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Whisper. [BaekYeol] [+ Poem as a Special]

Falling for someone is easy when they exactly know what they have to say to win your heart. [Poem: Baekhyun melting Chanyeol's heart with his sweet words.]

Take Care of Me Please

By mongsenpai Updated
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers, 210 views

  Park Chanyeol , a webtoon artist , who struggles to find an inspration for his upcoming story that until he meets Baekhyun, a teenage orphan who will change his life .         

Goodbye, Love You.

By vennellope Updated
Characters oc, chanyeol
With 3 chapters, 2 subscribers, 40 views

Chanyeol dan Haneul; sahabat baik yang selalu bersama sehingga selalu dianggap sebagai adik-beradik. Friendship goals gitu. Banyak perkara yang mereka lakukan bersama sejak kecil lagi. Ketiadaan bapa Haneul menyebabkan Chanyeol seorang sahaja lelaki yang dia perlukan sekarang ini sebagai peneman.  "Kau jealous eh?" Usik Chanyeol.   

When Fate Interferes

By affwriter03 Updated
Characters Song Yoojin, Park Chanyeol, Song Sarang,Huang ZiTao,etc.
With 20 chapters, 10 votes, 47 comments

Song Yoojin 20 years old. Single mother of Song Sarang. Works at a Cafe for a living.Sweet and Stubborn per

Exo 12: Unknown Enigma

By 2BBlaineBri-An Updated
Characters Sehun (wind), Baekhyun (light), Chanyeol (fire), Kai (teleportation), Lay (healing), D.O. (earth), Suho (water), Xiumin (frost), Chen (lightning), Tao (time control), Luhan (telekinesis), Kris (flight), Exo Fighters (called Enemies)
With 5 chapters, 3 subscribers, 150 views

In this world, there are 12 rulers that were destined to be special for they were the 12 that were given special powers to protect the earth. Each power is given to each individual man as a way to keep the earth and its people alive. At least this is how is was supposed to be… until the people that walk this earth became greedy and demanded to know how to acquire these powers, even if it means killing them to get the secret. Human’s purpose of acquiring their 12 different powers is to

The life beyond I could see

By Taomin2 Updated
Tags exo chanyeol
With 9 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 50 views

"Hello?" I yell. I am Chanyeol. I was hit by a car I ended up in the woods. How I got here, I dont know. Where am I, I cant remeber. All I know is I want to be home and with my members. "No ne can hear you." a girl behind me say. "Why?" I ask. "You are dead."

Grub Chat

By lintangrizham Updated
Characters Amber, Sehun, Kai, Krystal, Kris, Suzy, dll
With 7 chapters, 30 subscribers, 520 views, 41 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Lagi iseng iseng aja bikin, terinspirasi karena kebanyakan baca wattpad. Jadinya ya gini. Tokoh utama tetep mbak Amberku sayang. WARNING: bahasanya gg baku, dan cenderung kasar. Kebanyak receh pakai banget.  

His Twenty Four

By bluestone Updated
Characters OC, Kris, Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol
With 24 chapters, 26 votes, 416 subscribers, 10470 views, 219 comments

  Scars. Some are visible. Most of them aren't. Lies. Some white. Mosty black. Love? Some people find love and it just naturally comes to them.


By pcysarcasm Updated
Characters chanyeol, baekhyun
With 4 chapters, 50 subscribers, 2170 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

it's almost ironic how Baekhyun, lost and broken, could fall for the human embodiment of the sun 


By Glimmer01 Updated
With 34 chapters, 5 votes, 54 subscribers, 1410 views, 41 comments

  Lipstick chateau wine-red colour  White champagne blood on my collar...   [ LOTTO AU ] Seoul, year 2074 The heart of the city has become corrupt, tainted by its wealthy inhabitants. The rich cavort in pleasure domes, made untouchable by their wealth and power While the poor starve in its outskirts. But crime is everywhere in the city, lurking in the grime infested streets rife with robbers, corruption hiding beneath the facad


By byunpark614 Updated
Characters Baekhyun Chanyeol
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 123 subscribers, 760 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Another Cliche love story between Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol . What's new?

