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Chanbaek (5,942 chanbaek fanfics)

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In a world where Catchers catch one power, Lee Chan happens to catch two. The government is looking for him, but they are not the only ones.

[ Blank Expression ]

By LeoMichaelis updated
With 6 chapters, 8 subscribers, 270 views, 5 comments

Park Chanyeol is a guy who seeks for the thrill in life blindly. One early morning just one face shifts his whole life upside down. A small face with delicate features, and tongue as a snake, Byun Baekhyun takes Chanyeol's hand violently and leads him through love,lust,trouble and adventure in one single breath. Can Chanyeol keep up?

You're Cute When You're Grumpy

By RoseRadiance updated
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Exo
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 32 subscribers, 830 views, 4 comments

Exo finally went on a little vacation in the mountain. Everything was going well untill one "idiot" decided to ignore Baekhyun and like this,accidently....make him jelous. Bakehyun's revenge was being grumpy all day. So the "idiot" had to take drastic measures...

I's Life is Sweetly

By custardbun updated
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 88 subscribers, 790 views, 23 comments

  I's Life is Sweetly chanbaek   gross fluff; mpreg; romance; bestfriends!au; elves!ChanBaek;

Beauty and the…beast?

By WeAreOne_exo12 updated
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, other members from Exo.
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 50 views

Where Baekhyun is the beauty and Chanyeol is the beast. How will this turn out?

Hey, You're Bitter. And You Know What I Don't Like? Sweets.

Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, other exo members
With 1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 70 views

Chanyeol finally, finally, gets up to talk to his crush. Byun Baekhyun, who is, for you information is salty or bitter as you may say. But the first thing Chanyeol says to Baekhyun is a pick up line, a flirt, or whatever you may call it. And you know what? Chanyeol doesn't regret it in the least. Neither does Baekhyun.

Is This the Ending?

Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, other members
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 40 views

Chanyeol doesn't like Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyun doesn't like Park Chanyeol....


By mynamez updated
Characters Park Chanyeol & Byun Baekhyun
With 17 chapters, 10 votes, 266 subscribers, 4940 views, 35 comments
Status Subscribers Only

It was one of the most painful past for Park Chanyeol. The fact that he had failed to save his love when he actually can, he regretted it. He really did. It was his future when fate was giving him a second chance; a chance for him to not make the same mistake. Chanyeol didn’t want to make the same mistake anymore. He just can’t.

Watch Me Work

By fallenembersburn updated
Characters Oh Sehun, Kim Jongin, Lee Taemin, Huang Zitao, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, EXO, SHINee
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 73 subscribers, 920 views, 5 comments

Sehun has an obsession with Jongin’s dancing. He’ll be surprised to find out Jongin’s obsessed with his style too.

To make you feel my love

By Woo_SangJane updated
Characters byun baekhyun and others
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

When the rain is blowing in your face,And the whole world is on yo

Rumor Has It

By love_me_love_kpop updated
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol
With 2 chapters, 39 votes, 259 subscribers, 6810 views, 98 comments

[In the process of being rewritten] Baekhyun, diva and obsessive writer, is basically thrown into the media when he meets a man looking for the owner of a ring in an Internet cafe. Long story short, someone had taken a photo of them together, the man handing the ring over for Baekhyun to try on, and then it was pasted all over the news. On every news station, the


By kkeumgi updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo and others
With 7 chapters, 7 votes, 145 subscribers, 25 comments

Baekhyun desperately needs a job. So when a mysterious manager of a huge company offers him one he does not hesitate. Even if the job comes with a strange deal.        


By Forestmemories updated
Characters baekhyun chanyeol jongin yixing
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 33 subscribers, 530 views, 4 comments

Where mafia boss Chanyeol stumbles upon a cutie, and Baekhyun honestly isn’t interested.

The Lost Puppy Love

By raiMyeon updated
Tags chanbaek
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun and EXO members.
With 3 subscribers, 20 views

Baekhyun's dating Sehun but a problem occured, threatening their relationship. During that time, Chanyeol and Baekhyun became step brothers as they parents got married. Chanyeol was a kind step brother and always treat Baekhyun gently. But one day, Chanyeol suddenly changed his attitude towards Baekhyun and treated Baekhyun roughly. He always hurt Baekhyun and made Baekhyun cried. Just what exactly happened to kind and gentle Chanyeol? Just what did Baekhyun did to be hated by Chanyeol? Howev

My girlfriend's memories.

