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The Reign of the Dragon

CEO Kim Jongin had it all: the brains, the looks, and most importantly, the power. But without challenges and competition, life at the top soon became boring... that is until he met Jung Aera, a stunning femme fatale who carried far too many secrets.

The perfect picture

ByVivizLimrossana updated
CharactersLuhan, Skylar(OC) and Kai
With28 chapters, 6 votes, 51 subscribers, 1920 views, 67 comments

So how should this story really start? Well Skyla and Kai have a past together, they have been together for 2 years and was about to marry until Skyla's old lover Luhan came back into her life. Not only that Skyla have a son

Princess Luhan

ByWoobinandleejongsuk updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Lu Han
With3 subscribers, 20 views

One day Luhan moved away from his home with his family. In his first two days of attending school, Sehun the very well known rich kid, found Luhan crying inside the restroom near the sink. The deer wasn't a friend of Sehun, he was simply his classmate and nothing more. Sehun moved a little further close to the other boy. "Luhan?" The blond asked, not very sure of the other's identity. Luhan looked up while sniffing slightly, he didn't say anything rather than staring at the other with his big

Our Happiness

ByLoVeKpOp2 updated
CharactersLuhan II Seohyun II Kris II Yoona
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 190 views, 6 comments
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Have you ever thought about Your Happiness ?  Did you ever think it would be perfect? Well,Mine isn't,Or at least I think so... this is OUR Story.... What Happends if it isn't as I Wanted?  If I marry the guy I don't even love? And lost the one I loved.. My Sacrifices,His Sacrifices ,OUR Sacrifices

Strictly Professional

Bymisskalia16 updated
CharactersSora (OC), Bora (OC), Luhan (Exo), Mark (Got7)
With1 chapters, 14 votes, 9 comments
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The Han Family owns the hottest magazine company. The older daughter Sora is the Chief Editor while the younger daughter Bora is the assistant editor. Bora was given her position because she was the baby of the family with her Associate’s Degree. Sora, on the other hand has graduated with her Master’s and is continuing to achieve her Doctoral. When the girls were young they had different dreams from where they are

Blue anTHəm

Bypistaseung updated
Characterswendy irene seulgi joy luhan kyungsoo
With9 chapters, 4 votes, 63 subscribers, 730 views, 13 comments
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Son Wendy strives to search for Happiness but what happens when she listens to the heartless KyungSoo?

Loving You Secretly

BySongMinRi_29 updated
CharactersChorong | Luhan | Suho | Other minor characters
With6 chapters, 6 votes, 5 comments

The friendship was the happiest thing to Chorong, But what will happen when Chorong knew that Luhan, The only person she believes is actually, Loving her secretly...

Compelled to Love

ByEvilDeerPrincess updated
CharactersLuhan, Mirae(OC), Kai, Mi Song(OC), Sehun, Kris, Tao and Taemin
With38 chapters, 25 votes, 186 comments
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Although Mirae would have wanted nothing else but help her best friend find her true love within Mirae’s older brother, her own problems present themselves in form of a handsome, smirking Chinese boy. He’s alluring, smart, and definitely any girl’s dream. But when Mirae learns that this godlike guy not only is a transfer student but also her future husband, she

Luhan (One Shot)

ByK_Senpaixx updated
CharactersLuhan & You
With10 views
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Scene: You're playing video games in your room. Suddenly you get a gamers request to play this zombie game, you weren't really into zombie games but figured you'd give it a try. There's teams of two and sadly your friend didn't request you as his partner.  I can't believe him! I have no idea what I'm doing! I turned my mic on.  "Dude what the hell? I don't know how to play this game. Who's my partner?"  "Sorry, I didn't pick you because you don't have any experien


ByShin_HaeMoon updated
CharactersAlana {{OC}}, Luhan, Others.
With17 chapters, 8 votes, 700 views, 11 comments

A story that took place in the early 1940s, A story that portrays a pure and respected love between two young people of different races,

EXO's LUHAN: Super FLUFF Master

ByJPSalas updated
CharactersLuhan, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun
With5 chapters, 8 votes, 84 subscribers, 890 views, 10 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

This is a Xiuhan fanfic, narrated by the beautiful Luhan himself. "Yo, it's a romantic comedy and junk. Like Pretty Woman, without the woman and way more pretty." -Chanyeol  

The Secret Admirer

ByRoyalDream updated
CharactersKrystal || Kai || Taemin || Luhan || Sulli
With15 chapters, 6 votes, 60 subscribers, 2190 views, 42 comments

  Jung SooJung is a second year university student in Seoul, who always had bad luck with men. She hoped to find the love of her life in university, but as summer is coming closer, she starts giving up on hope. That is, until she gets a letter from anonymous person. Just with that one letter, her love life is turned upside down. So, who wrote that letter?

