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Boyfriend (1,631 boyfriend fanfics)

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Weekly Idol Love Affair

"If you be my star, I'll your be sky." - He's an idol, she's a host MC by Weekly Idol. They meet in a commercial way. Just what is this perturbing, alien emotion he is feeling?


By shineeleen updated
Characters main: Minwoo{boyfriend}, you, taehyung{bts},.. . sub:jimin{bts},youngkwang{boyfriend}.
With 1 chapters, 10 views

STARHIT Academy is a international school. The school have a seperate buildings,seperate gates and etc. For boys and for girls. The left is for the boys and the right is for the girls. But what if a boy became a girl? And he attended the girls high.. Ottoke?? Try reading it...

High School: Welcome to Hell

By MagesticDragon updated
Characters donghyun, jeongmin, hyunseong, minwoo, kwangmin, youngmin, ocs
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 150 views, 2 comments

Welcome to the utter hell called High School. It's dangerous place with populars picking on the weaklings. It's also a place for love...Why is the heart so confusing?

The Key For My Forgotten Past [EDITING]

By asiabbyvanilla updated
Characters Kim Haneul(OC), U-Kiss, SS501
With 16 chapters, 9 subscribers, 1150 views, 3 comments

She was pretty. They were hot. She was lost. Their talent was out there for the whole world to see. She had amnesia.

Send Me A Rainbow

By rainbowgeum_min updated
Characters Kwang Min, MinKyeong (OC)
With 33 chapters, 8 votes, 45 subscribers, 2680 views, 101 comments

"God doesn't bring anyone far He does not take them away He only gave them the ability to always be there  for the people they love, Whether they know it or not"   Life doesn't always go as planned. At a relatively young age, a couple struggled to adap

Your Second Choice

By kvteentop updated
Characters Iseul, L.joe, Jeongmin, Hanmi
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 50 views

Being best friends with a playboy isn't always easy. For Iseul she has always had a steady friendship with L.joe, helping him through his girl problems and crisises. But when a girl shows up and seduces L.joe, Iseul can't help but feel jealous and possessive. Im Iseul

When The Day Met The Night

By Ahyoungi updated
Characters Jo Kwangmin, Jo Youngmin, and the rest of Boyfriend
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 2 comments
Status Members Only

Kwangmin is from the dark and Youngmin is from the light, but they've both been caught up dreaming of a different life. Kwangmin is the Ruler of the Underworld. His kingdom is shrouded by darkness and the people of the dark worship the moon. His land is full of death and decay. The trees are bare and hollow, the sky

Serendipity: Cookies and Lollipops

By YukiOh updated
Characters OC (You), Eric Nam, Boyfriend, Hyunseong, Amber, various Idols
With 1 chapters, 50 views

S e r e n d i p i t y: good fortune, luck.   In other words: whatever lucky chance crosses your path unexpectedly.   Could be a coin lying there innocently in front of your feet or an opportunity that comes along out of nowhere or a new love in an unusual place. Sky expected neither of those (well, except for the coin thing - she has a knack for finding coin

As Long As You Don't Remember....

By LunaStyles updated
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 280 views, 7 comments

If You Have Made Mistakes, Even Serious Ones, There is Always Another Chance For YOU......   —Mary  Pickford—

Goodbye Kiss

By changtasticc updated
Characters Minwoo/you
With 1 chapters, 110 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

Short scenario with Boyfriend's No Minwoo.

Death Game

By Snowy_Blue updated
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 60 views, 1 comments

                What would you do when your siblings are in a critical situation? As the eldest you need to take action. The 2nd oldest has school fees and the youngest have a rare sickness that cost a thousand of dollars to cure. You took in many jobs to try and balance life, but when a mysterious man strikes a deal with you it may cost you your life to complete it. To complete it, you have to enter the most mysterious high school in Asia. It might look fancy and all but

SUPERSTAR | Starship Entertainment New Girl Group | STORY STARTING!

By DoubleSHINee updated
With 72 chapters, 3 votes, 112 comments


Myth and Legend(temporary title)

By pheonixgemini6 updated
Characters shinhwa beast teentop titan 100% BAP boyfriend boysrepublic btob bts ftisland girlsday HOT superjunior tARA Ukiss leeHyoRi manymanymanymore
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 100 views

Phoebie, was stranded in confusion as she saw a monster at the day that she taught would be normal. Fighting of all she can, to make the world in peace.


