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Tiffany (6,475 tiffany fanfics)

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Myosotis - A Single Day

Everyday, Son Eunseo would receive a bouquet of forget-me-nots from a mysterious sender. Everyday, the florist, Lee Kwangsoo, would refuse to give her any clue about the mysterious customer.

Beyond your Imagination

By tiffanysshi updated
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 28 subscribers, 670 views, 16 comments

 Out of all those bad, hot, flawless girls out there, why choose the innocent and plain one?   For a type of boy like you, why choose me? 

Enamorada De Mi Maestra

By Your_Fanfic_Site updated
Characters Taeyeon Tiffany TaeNy Spanish
With 27 chapters, 32 votes, 607 subscribers, 206 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hola :D Regresé! Ahora regresé con una pequeña historia TaeNy ♥ Espero que sea de su agrado, Disfrútenla!! Los Amo! ♥  Nos vemos pronto! :)  

My Beautiful Goddess

By Genskye updated
Characters tiffany you taeyeon
With 14 chapters, 9 votes, 14 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jaden Jaeyeon Lee: The youngest CEO of Blue Empire. Jaden took over her fathers chair as soon as he stepped down as CEO and felt that Jaden was  ready despite her young age. Jaden overall is a very quiet person as all of the workers know her as besides anything work relatedshe doesn't interact with anybody else besides her Bestfriend Taeyeon Kim.

My Boyfriend's Sister

By slick updated
Characters Tiffany || Taeyeon || Baekhyun || Sehun
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 63 subscribers, 7 comments
Status Members Only

Her light brown hair is beautiful. Her cute eye smile gets me every time. Her personality is great. Her voice makes my heart beat faster than it should. Taeyeon is just perfection to me. Wait, no, it should be Baekhyun that's perfection to me. NOT HER.


By Inspiration updated
Characters Choi Seunghyun, Hwang Miyoung (Tiffany), Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Kwon Ji Yong, Kim Tae Yeon, SNSD
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 58 subscribers, 1260 views, 16 comments

Two individuals who were never meant to be together. Two individuals who always were.

10 Dias Para T (Adapt. TaeNy)

By TaetaeNyKimHwang updated
Characters taeny taeyeon tiffany nichkhun others
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 53 subscribers, 640 views, 13 comments

Tiffany Hwang, hija de un magnate bostoniano de la construcción, decide viajar a Nueva York justo diez días antes de su boda a pesar de la oposición familiar. Quiere visitar a su prima Cate, lesbiana y alejada de ella desde la adolescencia, pero no sabe que bajarse del tren en Penn Station hará que su vida comience a perder sentido... O tal vez empiece a tenerlo de verdad.     Una serie de acontecimientos hará que Tiffany descubra un mundo diferente a causa del cual tendrá que replant


By MyHeaven updated
Characters Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang (MAIN) Kim Taeyeon,Seo Joohyun/Seohyun, Kwon Yuri plus more (supporting roles)
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 71 subscribers, 9 comments

In a world that focuses on youth and beauty, Jessica knew she had never feared love. She had seen the world and done it all, no fears and no regrets. She didn't fear love one bit, but she feared the future of it. Who would love her when her beauty faded to wrinkled skin and bad bones? When her young soul would turn into nothing but dust?

Midnight Random

By imakestories updated
Characters Tiffany Hyomin
With 11 chapters, 7 votes, 22 subscribers, 750 views, 49 comments
Status Completed

A very random thought + midnight + stars + roof + .... ninja??? started as a ranom thought has now become a collaboration with browtogs09 who full of brilliant ideas and generous enough to share them to me and let me use them. (so you know who to run to if you are looking for ideas ;) hehe) 


By Francean updated
Characters Jessica Tiffany Jeti
With 5 chapters, 52 subscribers, 670 views, 5 comments

My life isn't the best but I got over it and live "better" and "happier" now. I may have a smoking problem, well that's what people say. I disagree. I think it's normal to have a smoke every once in a while. It is a bad habit but it makes me relaxed and happy. But who knew something , or shall I say someone, replaced it. ~ ~ ~ 

of innocent eyes and radiant smiles

By cottoncandysky updated
Characters Stephan Hwang, Jessica Jung & Krystal Jung
With 3 chapters, 40 votes, 198 subscribers, 35 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  He is the innocent boy whom they always tortured. And she is the princess who grew up painting smiles and mending broken hearts.


By sogheiz updated
Characters yoona tiffany jessica taeyeon kyungsoo snsd exo
With 30 chapters, 8 votes, 180 subscribers, 4190 views, 71 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

She is disastified with her body.   Her narrow shoulder.   Her skinny face with weak jawline.   Her small waist with wide hipbone.   Her slender body, her thigh gap.   Pointy finger, sleek hair.   She had cut her hair short, dress up as a boy, with those cap and sneakers, but somehow people could rocognize the features was belongs to a girl, not a boy.

