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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Here Comes Trouble

What a great end of day. The sky is orange-ish, the weather is fine, a group of old ladies is having their daily meetings at the park just across the bar, kids are playing with their toys, one bike is heading to my direction... Wait, what ? One bike ? Holy !

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Depression Isn't Just an Illness

Why do people call Depression an "illness" or a "Battle"? What happens when I give up? Am I weak? Depression is more than that.  

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Take Care

Hyuna, along with Jihyun and Gayoon, are stuck as maids for the richest people in town. The Kim family. The Kim family includes Mr. And Mrs. Kim, the oldest son- Suho, the second oldest son- Kai, and the youngest son- Baekhyun. They're arrogant, selfish, annoying, ungrateful, spoiled, snobby— I can go on for days! But the point is that they are people you don't wanna work for, let alone hang out with.  But what happens when Kai forces Hyuna to pretend to be his girlfriend for a par

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CharactersKai, Hyuna, Suho, Baekhyun, Jihyun, Gayoon, Yuri
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Will You Come Back?

Everyone were looking at me, with their not-interested-face. Too bad, I can read your mind, guys. I thought to myself. Kim Hyuna, this is just for work. Fighting!   "Hello everyone, my name is Kim Hyuna. I came from Canada and my Korean is limited, please help me to adjust here. Thank you." I said with a loud voice and a bold face and a simple smile. "Well, Ms. Kim, you can have your seat on that e

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CharactersHyuna, Hyunseung
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JS is a gangster along with his girlfriend, Hyuna.  Robbery, murder or any illegal actions. Named it. JS is the person who are responsible for what has happen. 

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CharactersJang Hyun Seung (JS), Hyuna
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The Fault In Our z

                                                                                     A New Story Hope You Like It   

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CharactersHyuna , Ji Yong , Kwon Ji Yong , Young Bae , CL , Zico , Nana , Amber , Teayang
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Hyuna and her brother lived separately for a couple years until lately, her brother decided that she should move to his school so that he could watch over her. Who knew that would be a beginning to something new?

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The List

Kim Namjoo is no babe according to anyone in her tiny town school. She is not social and much less a rebel, unlike her brother Jackson. Her and her partner in crime Eunji must be noticible this time around. They must have glory and their name famous (or infamous) for ages. To make sure to get things done, Namjoo musters up a list. But is it worth relationships being tested? Feelings getting hurt? And will there be any time to ge

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CharactersNamjoo, Eunji, Suho, Hyuna, Nana, Hyomin, Krystal, Luna, Hyunseung, Joon, Woohyun, Jackson, Mark, Suga
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To The Sky -

If you had one day to hang out with your bias, would you? Suzy took advantage of this and snuck in as a regular fan.. This changes her life forever.

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Charactersbae suzy jang hyunseung yong junhyung kim hyunah
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Exchanging With My Twin Sister

  Kim Hyuna has a twin sister named, Kim HyunAe. These two twin sisters lived on different places, Hyuna is in England while Hyun Ae is in Korea, thus, leaving HyunAe alone in Korea.  One day, Kim HyunAe unexpectedly goes back to England for a 1 week vacation, suprising everyone at firs

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CharactersJang Hyunseung, Kim Hyuna, Kim HyunAe (OC)
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Love and Lies

Love and Lies An unexpected love story brought toguether again by destiny.    

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CharactersKim Hyuna, Jang Hyunseung, others.
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A Beast In Me


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CharactersHyuna Kai
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But I love you ♡ (하지만, 사랑한다)

Be ready to enter the world of stardom.  Beyond the decorative faç

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CharactersHyuna Hyunseung Junhyung Hara Beast 4Minute
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Trouble Maker

                                                   Thnx To ( We Got Fired Shop )  For The Poster .  

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CharactersHyuna , Ji Yong , BigBang , hyun seok park , park bom , Hyunseung
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My Princess

A prince comes along to marry the king's daughter. However, the daughter is not happy. There is a mysterious knight who she had her eyes on, but this knight isn't who she thinks they are.  

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The Star : A Year Holiday ( on Hiatus )

This isn't normal 'teacher and student' love story. It's more about revenge, love, friendship, betrayal and scandalous events.  EXO gets a year holiday from their agency for the successful years they had. Kris has a girlfriend that he loves so much. They are so happy together until he meets

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CharactersKris, Hyuna, EXO, Lunia
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Love Me Like You Used To

''Where're you?''I said coldy looking to my husband making out with a random girl in club. ''Emm Yujin-ah I'm here in office of cause''He answer with a fake chuckle making my tear roll down. ''Fine hurry up...I'm waiting''I end a call with a tear on my face.My beloved Husband why you alway hurt me?

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CharactersSehun Oc Kai Hyuna Exo Ukiss
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Tell Me Now

FRENCH FANFICTION Il n'y avait jamais eu de lendemain et ils ne se souvenaient que rarement d'hier, il n'y avait que la danse éternelle du soleil et de la lune s'enlaçant et se repoussant tour à tour pour laisser place à cet hier et ce lendemain dont ils ne se souciaient pas. Inspirée du mv Now par TroubleMaker, ce oneshot tente de savoir ce qui a mené Hyuna et Hyunseung dans cette caravane. Bonne lecture !

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CharactersHyuna, Hyunseung
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I Think it's Love ♥

Yo estába aburrida y la Inspiración llego: P  Es la primera vez que publico lo que escribo, así que tengan piedad de mi, jeje Es una historia sobre las chicas de 4minute. No quiero adelantar mucho... Así que... espero les guste :)

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Characters4minute: Sohyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Jihyun
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A Twist In Two Months

Kim Hyuna. She has everything she wants, friends, popularity, luxuries, loving parents and a handsome boyfriend. But one day everything she had disappeared on her life..... well maybe not all. ------------------------------------------------------------------

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CharactersHyuna ; Luhan ; Chanyeol and Yoonhae(oc) with Yixing ; Taehyung and Hyunjae(oc)
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  "The course of true love never did run smooth." William Shakespear

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CharactersKim HyunA | various other characters to come
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miss butterfingers

Hyuna isn't usually a troublemaker, but when Jihyun decides that matchmaking her with Junhyung is a good idea, Hyuna decides to take revenge. And somehow everyone is dragged into it.  (And obviously, chaos ensues.)

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Patient Zero: The Korean Pandemic

The dead have risen.   How far would you go to save yourself?

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Characters| Son Naeun | Jung Jessica | Kim Kai | Lee Min | Jung Jinyoung | Kim Hyuna | Lee Chunji | Ryu Sera |
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Another Chance at Love

"Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Fate? Do you believe in Love?"    These are the questions that usually pose difficulty to humans when they try to answer them. Some say that they believe and that they exist but others point out

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