By cnyuuki98 updated
Characters Han Seolhyun(You), Kim Donghyun, Jo Kwangmin, Jo Youngmin, No Minwoo, Lee Jeongmin, Shim Hyunseong. etc..
With 9 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 820 views, 5 comments

The Ice Princess, that's what they call you, not because you are one but because of your cold personality despite your friendly appearance, they say your cold expressionless eyes can see right through them and judge their very soul, that was one of the reasons why they never made or tend to avoid having an eye contact with you, though some of them try to befriend you, you never ta

Blood brothers

By MelMel94 updated
With 59 chapters, 7 votes, 9920 views, 73 comments

Youngmin and Kwangmin were born twins but they abandoned at birth.They were taken in by an orphange to take care of them. At the age of 11, they both were adopted by two different families. The twins were upset of breaking apart. Who knows they could see each other again.

Love Letter scenarios ft. VIXX (OPEN)

By NUESTvip updated
Characters Leo, Hongbin, Hyuk, N, Ravi, Ken, You, Your K-Pop bias
With 65 chapters, 13 votes, 399 subscribers, 9780 views, 135 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Open | Busy | Closed   Hey there! I'm a K-Pop fan from England who loves writing. (especially fluff, angst, sad and dark stories!)

Mischief Managed || apply» OPEN » only || hogwarts!au

By silentwinter updated
Characters EXO, B.A.P, SUJU, Teen Top, Boyfriend
With 11 chapters, 4 votes, 20 comments

  "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Temporary Princess

By girly_author-nim457 updated
Characters Jo Kwangmin, Lee Yuki, the rest of Boyfriend
With 18 chapters, 11 comments

Summary       Lee Yuki has always wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become and a bodyguard for the royal family. She has lived in Japan all her life with her mother and brother, but now she's 16 she is finally moving to South Korea to persue her


By tsubasasoul updated
With 24 chapters, 11 votes, 80 subscribers, 4750 views, 125 comments

  Jeongmin is the 16 years old son of the owners of the respected Sejong Kendo Club. Hyunseong is the mysterious right hand of the captain's Kendo club.  

Just A Child

By fishykevinwoo updated
Characters Boyfriend - Kim Donghyun and No Minwoo
With 7 chapters, 7 votes, 24 subscribers, 960 views, 29 comments

Donghyun didn't think it would ever turn out to be anything more, nor had he ever hoped for it. To him, Minwoo was always, afterall, just a child.

Un stage à Séoul

By Guillou updated
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 150 views

J'ai recommencé à écrire ! J'ai encore plus d'idées désormais ! Voici donc la 2e histoire sur les Boyfriend, un groupe de musique coréen composé de 6 membres adorables :) Si vous ne les connaissez pas, il est encore temps d'aller regarder un de leurs clips sur YouTube ! Bonne lecture et n'oubliez pas de me dire ce que vous en pensez

Double-Trouble Combo X2 ☠ [editing]

By sweetcandy13 updated
Characters you and Jo Twins
With 13 chapters, 4 votes, 3780 views, 36 comments

  Lee ~~ (you), a cool chic that is very nice when other people are nice to her. She is very friendly, kind, and helpful if you are. But don't get to her bad side, she is actually hot tempered and can be very violent. This girl is mean and cold hearted when y

Living Nightmare

By moonbearpie updated
Characters Jimin, Taehyung, OC, Rocky,Jeongmin
With 1 subscribers, 40 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What would you if the nightmares you thought you could run away from and escape only followed you?   How would you feel if you learned that the people you loved the most lied about who they really are?  

Dream Emporium Graphic Request Shop [Open]

By TalviLaulu updated
Characters Everyone
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 360 views, 18 comments

Welcome to the Dream Emporium  where we hope to provide you with only the best posters for your stories as quickly as we can!    

Boyfriend Love Stories

By KpopAkiza updated
Characters Donghyun, Reader, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Hyunseong,
With 6 chapters, 3 subscribers, 220 views
Status Completed

"Reminder" It's in the *reader's* point of view. *______* is where you put YOUR name. There are kissing ;) And the stories are exaggerated