By himebyun updated
Characters park chanyeol, byun baekhyun, and the rest exo members
With 1 chapters

i came up with a story of chanbaek which is inspired by a comic i just read so if you guys familiar with the story i've gotta tell that this ain't a plagiarism lol T_T a friendly reminder for you baekhyun in this story is a girl (gender-switch) so they will be girlfriend-boyfriend and i warn you that my english is quite horrible especially the grammar so please excuse me bc english is not my native language. i'll try my b

The Proposal

By custardbun updated
With 2 chapters, 11 votes, 42 subscribers, 930 views, 14 comments
Status Completed

  The Proposal   elves!chanbaek; gross fluff Chanyeol grew a flower crown for Baekhyun.

Ice Queen

By choilue updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Exo Members, Fem!Exo
With 17 chapters, 14 votes, 90 subscribers, 2670 views, 66 comments



By baekingdom updated
Characters chanyeol baekhyun exo-k
With 3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 160 views, 3 comments

As a new smtown trainee, Byun Baekhyun was the last to join a group called 'Exo'. When he first stepped into the dorm, his life was turned upside down when he met a certain giant.    What will happen to them?   Will the gradient of love be negative or positive?

Can I trust You with My Heart?

By KpopLovingNeko updated
Characters Exo-k, Baekhyun, Chanyeol
With 6 chapters, 6 votes, 130 subscribers, 1820 views, 17 comments

  Baekhyun is the son of the wealthy CEO of the biggest modeling, and clothing company. His family is respected and he has the house of every kid's dream. He's living the life, right?   Wrong. He gets abused daily for the past 6 years. No one even knows he is even related to his own father. Almost no one at his high school pays attention to him. He's like a fly. Noticeable but useless in this world. Despite his horrifc time at home he also gets picked on by bu

I hate you.

By MadHatterIsMAd updated
Characters baekhyun Chanyeol Kyungsoo Kai
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 18 subscribers, 500 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

Baekhyun hated two types of guys. Those who are tall and those who had deep voices. And then he meets Chanyeol. At that point, he was conviced that the universe hated him.

for the lonely ones

By junmyeonaf updated
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, Kyungsoo
With 2 chapters, 10 subscribers, 200 views, 1 comments

there's a restaurant that just opened down the street. it caters for single people. chanyeol, for the first time, does not feel miserable about being part of that category.

Sweet love

By sxoxok updated
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 35 subscribers, 960 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

If you ask Sehun how he would describe Kai one word would be enough, love. If you ask Kai the same question without hesitating he would say naiv.                       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm actually new to writing so I hope you don't expect too much from me. And you have to know that engl

My pain, My comfort

By KawaiiePumpii updated
Characters Exo Baekhyun Chanyeol
With 19 chapters, 5 votes, 75 subscribers, 2030 views, 48 comments

Same... They're all the same... Humans... People... They love to see others in pain, it entertains them, amuses them. But of course that's only when they're the one initiating the pain. When they're the receiving the pain... It's a different story. For Byun Baekhyun... Park Chanyeol... Was his pain...

Be Careful What You Wish For

By RoseRadiance updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol,Oh Sehun
With 2 chapters, 8 subscribers, 230 views

Byun Baekhyun is a normal boy with a normal life. Before going to a college he realises something that changes everything - he has a crush...on a guy.But Baekhyun didn't know how this "teenage crush" was going to change his life and turn it upside down.

Flames Of Phoenix. [Editing!]

By itsmadness updated
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Leo, Rest of Exo, Rest of VIXX... Featuring some Artists.
With 11 chapters, 8 votes, 135 subscribers, 3080 views, 63 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Flames of Phoenix.        

Found You

By NantHa updated
Characters Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook from BTS, Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol from EXO
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 84 subscribers, 2200 views, 12 comments

Baekhyun and Taehyung have to separated and live their own life story. Will they be able to be in the same story again?