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The HeartBreaker

A guy who suddenly needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while... And a girl who needs money and to clean up her bad girl image... Suddenly meets each other at the famous Seoul Institute of the Arts school. Is this fate? Let’s find out~

you will never know

Byreiko_chan20 updated
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sometimes in life we never imagine that things will happen unexpected  and also somethimes we will meet people and became friends with them  but what if one day you meet THE ONE but denied yourself to fall for that person . . . . . . . . . . this is a story of a 2 group of girls that collide and they will find ou to them self what is the meaning of true love and also what it

Una Propuesta Casi Indecente

ByOhMyFany updated
Characterstaeyeon tiffany
With6 chapters, 12 votes, 1000 views, 31 comments
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  Era la única mujer a la que no podía resistirse, pero le pedía algo que ella se creía incapaz de darle. Tiffany Hwang es una joven y brillante ingeniera de software decidida a demostrar que es mucho más que una cara bonita.


Byallysone updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sooyoung, Yuri
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 11 subscribers, 100 views, 1 comments

Taeyeon and Tiffany are two people from very contrasting backgrounds. What happens when the cold heiress meets the working class girl that have unknowingly stolen her heart? How far would they both go for love? Does love truly lasts forever? "A pause is never an end, it is simply a means to something better ahead of us"

Into the New World

Byhappysleeper updated
With75 chapters, 111 votes, 62650 views, 697 comments

Taeyeon and his trio are a newly debuted group under SM Entertainment. How will they handle the idol life? Follow Taeyeon and s as they learn to live, laugh, and love in the spotlight.    

I Am Here

Byblingstar_ updated
With5 chapters, 12 votes, 83 subscribers, 16 comments

    "Dear Cupid, the god of love, please send me the love of my life." "Please, send me my Mr. Right."     

The Revolving Door

BySy-gg9 updated
CharactersSooyoung, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri, Sunny
With19 chapters, 33 votes, 195 subscribers, 7580 views, 186 comments

    Nine girls living in the same apartment complex. Watch how one revolving door helps bring them together......    


By13luvsfriday updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany
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  What will happen if the today’s modern royal princess meets the old-fashioned princess? Would they get comfortable with each other? Or would they start a disaster?

The Past,present & future

Bymushroom21 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 8 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments

 Another TaeNy fic from me...this will be a short one probably around 3 to 4 chaps...just a short one, updates will be once a week..pretty busy with work..also im currently working with my ChaeRa fics...i've been in pretty looong break..hehehe, hope you enjoy this one. Feel free to subscribe and put a comment, im ok even if it's a good or bad comment..also once again, just a reminder..ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. Ok?

Trash Can Musings

ByTindahBox updated
With4 chapters, 13 votes, 87 subscribers, 15 comments

Taeyeon,Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica, and Tiffany. All of them in their last years of highschool. They all have their pasts, they all have their trauma, but most importantly; they all have each other. 

I Have Been Blind

Byzero00knight updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung
With32 chapters, 129 votes, 1053 comments
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Kim Taeyeon has liked Tiffany Hwang since they met, and the feeling has eventually become mutual. However, Tiffany is a strict Christian and is fully aware that such a relationship is forbidden. The religious girl tried to forget these "impure" desires but to no avail. Tiffany accepted Taeyeon's declaration of love, but in one condition, no one else should know about their relationship. One day, Taeyeon vis


ByPixiedustforTaeny updated
CharactersTaeTiSeo/Kim Family
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      They said, puppy love is a love that will never last, a love that will just be a part of your past that you can tell your kids, a love that will only come to you to make you know the meaning of growing up, a love that will just make you learn to say the three special words, and the worst, they said, a love that will only came for you to disobey your pare


ByAgie14 updated
CharactersAmber, krystal, jessica, taeyeon, yuri
With17 chapters, 16 votes, 80 comments

Its a MESS enough said LOL  thats basically the description of this fic hahaha     Hello!!!!!    Another story here :)  Actually this story keep popping on my head for a while already and i just now finally decided to write it hahaha    i still dont know where this story goin just like the other story i havent finish yet haha sorry.   Please bare with me :)  I am contemplating if im just gona make


ByToasters updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon | Tiffany Hwang
With15 chapters, 46 votes, 370 subscribers, 7940 views, 87 comments

Life is never easy espeically when your a spy.   Kim Taeyeon is currently 25 years old and is a lieutenant who works for the Anti-Terrorist Force(ATF) in Seoul, Korea. She is known as one of the best spies in the force and has

Novia en alquiler

ByGGLove_9 updated
CharactersTiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon
With11 chapters, 35 votes, 328 subscribers, 5260 views, 181 comments
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Jessica y Tiffany son dos jóvenes americanas de 22 y 21 años, llevan una excelente relación hace aproximadamente tres años. Cuando ambas tenían 18 aun vivían en Estados Unidos, una vez que creyeron que era el momento oportuno les dijeron a sus padres sobre su noviazgo, GRAN ERROR, ninguna familia lo acepto, se opusieron fuertemente a ello por

Hold Me

ByMinoko updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang.
With1 votes, 8 subscribers, 60 views