Detective Sehun

ByXiaohannKun updated
CharactersSehun Luhan HunHan
With12 chapters, 3 votes, 25 subscribers, 660 views, 5 comments

"Sehun, where are you going ?" Luhan said with a worried face towards Sehun. "Don't worry Luhan, I'll be right back wait for me !" With those words Sehun started running in the darkness of the amusement park leaving Luhan speechless with his juice in his hands.

Missing You

Bytheglace updated
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Title : Missing You Pairing : krishan; krislu (krisxluhan) Rating : PG Genre : angst  Warning(s) : un-beta-ed; grammatical errors Summary :  (to be added later) Disclaimer : I own nothing; they belong to themselves. I don't own the pictures. All credits go to real owner. Words Count : (still counting)

Midnight Stories

Bylanlan88 updated
CharactersSeo Joohyun and Xi Luhan with Yoona and Taeyeon
With1 chapters, 14 votes, 41 subscribers, 380 views, 11 comments

A teenage boy falls in love with a cold-hearted girl but everything goes wrong when they find out about each other's family.             Characters :    

Not What I Expected

ByRainbowCookie updated
CharactersZhang Yixing, Lu Han
With1 votes, 4 subscribers, 20 views, 1 comments

A high Yixing meets this really nice girl in a club.


ByAlieaa updated
CharactersEXO Chanyeol Baekhyun Kyungsoo
With22 chapters, 6 votes, 47 subscribers, 1240 views, 41 comments

Pelik betul kawan aku ni. Kalau ajak keluar makan dinner mesti dia reject. Ajak keluar lepak waktu malam pun dia reject. Asalkan nak buat benda yang melibatkan waktu malam,konfem dia reject. Dia cakap yang dia takut bulan. Pelik bukan? Macam-macam aku buat untuk buat dia keluar daripada rumah tu. . Sampailah satu hari. . Baru aku faham kenapa dia takut bulan.

Loving Unconditionally

Byishipluseja updated
Charactersluhan, oc
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 50 views, 2 comments

In which Luhan is the enthusiastic boyfriend and Arielle is the babysitter.

Like a Diamond

Bynekoppi updated
With15 chapters, 26 votes, 129 subscribers, 175 comments

.   ‘And now I pronounce you Husband and Wife…’   .  

The search for him

Byfeelinglumpy updated
CharactersAilee (OC), Sehun, others
With5 chapters, 3 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments

Ailee and Sehun have been the best of friends ever since they were little. Sehun would always be there for Ailee and vice versa. They would never miss a day to spend with each other. They never got tired of it. So yeah they were really close. Especially for Ailee, since she didn't have any other friends.  

adam's apple

ByStargaz3r updated
CharactersLuhan, Haneum and Jang SooBi (OC)
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 40 views, 1 comments


When Idol Little Sister Meet An Idol

ByShiningSHINeExo updated
CharactersGrace Min (Choi Min Ae), Luhan, EXO,
With35 chapters, 4 votes, 86 subscribers, 2450 views, 44 comments

Grace Min is born and live in London. But,she's from Korea. Her parents and all of her relatives is Korean. Her mother born her while her family is on trip to London. Her parents doesn't have choice to born her in London. After her mother born Grace, she have to left her in orphanage, because she's too young for rode a plane. After that she live alone in London till she was 15. Before she's graduate, her mother tell Grace to

Can´t I love you

ByKpopfreak971108 updated
CharactersLuhan Kris Krishan KrisLu exo
With27 chapters, 12 votes, 142 subscribers, 7640 views, 131 comments

  Two people from different countries, who were raised in a different way, experienced a different kind of hardship -               but share the same pain.

Hello, Luhan!

Byschandelierre updated
CharactersLuhan | Kyungsoo | Yixing | Baekhyun | Jongdae | Joonmyeon | Sehun | Minho | other idols
With1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 1 comments

"Hello, everyone! My name is Luhan! I am a 5 grader! I live with my my loving father, nagging but lovely mother, and snobbish but attentive dongsaeng. My best friends are Jongdae and Joonmyeon. Every day in my life, I find fun things to do with people I love.


ByNubci4 updated
CharactersYoora (OC), Luhan, Kris, Naeun
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 22 subscribers, 330 views, 12 comments

     There is always that story where a girl has two different guys in her life: a bad guy and a nice guy. She always ends up falling for the bad guy who doesn't even like her, and she pushes