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Think Outside The Dome

In a dystopian world where Oh Sehun believes nothing to exist outside his dome-covered city, banishment is certain death. However, when promised a radioactive wasteland of mutants and sudden death Sehun is relieved to find there is more to the Earth than

Blood of Seiryuu

By SeoJooRi Updated
Characters EXO x OC (Yoon Sena)
With 29 chapters, 3 votes, 100 subscribers, 640 views, 17 comments

"I love you too, but my time with you has passed." - Garth Nix, Abhorsen

All My Idols

By Missnkm Updated
Characters You BigBang Other Idols
With 16 chapters, 5 votes, 57 subscribers, 1410 views, 29 comments

Twenty-two year old, Charlotte Quinn has decided, on a whim, to up and move to Korea. She has a good idea of the culture and knows the language well, and can’t deny her love of kpop. So when she runs into big bang at the airport on her way to her new home she doesn’t know what to do. Somehow she ends up befriending them and is lead into a whole new world of idols. She doesn’t know what to do when she sees all of her favorite idols in person and is even more thrown off when they want to befrie

I'm Sorry We Love You

By facelessauthor Updated
Characters Lee Jangmi/OC, EXO
With 4 chapters, 21 votes, 192 subscribers, 2860 views, 22 comments

In a world where having more than one lover is normal, Lee Jangmi is in love with the most notorious gang known to mankind...and they're infatuated with her as well.    A little story inspired by the idea of having more than one love.  In this story, the OC is in love with all 12 of EXO, including Kris and Luhan and Tao, and all of them love the OC. EXO started off with 12 and to me, the three who left will always be EXO.   

The Gamer Girl

By MarioNe Updated
Characters Lee Bi An (OC) | EXO-K and EXO-M (OT12)
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 4 comments

"Hey," Kyungsoo’s brown wide eyes and black hair reminded her of his modesty. It was just like him to do that and not make any changes to his physical appearance. "Bi An, what are you doing here? Are you interested in VRs too?" "Who? You have the wrong person," The girl in front of him slowly backed up, but lamely stopped in her track when her back hit a tree. Kyungsoo showed the slightest hint of a smirk.


By ToxicFairydust Updated
Characters CL, BTS
With 2 chapters, 13 subscribers, 180 views, 3 comments

Reclaimed AU: BTS Vampire Fic.  Warning: (Somewhat) gory images and scenes. Lee Chaerin was never somebody who relied on others, it just wasn't in her

The green eyed wolf

By Muniere Updated
Characters Exo ot12 Oc
With 10 chapters, 4 votes, 133 subscribers, 1850 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Choi Sung Mi (you), was a normal girl. At least that’s what she thought while she still lived in America. She had to move back to her home country Korea, because of the death of her parents. She couldn’t remember anything about her parents and what happened to them. She could only remember her name. In Korea, she soon notices that something, she thought was normal, was actually really odd. She starts to get afraid of people and of what they think about her. Stares f


By dodolens Updated
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 64 subscribers, 1150 views, 13 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Searching for their mate for about 150 years....they never gave up.... so they started searching on earth....disguised as kpop group.... .will they find her.... will she accept them..?! She is a konglish girl.....being so smart at the age of 8 is incredible to anyone but not for her....her mom died when she was 10 years.....but it was a mystery.....will she discover the

Protect Me From What I Want

By exoexoexoexoexoexo Updated
Characters EXO, Luciana (OC)
With 15 chapters, 13 votes, 256 subscribers, 33 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When Luciana's kingdom is taken over by the Empire, her father killed in front of her eyes, and she is betrayed by the only person who ever cared about her, her only question is why was she allowed to live. Not only is she one of the only royal family members spared, she is transported to the Empress's royal palace, where she is to follow every order the twelve imperial princes give her.  However, the princes aren't

The Dragon Heiress

By SeoJooRi Updated
Characters EXO x OC (Yoon Sena)
With 50 chapters, 19 votes, 251 subscribers, 8130 views, 139 comments
Status Completed

  BOOK 2: Blood of Seiryuu How do you fall in love with someone you can't trust?

Take Her Away

By Faiznur Updated
Characters Wen Hani (OC), EXO, S.COUPS, Jun, SEVENTEEN, KARA, Others
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 101 subscribers, 1210 views, 14 comments
Status Subscribers Only

“If you want something in life you have to take it, before someone els

This isn't a Fairy tale!

By yuuki12 Updated
Characters Lee JooYeon, BTS
With 16 chapters, 7 votes, 196 subscribers, 2890 views, 44 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  In which Little Red Riding Hood wandering alone in the woods when she ran away from the torture of her Evil step mother and half sister, wondering if her ever m

The Exchange

By rectangular_smile Updated
Characters Lee sora (OC), Exo
With 46 chapters, 329 votes, 3577 subscribers, 94400 views, 2571 comments
Status Subscribers Only

It was a hell life to her, having to do everything just because she wasn't like them. She practically lives with them though; has the same blood running in her veins. She even has the same face features! the hair, the height, the look, everything! except that she was not special; she was powerless, and she hated that. In a legendary world where people obtained the powers and the demons of an animals, she was the whimpering prey everyone attacked; ev

Flower Boy Tea Time

By ExoLuver_ARMY Updated
Characters EXO- K | Park Ji Eun (OC)
With 7 chapters, 9 votes, 188 subscribers, 2040 views, 51 comments
Status Subscribers Only

It was pouring that night and the six boys were stuck in the rain with no clue of where they are. Until, they stumbled upon a warm cafe. With no other choice, they ran to the two story house and barged inside, only to surprise a girl who just so happens to live and run the sweet tea house. Being wet, cold and lost, Park Ji Eun allowed them to clean up and stay for the night upstairs, which is where she settles in her everyday life. Little did she know that the boys were smitten over h

EXO&You; Recommendation List

By KittyV Updated
Characters EXO, You
With 101 chapters, 41 votes, 738 subscribers, 41190 views, 158 comments

A list of fanfics starring EXO and you~  So like most of the fanfics will end up with you dating all of them. And all the fanfics that I recommend is having all 12 members. A small warning: Some of the fanfics may be Rated M. I'll put it in the status above so you better check it unless you're fine with reading Rated M stories. Oh ya, some of the stories may only star EXO-K or EXO-M so some of the stories will only 6/12 people.   