Don't miss your chance

By Livcchi Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Zhang Yixing, (EXO)
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 520 views, 2 comments

Pairings: ChanBaek (main), BaekXing Description: 4 years. This is how long the very first Baekhyun's relationship lasted. The relationship, which everyone around was jealous of, even himself when he was waking up every morning in his lover's embrance. It ends the same way it started - overnight. When his ex doesn't lose hope and fights for a second chance, a new person steps into Baekhyun's life, showing him that he can get from life much more than he used to do. He shows to Baekhyun

That winter, the wind blows

By SheirynFiya Updated
Characters Park Chanyeol | Jung Areum
With 1 votes, 18 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments

Areum chases after unspoken whispers while Chanyeol waits for loud echoes because too often for their liking, time jumbles up answers and questions.  

The White Pearl

By purelyme Updated
Characters Exo, suho, chanyeol, d.o, baekhyun, lay, kris, luhan, chen, kai, sehun, tao, xiumin
With 47 chapters, 1 votes, 11 subscribers, 940 views, 7 comments
Status Members Only

Legend has stated that the White Pearl can bring peace if it's in the hands of the good, can bring destruction if it's in the hands of evil. Many years ago on Exoplanet, a group of evil (Chaos) invaded in search for the White Pearl to hold true power and to take over the planet. In order to save Exoplanet and protect the White Pearl, Exodus (a group of supernatural humans) fought against Chaos. Chaos and Exodus w

You Can Love Me Now

By bowtiekai Updated
With 12 subscribers, 80 views

Chanyeol tries too hard to make Kyungsoo fall for him.


By eashanair2001 Updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo,D.O, OC, Park Eun-ah,Park Chanyeol,Byun Baekhyun,Kim Jongin,Kim Heechul
With 17 chapters, 4 votes, 85 subscribers, 1400 views, 19 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Do Kyungsoo is a felon,a psychopath,a monster. These adjectives couldn't even to begin to describe this dark creature,but it so happens that he is also extremely charming,well mannered and rather attractive. Fresh out of the college, Park Eun-ah would've never imagined that she would end up being drawn to one of her patients, especially the most dangerous one.


By hellollyn Updated
Characters Chanyeol Park, Aeri Shim, some EXO members
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 14 subscribers, 610 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

    What should we do when fate wants us apart? Is there anything could we do to stick together? and... what if we are given one last chance to make up everything?

Hold Me Tight

By EXOMyAngels0214 Updated
Characters Suho Chanyeol
With 29 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 1860 views, 7 comments

Park Chanyeol CEO of Unisilver Music Industry everyone looks up to him and his humble and lovely personality but behind every smile is a broken man he has been married to Park Sooyoung (Joy) his best friend he doesn't want to say by force but it kind of was since of his stupidity of being super drunk having a one night stand and getting her pregnant with their son Park Yijung who is 6 years old don't get chanyeol wrong he loves his son with all his world he'd do anything for him but he knows

Someone To Love

By ftn_azmi Updated
Characters Bae Suzy,Ji Soo,Chen,Chanyeol
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 150 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

            Dia tidak seperti orang lain,penuh misteri.Tidak suka akan kegelapan. Mungkin kerana peristiwa pahit yang pernah menghantuinya. Atau mungkinkah sifat yang semulajadi ? -Bae Suzy-  

Our Impossible Baby

By ImInLoveWithKyungsoo Updated
Characters Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Jongin
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 79 subscribers, 1240 views, 39 comments

Do Kyungsoo is the first pregnant male in the entire world. He needs to hide his pregnancy, or the scientists will take his baby away from him for research. Kyungsoo has to deal with all of this while falling in love with his best friend.

The Mask of The Full Moon

By CamTheKpopFreak Updated
Characters Cha Ae Sook (OC), Kai, Chanyeol
With 7 chapters, 7 votes, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"Some say it is the work of a man. Others, a beast." "You are simply a monster, not the man I once honored." "You're scared of me because you can't control me. That's because you can't, and you don't."