  The best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly. When you get the astonished feeling and everything happens so suddenly. That’s why you don’t look for love. It comes to you just at the right time; the time you never thought it would have. So what if that love is between a trainee and a ha

The Complicated Life of Seulgi

BySS_ArSin updated
CharactersSeulgi, Yuri, Tiffany, Jessica, Tae Yeon, Sunny, Yoona, Seo Hyun etc...
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 40 subscribers, 430 views, 9 comments

Seulgi is a result of a one night stand of two young wild individuals. They met at the first time and did IT.  Kwon did not marry Hwang and they remained good friends through the years, as they lived on the same house for the sake of their daughter. They will meet different people and fall in love. How will Seulgi be affected on this? She believes that her parents love each other but they don't see it because they were preoccupied about their own

The darkness

Byiwanttaenybecomereal updated
CharactersKim TaeYeon, Stephanie Hwang, Kim Hyoyeon, Seo Joo Hyun, Jessica Jung, Choi Sooyoung, Kwon Yuri, Im Yoon Ah
With13 chapters, 3 votes, 36 subscribers, 910 views, 17 comments

Bueno este sera mi primer fic he sido fiel lector desde hace tiempo y no me habia atrevido a subir una historia por miedo y porque crei que no serian buenas, tanto miedo tenia que escribi 3 historias y las borre :( solo espero que les guste y si el titulo lo tome de un videojuego que me inspiro para escribir esta historia y ojala lo disfruten, no se que ten larga llegue a ser pero si les gusta la tratare de prolongar lo mas que pu

Indestructible Yulsic

Bykiryuu updated
CharactersKwon Yuri, Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang
With90 chapters, 91 votes, 1183 comments

A YulSic one-shot/multi-shot :) I'm a YulSic shipper so yea it's a pure yulsic... with some other couple (if i want to add some)  

Rainbow Sisters

Byapinkshidae updated
Characterssnsd apink AOA
With19 chapters, 14 votes, 114 subscribers, 4010 views, 99 comments

Ten years ago, there were a family. They are not blood related and they are adopted by a man who is known as the bad guy by the neighbours.   Although they are poor, they were happy with their life before the hurricane entered to their family.   The fate doesn't let them to be together and it makes them apart. They separated and their beautiful house is also destroyed.   But, they are always in each of them's heart and they don't forget each other.

El amor verdadero.

ByTaeyeonkim26 updated
CharactersTaeYeon, Tiffany,Nichkhun,Jessica,Yuri,Yoona,Sunny,HyoYeon,SeoHyun.Sooyoung
With7 chapters, 6 votes, 91 subscribers, 1700 views, 42 comments

Tiffany es una chica ordinaria que recien esta conociendo el amor, la desconfianza comienza, y los problemas se presentan, por casualidad conoce a una chica que la ayuda a salir de sus preocupaciones de nombre Kim TaeYeon, esta joven divertida, la cual no presta atencion a nada, se interesa por Tiffany y comienza ha ayudarla para que salga de sus constantes problemas con su novio Nichkhun, Kim TaeYeon comienza a sentir sentimientos distintos por Tiffany lo cual le preocupa ya que cree

What Am I ?

Bysnsdtyss updated
CharactersYou, Jessica and the rest of SNSD and SMTOWN
With4 chapters, 23 votes, 160 subscribers, 2390 views, 42 comments

You are Ariel River, a 17 years old girl who is different fom everyone. Really everyone. You have powers,super powers,all kinds of powers and the ability to use 100% of your brain, that makes you the most powerful being and the next on the line for the throne of the Olympus. Your father Poseidon and your mother Aphrodite, which means you are a full Greek God's daughter. You are immortal

SNSD and the KID

ByMoonHyeyoung updated
Charactersyou snsd
With25 chapters, 11 votes, 281 subscribers, 5120 views, 36 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

This story is not exactly mine.This story was told by a friend of mine and I just wrote it with HER guidance... And shes a very good friend of mine who likes writing fanfic but doesnt have aff so she made me write this. HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED THIS~~~♡♡

Mending the Broken Souls "제발 잊지 말아요"

ByYoMiatot updated
CharactersKim Yoon-Hee (Yoona), TaeYeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, SeoHyun, Sunny, HyoYeon, Yonghwa, SooYoung
With5 chapters, 7 votes, 9 comments

They were all best friends, until TaeYeon got into an accident. TaeYeon had given them all an unbreakable bond, but it was broken in one night. He has forgotten and doesn't want to remember.

Why We Depart ( One shot)

Byexobap101 updated
CharactersSnsd Hyoyoen Jessica Taeyeon Tiffany others
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 14 subscribers, 570 views, 7 comments

Jeesica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Hyoyoen One-shot. Jessica and Taeyeon were extremely close since pre debut. But then if you have been noticing them during 2010, you might see the changes in them. Especially Taeyeon, how she has been ignoring Jessica. Luckily both of them have their other members for support. This isn't that kind of story when they actually fall in love with each other. This isn't a story about romance with a guy really. This fanfic this actually about bests friends could alway