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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.



ByMadnessOfKpop updated
CharactersLee Hongki, Eun Lee (you) , Lee Joon, Seunghyun , Kim So Eun, Tiffany, ftisland
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I saw her giggled once in a while. She might not be aware of eyes surveying her. But she caught my attention. While everyone were busy with their phone nowadays, here's a girl who's immersed reading a book. I am at the VIP waiting lounge waiting for my flight to Seoul. I can't help to notice this girl seated in the corner. She sat crossed legs, a book in her hand and her earphones plugged to her ears. It means 'dont't bother me'. I knew it because that's what we usually do especially

Byprincerui updated
Characterslee Jong Hyun, CNBLUE, Lee Hongki, Uchida Atsuto, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jung Shin, Kang Min Hyuk, FTIsland, you/OC (Rei Haru)
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Cause and Effect

    In which Hongki has a plan that backfires, and Jonghun bends the situation for his own amusement.  

Bycocoabeans updated
CharactersLee Hongki | Choi Jonghun | FT Island
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It was a mistake...

another odd pairing this time my fav from rainbow oh seungah and the dandy boy from ft island choi jong hoon i have this idea for so long it just that i dunno whom i should paired with seungah then joong hoon came to help hongki in wgm thingy

Byguardedgreen updated
Charactersrainbow oh seungah ft island choi jong hoon
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FTISLAND One-shot Collection

One-shot stories using the title of the title songs of FTISLAND in their albums and singles in both Korea and Japan since their debut until present. Some of the stories will be related to the lyrics and music videos while others are not.

Bysyndz175 updated
CharactersLee Hongki/ Lee Jaejin/ Choi Jonghun/ Choi Minhwan/ Song Seunghyun/ Oh Wonbin
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Winter's Melody: Broken Strings


Byskullangellee02 updated
CharactersLee Hong Ki, Park Shin Hye, FT Island, Suzy
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FTISLAND Quotes and Jokes Collection

Corny jokes and simple quotes taken from FTISLAND's tracklists titles and lyrics in their Albums and Singles in both Korea and Japan.

Bysyndz175 updated
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"It's free to dream, but if you really want to succeed, you need to put hardwork on it and most of all faith in God." DREAM + HARDWORK + FAITH IN GOD = SUCCESS!!

Bysyndz175 updated
CharactersLee Hongki/ Lee Jaejin/ Choi Jonghoon/ Choi Minhwan and Song Seunghyun
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Snowy Spring

Kim Sarang just moved to a new school. Despite her name, Sarang (which means 'love' in Korean), she doesn't know anything about love because she's never been in love before. At her new school, Park Mina soon becomes her best friend, and she tells Sarang all about these 'insanely cute' guys that go to their school. Apparently, all the girls in the school drool over them. Lee Hongki is a cute, anti-social blonde (yeah, a

Bymylittleuusan updated
CharactersKim Sarang (first person), Park Mina, Lee Hongki, Choi Jonghun, L, Jung Yonghwa
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◢◤ RIVER PEARL ◥◣ FNC's Newest Girl Rock Band╙Apply closed╜


ByCryingjpg updated
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GOK~FNC Entertainment New Girl Group~STORY STARTING!

gok   (Girls of korea) by doubleshinee 

ByDoubleSHINee updated
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Our love is required

  Hongki is just a simple man... who want to have his happiness... he has nothing but his self...

Byulaling updated
CharactersLee Hongki .. You/Park hyun ae (a.k.a----Lee Hyun ea) Choi Jonghoon and Lee Jaejin
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Tales of Fake Love

  Lee Zoe She has never been in a relationship, and she is very shy around her new husband. She likes to tease Woohyun, but he takes it as an insult. Zoe loves to eat, but she has no idea how to cook. She is really impressed by dancing, but has never been really interested in Infinite. Her ideal is Jaejoong from JYJ/DBSK, and she is actuall

ByMusicl0ver597 updated
CharactersJ.O.Y.; Infinite; FTIsland; Jaejoong; Others that will enter as extras
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How To Cope With A Womanizer

Ladies swoon at Jonghoon's mere presence. He can masterfully lure any girl into his bed without trying. Chaeri knows this from personal experience. Why? 

Byobjectivity updated
CharactersChoi Jonghoon, Yoon Chaeri & FTISLAND
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Elemental masters

You are one of the most powerful Elemental Masters along with an other whom you and the other elemental Master (who turns out to be your best friend) are seaching for. He lives in the human world. You both started to look for him but you weren't in a hurry to find him. A couple months after you started to search a secker ( Kinda like a sidekick) told you two that the other  Elemental Master would be in great danger, so after that they have been searching for him none stop. Their not th

ByXoXLIFEXoX updated
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*Vox Amoris (Voice of Love)

When the only sound you could hear is silence, When the only memory you could recall is nothing but

Bysapphire_girl updated
CharactersD.O./Kyungsoo, Haeri (OC), Jonghun, Baekhyun, EXO, FTI
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Brought Together (Romance)

Rated: Fluff, Romance, Cute, Funny Author: The idea came by request^^ Subscribe and be my friend.^^

Byminari_j72 updated
CharactersSong Seunghyun, FTISLAND, Original Character
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Always with you

“So it Alzheimer Disease?” “All these irritations, mood swings and forgetting things are due to that disease?” "How worse could it get yoori?" “D-Death” Jung Yoori A well known psyciatrist. In fact she is one of the best doctors in the hospital Hongki's best friend since childhood. Now his girlfriend 3

ByDJCyrus updated
CharactersLee Hongki, Jung Yoori(OC), FTISLAND
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Well it's a calm and cool night, and I've been thinking of writing this fanfic for a long time. (was just too lazy to update my other stories. Soon I promise!!)  This fanfic is basically an adaptation of FT Island's Severely. I've been pretty emotional recently, and this song gets to me everytime.  I'll be telling their story, from my perspective, and I hope you readers will like it. You might want to take a look at the MV and see how the story flows: 

Byhazephoenix updated
CharactersHongki (FT Island), Seolhyun (AOA)
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married to my enemy

Sehun and Eunji grow together, They grow not as a friend but as a enemy.How can this two end to be Married?

ByAngie_ExoPink updated
CharactersSehun, Eunji, Chanyeol, Wo Bin
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Yoon Seolyoon was always quiet, reserved, a bit nerdy, and always flew under the radar. That is, until she meets new student Park Nura, a dangerous iljin who left her past behind but hasn't ditched her habit of causing trouble. With Seolyoon on her side, Nura takes it upon herself to take down the school's most popular group of students and some of Seolyoon's former tormentors - the Jonghyuns.

Bybacktoyoo updated
CharactersSeolyoon [OC], Nura [OC], Kim Jonghyun, Lee Jonghyun, JR [Nu'est], Changjo, assorted idols
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Wrong Hope

Is it still time? For your back And if I wait just few more days, will you come back to me? I trully believe in that promise that you've did to me saying that you'll come back to me Is it still time? For your back And it's all about that time when you came Please, I beg you, don't be too late to back We don't have much time to fell our love  

ByNowoohyun updated
CharactersSoHyun Seunghyun Jaejin
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