Blind Ties

By erudite updated
Characters Ok Taecyeon, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Im Yoona & Tiffany Hwang
With 23 chapters, 22 votes, 291 subscribers, 6460 views, 255 comments
Status Subscribers Only

A broken bond  left Taecyeon miserably devastated and kept himself hidden for years. But now, he found what he was looking for. There were only two things that would be conflicting. One was revenge, and the other was love.    Cast

Fated to love you

By anfalfluffy updated
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 140 subscribers, 930 views, 13 comments
Status Subscribers Only

An old crush return to your life and make you fall in love again 

Unscripted Love

By taenygoo updated
With 7 chapters, 56 votes, 349 subscribers, 4780 views, 71 comments

When Taeyeon and Tiffany are the main leads to a Korean drama about teen love. In front of the camera, they're lovey dovey. Off camera, they are each other's worst enemies. 

Hold it in

By kh4nhl3 updated
Characters Nichkhun, Tiffany, Jessica, Taecyeon, Wooyoung
With 14 chapters, 14 subscribers, 650 views, 10 comments

He has a girlfriend. She also has a boyfriend. His girlfriend is her bestfriend. This story of friendship and relationship will be unfolded. And it won't be pretty. From mistakes to mistakes, confusion to uncertainty, sometimes, they just simply don't know where to go. Lost. The devil of it all.

After it All

By SsweetDisposition updated
Characters Jessica, Tiffany, Alex and Avery (OC), and others
With 74 chapters, 16 votes, 144 subscribers, 11890 views, 125 comments
Status Completed

So, some of you thought it would be great to write one shots based on the characters from my other story, My Teacher. So here it is. :)

Blindly in Love

By lilythesone updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Mark, Nichkhun
With 8 chapters, 11 votes, 299 subscribers, 3370 views, 32 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"No! I am never coming back!" Taeyeon yelled as she ran out into the cold night of Seoul, holding in her tears. Taeyeon Kim, a girl who's looking for a place to stay-- or better yet, money to live on her own. She finds a job, a job she never imagined a girl like her would be at. A nightclub. It was one of the hottest clubs in the city, owned by Tiffany Hwang, a girl that any guy would love to date.


By happysleeper updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, SNSD and more.
With 11 chapters, 117 votes, 998 subscribers, 26620 views, 312 comments

Taeyeon, a high school senior, captures the attention of the world famous Tiffany Hwang. The only problem is that Taeyeon dislikes the very idea of idols all together...   What will happen when Tiffany continues to pursue the girl that wants absolutely nothing to do with her? Chaos? Friendship? Love?

Let Me Love You

By eden_ss updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona, Hyoyeon, other celebrities, fictional characters
With 38 chapters, 52 votes, 396 subscribers, 15950 views, 306 comments
Status Completed

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." ― Confucius "Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other." ― Rainer Maria Rilke "Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle,

The Thirty Year Promise

By feefaifoefangirl updated
Characters Taeyeon + Tiffany
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 36 subscribers, 600 views, 6 comments
Status Completed

Best friends Taeyeon and Tiffany reunite on the adult world after their separation in high school. Feelings blow, and a promise is made. Another session comes, and the promise is changed. The Thirty Year Promise comes to light in a satisfied result.

Losing to the Heat

By itsakyo updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany
With 72 chapters, 138 votes, 782 subscribers, 40490 views, 565 comments
Status Completed

a TaeNy & YulSic race to the finish -

My Idol life....

By sean12 updated
Characters Sean Michael(OC) , Jessica Jung , Tiffany Hwang
With 5 chapters, 4 votes, 37 subscribers, 670 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Your life as a K-POP Idol.             *Important*  -If your story is almost the same as me, I might have read your story and took some ideas and put them into this story...So, If you're sad or angry or piss off, just e mail me and I change or even delete thi

Because of You

By Hawkelion updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Lee Joon, Taeyeon's Family, etc
With 25 chapters, 25 votes, 227 subscribers, 7890 views, 143 comments

Taeyeon has an epiphany that could change her and her best friends life forever. Unfortunately for her, time seems to be working against her and the love of her life if swept off her feet by someone else. Can she fix things, or will she be forced to live her life regretting never making a move?


By ayuhwang updated
Characters Siwon//tiffany//kim hyun joong
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 30 views
Status Subscribers Only

"Who are You???" dan lelaki itu hanya akan tersenyum, menatapmu dengan senyuman tampan dan penuh cinta    

How Do You Choose One?

Characters Tiffany, up10tion, teen top minor, seventeen minor
With 25 chapters, 7 votes, 94 subscribers, 1670 views, 36 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Have you ever thought that a few people would effect your life so much? Have you e