What's rightfully hers

By rectangular_smile Updated
Characters Exo-K, Kim Nari (OC), Nam Suzy (OC)
With 10 chapters, 51 votes, 551 subscribers, 9310 views, 264 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  In which Kim Nari finds out her partners in life already mated with a wimpy vampire, who hates chicken and eat only salad; she is bound to get them all back to her even if it required her blood loss.   She is so sure something is off with their supposed-to-be vampire mate.  


By MuhLoveyMewy Updated
Characters OC EXO TVXQ Got7 Girl's Day
With 16 chapters, 10 votes, 111 subscribers, 2550 views, 79 comments

Lee Hwami is a 18 year old Guardian who has the most amazing skills. Combat, Defense, her power, all of those, she was amazing at it. She finished her training and already became a full fledged Guardian. She already went on so many missions, but then, the hardest mission was given to her... To be sent back to Albus Alarum High Scho

Kim Minseok has a sister?!

By PopMeaLlama Updated
Characters Amber ❤ EXO ❤ other k-idols
With 5 chapters, 19 votes, 6450 views, 98 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

    This story

But What Do You Mean You're A Girl

By paintmyskies Updated
Characters OC, Exo
With 23 chapters, 13 votes, 430 subscribers, 7140 views, 110 comments
Status Subscribers Only

In which Exo finds out the one that has been stealing all their fangirls is... a girl? But she looks like a guy?

Until I Met Them

By valentinexoxo Updated
Characters Kim Hyori (OC) EXO
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 127 subscribers, 25 comments
Status Subscribers Only

She was always smiling. Always. But underneath those smiles are lies and pain. Betrayed and hurt. She couldn’t let herself trust prople anymore.She is smiling. Yes, she is. But she shut everyone out and everyone shunned her. However once you get to know her she's really funny and sarcastic. Knows how to fight. Her motto - 'This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.' Each of them having their own stories they stuck together. Their relationship were closer than brother and have a

If You Are The One...

By MyIceGirl Updated
Characters Ice ( You, OC ), EXO and Ahra
With 21 chapters, 9 votes, 403 subscribers, 5830 views, 82 comments

     [CONTENTID1]  If You Are The One... [/CONTENTID1]   [CONTENTID2] Everyone has their own Happily ever after in their own Fairytale, all of us have their 


By Fluttiettootie Updated
Characters You(Y/N), EXO
With 8 chapters, 16 votes, 274 subscribers, 6020 views, 65 comments

There is a natorious gang in the Seoul. They are the most visious, and they are all still in high school. The reason behind there power is that they are Werewolves high up in there society. Each of them has a power, and that is only passed down through pureblood werewolves, and with the 12 of them being the last purebloods they are the only werewolves known to have powers. Though one day you walk into there

Leading the wolves

By safe-haven01 Updated
Characters Yoonmi (O.C) || Jaejoong || Luhan || Lay || Jungkook || Vernon || Jongup || TroubleMaker ||
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 57 subscribers, 910 views, 4 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Yoonmi and her friends- or now ex-best friends, Hyuna and Hyungseung, are always arguing. Hyungseung always says Yoonmi is always running from her problems. But really she doesn't, instead she knows when to back away. One day she got sick of Troublemaker telling her all of this and told them "Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading them." Little does she know that Hyuna knows a wolf pack. The next day she throws Yoonmi to the six wolves: Jaejoong, Luhan, Lay, Jungk

The Monster In Me

By kpopobsessed07 Updated
Characters EXO, Kyungmi (OC), minor OC's
With 13 chapters, 47 votes, 460 subscribers, 9270 views, 118 comments
Status Members Only

People say that my power is a gift. But to me, it feels more like a curse. I was born with a power I didn't know about,but not until I was suddenly transferred to a high school I didn't know existed.           

Keabadian yang Rapuh

By riku20892 Updated
Characters Lariena Lara Clarence (OC), EXO-M, EXO-K, Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, Tao, Kai, Sehun
With 44 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 1450 views, 12 comments

Apakah kau percaya dengan yang namanya Reinkarnasi? Terlahir kembali menjadi sesuatu yang sama sekali berbeda atau sama sekali persis dengan dirimu pada masa yang lalu. Well, percayalah. Karena beberapa hal masa lalu mungkin terulang kembali. Seperti nenek moyang yang menurunkan sifat genetis yang sama dan membuat sejarah terulang

EXO Fanfiction Collection For You

By Asekti Updated
Characters EXO OC
With 378 chapters, 13 votes, 1081 subscribers, 14770 views, 43 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hello EXO fanfiction lovers! I am decided for sharing the whole my list EXO FANFICTION to you. So feel free for check it and if you interest, you can recommendation other exo fanfiction to me. I will trying for update if i find another or new of Exo Fanfict