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love is a game

by monko92 updated on
Tags: exo tao chanyeol lay kris suho schoolandlovelife
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 140 | Comments: 3 |

love can mean more than just loving the person. ... Read More

괴물 | Monster

by kloh-ay updated on
Tags: friendship exo lay kris kray
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 17 |

“In the mountains, there was where we thought the monster was. But little did we know; the monste... Read More

We Belong Together

by fanxing67 updated on
Tags: yaoi mpreg exom lay kris kray krislay
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 9 | Subscribers: 91 | Views: 3450 | Comments: 38 |

Hi Guys ! ^^ FanXing67 here,,, hhehe *being awkward bcus don't know what to say* I'm here trying hard to make an impossib... Read More

Dimple- Guy [Complete]

by UnkuckyS updated on
Tags: fluff exo xiumin minseok lay yixing xiulay
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 2 | Views: 380 | Comments: 5 |

Xiumin prefers using the bus rather than the subway, besides the sometimes- clean seats and sometimes- clean aisles, he learns there are other perks to sitting in the bus every morning. ... Read More

Behind The Facade

by preachgirl updated on
Tags: romance supernatural exo luhan baekhyun chanyeol lay
Chapters: 34 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 47 | Views: 2040 | Comments: 17 |

Bounded by destiny...   Abandoned by people you'... Read More

A Brokened Heart [Subscribers Only]

by Anna_XOXO updated on
Tags: exo love lay kyungsoo
Chapters: 1 |

I promised myself I'll confess to him after I pass this exam, but it looks like I'm too late... Kim Min-Ah was a special girl with frost powers. She studies in EXO Academ... Read More

Crayon Krayon

by kloh-ay updated on
Tags: family exo domestic lay kris kray fanxing
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 49 | Views: 1980 | Comments: 35 |

After 2 years of trying, Kris and Lay's wish to start a family on their own finally came ture as on the 19th day of the third Summer month, their b... Read More

The Story of Jung Dahee [Subscribers Only]

by yeolwho05 updated on
Tags: angst family romance exo chanyeol lay collegelife
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 14 | Subscribers: 41 | Comments: 22 |

plot ... Read More

In the Company

by Thats_Nayun updated on
Tags: sment exo ocs chen lay
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 4 | Comments: 1 |

Two girls One company ... Read More

Summer Love

by valley94 updated on
Tags: fluff romcom you exom lay zhangyixingexo
Chapters: 2 |

104 days of Summer ... Read More

I don't know you

by onlyexofics updated on
Tags: you exo kai sehun lay schoollifeexoyou
Chapters: 29 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 55 | Views: 1280 | Comments: 17 |

Sehun; 17 years old You (min young); 17 years old Kai; 18 years old  Sehun is mean towards you but it is because you have been childhood friends since kindergarden and you guys... Read More

Time [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by Vanishedwind updated on
Tags: exo chen lay chenlay
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 64 | Comments: 3 |

Jongdae should have known better that what comes around, goes around.... Read More


by riri131 updated on
Tags: indonesian romance you lay yixing
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 290 | Comments: 10 |

Aku tidak mengenalnya. Aku tidak tahu bagaimana wajahnya. ... Read More

It haunts me

by these3words updated on
Tags: hyoyeon snsd exo lay kris
Chapters: 9 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 54 | Views: 1210 | Comments: 46 |

    Two years ago… I have a girlfriend. Her name is Hyoyeon…     ~~~My... Read More

Hard And Soft Melody

by Bigbabylee updated on
Tags: romance exo luhan lay
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 4 |

I always dreamed about having a boyfriend who could play music. What girls ( and me obviously ) think is some kind of this: ... Read More

Remembering Myself

by BangtansWifey updated on
Tags: henry zelo exom bap youngjae lay
Chapters: 18 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 36 | Views: 800 | Comments: 26 |

What if you wake up with no knowledge of your life? What if you forgot everything? That happened to Choi Junri. She woke up on a hospital bed... Read More

I Wish

by kpopcassieexotic updated on
Tags: fluff romance sliceoflife exo exok exom lay
Chapters: 1 |

Lay feels like he's always second to Kai and it only escalates when his girlfriend comes into the picture...     ............................................................... Read More

When Fate Decides

by jaeshii updated on
Tags: romance exo kai ooc lay
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 1 |

Second story after 2 years XD Cliche but I hope you guys will like it. ^^; Ps. Sorry for incorrect grammars.... Read More

2 Wives, But One Heart

by Cutielolxlove updated on
Tags: heartbreak seohyun you exom marriage lay
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 16 | Views: 220 | Comments: 5 |

Having to live with another woman who your husband also married. It's torture seeing the way your husband loves her. You use to be her. You use to be the one he loved exactly just like her.... Read More


by ConfessToShisus updated on
Tags: family exo exom chen lay chenlay xingdae
Chapters: 44 | Votes: 25 | Comments: 231 |

In which Jongdae and Yixing have three unruly children, a meddlesome baby mama and a home that often resembles a bomb site. Just what were they thinking when they decided to become parents? Domesti... Read More


by minifantasy updated on
Tags: namjoo tao chorong haetoria lay kris actionandlove
Chapters: 85 | Votes: 13 | Subscribers: 79 | Views: 7260 | Comments: 216 |

With plans to add skill force to his team, Donghae offers criminal offender, Tao, a chance to redeem himself by working with him. Tao joins the Military Intelligence unit  led by Donghae and his tw... Read More

Love Curse

by ptite-Shawol updated on
Tags: romance you noona kai lay yixing kyungsoo
Chapters: 7 | Subscribers: 20 | Comments: 3 |

“Why?” ... Read More

It's All Quixotic

by This_way updated on
Tags: drama krystal romance sulli exo kai lay
Chapters: 3 |

It's All Quixotic ... Read More

Never Ending Song

by alexandra_vasilev updated on
Tags: indonesian exo chanyeol lay chanlay chanxing
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 100 | Comments: 3 |

Never Ending Song Genre: Campur-campur... Read More

Behind the smile

by JustMeNishu updated on
Tags: romance exo kai baekhyun lay kris suho
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 9 | Views: 230 | Comments: 3 |

I, Kim Sora was broken. I couldn't be repaired .Could I?  My parents died and I was shipped off to live with my brat of a cousin Suho. Yes that Suho. The rich one in exo. The minute I entered, I ma... Read More

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