'HOPE'  It all starts from . The arranged marriage . I (kim soo yeon) was forced to marry with oh sehun, the son

When It Finally Hits

Characters Hyorin Zico Hyuna Bora Soyou Dasom
With 1 chapters, 10 subscribers, 250 views, 1 comments

Hyorin was the most popular girl in school and Zico was the schools playboy. They were dating secretly when hyorin confessed to him thinking she could change him. But one thing hyorin didnt know was that Zico didn't love her fully enough to change. She knew he was a playboy and she wanted to change that by making her the only thing on his mind. But when she sees him with another girl, she broke down.

Cabin by the Lake

By funshine updated
Characters 4MINUTE, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Ilhoon, Jihoon (Rain), MissA's Sue-ji, 2NE1's Minji and others
With 17 chapters, 6 votes, 1880 views, 44 comments
Status Subscribers Only


Vampire X Muse [Eng Vers]

By zerofive updated
Characters jonghyun , hyuna , hyunseung , minhyuk
With 14 chapters, 1 votes, 14 subscribers, 810 views, 5 comments

  HYUNA The best muse ever , all herr family working to Blue family already for hundred years. But she never like it , she dont like the fact she is muse , vampire maid , food vampire. After her vampire minhyuk leave her , she more dont like became muse , she want freedom. But its imposible because she got new vampir


By funshine updated
Characters Hyuna, Hyunseung, Doojoon, Gayoon, Junhyung, Sohyun, Jiyoon, Yoseob, Min, Suzy, Fei & others
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 1650 views, 31 comments
Status Subscribers Only

For ten years, Hyuna has been silent. At the age of seven, she stopped talking and no one seemed to know why. Refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, she remained in her own little world.

Young Wolves

By ilovekpop121 updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo, Lee Taeyong, Im Jinah Nana, Kim Hyuna, Hong Jonghyun, Jang Hyunseung, Oh Sehun, Lee Taemin, Kim Jonghyun, Im Yoona, Bae Joohyun Irene
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 860 views, 10 comments

Kim Myungsoo and Lee Taeyong have always been the best bro friends ever. Both have went through hardships and good times. The two of them together are like peanut butter and jelly or maybe toilet paper and poop......Best Friends since birth, elementary school, middle school, and even up to now........High School. Though Freshmen year was a little hard for Kim Myungsoo, at least he'll soon have a sister-in-law, Hyuna. Freshmen year for Taeyong was......well.....let's just not talk about that.

I Give All My Love For You

By fellyciach updated
Characters Kim Hyuna, Xiumin, Kim Myungsoo, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 700 views, 18 comments

Love is so short, forgetting is so long...

Strong Willed

By mizzm29 updated
With 30 chapters, 13 votes, 60 subscribers, 4260 views, 93 comments

She held strength and power in every stride and everyone knew she meant business. She hated weak and helpless types of girls like the nerd she had just run into. They always seemed to set her off at how pathetic they were. In her opinion those women deserved to be picked on like that. They were only proving a stereotypical point that women were weak and helpless, which Minzy most definitely wasn’t.