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Mine For A While (Taehyung, Jin & OC, plus BTS faves)

It’s hard to be in love with a boy who only likes you as a friend. When Jin falls for the most popular girl in school, Tanya’s world flipped. Devastated, she asks the help of a gorgeous stranger named V to aid her broken heart and redeem her self-esteem.

★ EXO Macros ★

By galaxy_yifan Updated
Characters EXO
With 679 chapters, 163 votes, 66370 views, 1989 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Looking for funny macros of your favorite kpop group, EXO?  Then should I say that you have clicked on the right fic? Prepare to lau


By Chloe95 Updated
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo; Jongin & Sehun
With 9 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 310 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When the rest of the world told Chanyeol that the person he loved the most was gone, he didn't know who or what to believe anymore. He couldn't decide which was real and which was not. But he wanted to believe that he was right. A part of him was sure that this was only a nightmare. Or was it?

don't let me go.

By earlgrey_ Updated
Characters Baekhyun, Hyunjoo (OC)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 40 subscribers, 280 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Three long years.    They had started out on the wrong foot, and Baekhyun had been stubborn and persistent in making things right.    But it's been three years…   


By Black_Cigarette Updated
Characters Kai, OC
With 29 chapters, 76 subscribers, 900 views, 13 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Him. Her. One apartment. They're best friends. Or are they ? Tension between them, without saying anything they decided to push the other to the limits.

Chained Up

By Baekhyun48 Updated
With 14 chapters, 4 votes, 41 subscribers, 960 views, 14 comments

    I'm chained up in this dark world...  Blinded from the light Hidden from everything that's beautiful....

Into Your World (너의 세상으로) | Rewriting

By pawlinne17 Updated
Characters Park Chanyeol, Jong Eunhye(OC), EXO-K, EXO-M
With 15 chapters, 2 votes, 50 subscribers, 1880 views, 13 comments
Status Completed

Dating an idol was hard. It was even harder to date an idol with a name as big as EXO. Eunhye would say she never wanted to fall for him, but maybe she never really tried hard enough not to. He had always been that celebrity for her, someone to see on the tv, on the computer screen, on posters, in her playlist, in her dreams and fantasies. For some absurd twist of fate, a small job offer, an ex's wedding and eight months after getting stuck in Seoul, Park Chanyeol became her dreamlike rea

The Somebody

By kyuxosm Updated
Characters kris suho krisho joonmyeon wuyifan
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 67 subscribers, 2830 views, 17 comments
Status Completed

School rooftop is a place where Joonmyeon think only he does know. But he is wrong.

Living with the Kings

By assbuttbaek Updated
Characters EXO K, BaekHyun, SeHun, ChanYeol, SuHo, Kyungsoo, Kai
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 49 subscribers, 450 views, 6 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Changing your school is already hard. But those 6 boys make it even harder than it already was.

Cocky yet cute

By hoeforjungkook Updated
Characters Kim Jongin Lee Sohyun
With 11 chapters, 1 votes, 43 subscribers, 920 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Education means more than anything to Sohyun but she is willing to fight for her rights. What happens when all her plans are ruined by a certain blond haired boy? Start Date ~  August 24th 2016 End date ~ Ongoing  

✖ EXO Stories Recommendation ✖

By AhRa92 Updated
Characters EXO
With 258 chapters, 36 votes, 815 subscribers, 12460 views, 83 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Only accepting EXO Stories   *I recommend those EXO Stories that I've read before but you can also... Comment your recommendations with this form:  Title: Author:  Genre:  Pairing:  Summary:  Requested by: (optional) Link: 

When you sleep

By dannyya Updated
Characters EXO-K, Jung Hana (OC)
With 6 chapters, 6 subscribers, 170 views, 2 comments

"I will be there whenever you close your eyes." "What if one day you disappear?" "I won't if you stay unawake."

Our Mates [Previously, My Mate]

By Nubci4 Updated
Characters EXO-K, ocs
With 7 chapters, 81 votes, 10910 views, 129 comments

In which EXO-K meets their mates for the first time.    "Can I your ankle?" - Kyungsoo


By abyssalromance Updated
Characters Kyungsoo, OC
With 8 chapters, 10 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments

Alone. Do Kyungsoo preferred it this way. After losing his daughter and coming so close to losing his own life as a result of his attempts to escape the chains of his past, he vowed that he would never involve anyone in his dangerous lifestyle again. However, after a while of tailing Choi Jooyoung, the man who stole everything from him, he's forced to break his promise to himself in order to save the life of a

You are Special

By KoalasRULE25 Updated
Characters Exo M, some of Exo K, Teukbyeolhan, and some OC
With 38 chapters, 4 votes, 37 subscribers, 3040 views, 45 comments

Autism. Autism is a disorder thatt impares social interaction or communcation with others. Whether it be speech, brain comprehention, or restricted/ repetitive behavior. Savant syndrom aka Idiot savants are people who have a natural talent of that of a prodigy which is considered unnatural with their handicaps.

Exo Kai Fanfic recommedation (Only Happy Ending )

By Xualyxdoris Updated
Characters Kai/You/OC
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

I like stories with happy ending No angst , no oneshot & no sad ending Mostly it's fluff  but not all of them    Enjoy !!!!

First class of the day

By Creepin-on-idols Updated
Characters baekhyun,chanyeol,oc
With 9 chapters, 1 subscribers

what happens when three teens meet in a newspaper class? A lot of misunderstanding , a lot of love complications and a lot of journalism.  Baekhyun  " I just want my old newspaper classmates back" Soojae " I prepared for this school year all summer and you ruined it all in one breath" Milo "once I get my hands on Kai. He.is.dead.meat. Double breaded,Double fried."

`FairyTales` Are Long Lived

By Rinacchi Updated
Characters Kris, Chen, ChanYeol, Suho, Xiumin, Tao, D.O., Sehun, Lay, BaekHyun, Luhan, Kai and SangMi/OC
With 38 chapters, 31 votes, 516 subscribers, 15610 views, 181 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Never once did I believe in any supernatural. Ghosts never scared me, and haunted houses brought a bubble of laugh up to my lips. To me- all concerning unnatural seemed suspiciously funny, and people often believed this was the weird trait about me. But what could I do? Mommy never told me any `Fairy Tales`. Princes on White Horses

Reminiscing The Past (Prequel to Principal Kim)

By Czelle_Khoury Updated
With 21 chapters, 10 votes, 5690 views, 96 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

To dwell in the past Has been a daily routine for Minjae, Reminscing her moments when she was once a Young girl who does'nt have a clue in the world around her. Smiling to herself, she found herself thinking about the Times during her High School years. The years which made her vulnerable but stronger.  Chuckling lightly to herself, Minjae looks at the Boquet of flowers in her hands while wearing her Beautiful Wedding Dress. Here she is, about to be married to the man of her Dreams in

Ignorance Is A Luhan

By Cherry333 Updated
Characters You, Luhan, Lay, EXO-M, EXO-K, OCs
With 30 chapters, 40 votes, 688 subscribers, 13860 views, 192 comments

   Ignorance Is A Luhan  

Taming the Beast

By exoism Updated
Characters Chen, Park Ryuwon (OC)
With 46 chapters, 715 votes, 138730 views, 2381 comments
Status Members Only

                   12 genetically-altered men | engineered for military-purposes