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♕ ᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇᴍʏ ғᴏʀ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴜʀᴇ ♕ | ᴀᴜ sᴍᴜᴛ ғᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ ʙᴀsᴇᴅ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ || 16+ roleplay || 110+ ||APPLICATIONS OPEN - APPLY NOW|| MASTERS NEEDED!

This is not your ordinary academy. Here, kittens are trained and sold to the highest bidder. Even the bidders aren't ordinary people. Their secret? Shapeshifters. Our kittens have been trained to fulfill your desires! Join now and chose, kitten or master?

Night Drive

ByHolyCrab updated
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 260 views, 6 comments

  Three shots under the same title which may or may not be related to each other.    


Bybaloy82 updated
With55 chapters, 45 votes, 1132 subscribers, 40320 views, 643 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only


Forever Love

ByJjangTaeny updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany
With10 chapters, 39 votes, 171 subscribers, 4040 views, 120 comments

  Kim Tae Yeon, pure Korean, HIS hometown located in Jeonju.    Tiffany Hwang, an American Korean, HER family are all staying in Los Angeles.

The day I fell for you

Byalipabo updated
With8 chapters, 2 votes, 1220 views, 8 comments

Taeyeon works at her Father's restaurant when a new customers come in. Taeyeon's attention is attracted by this girl. They don't know it yet, but this meeting will change their life

Yo Te Protegeré

ByLocksmith_Shipper updated
CharactersKim TaeYeon, Tiffany Hwang
With1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 130 views

Tiffany volvía de su trabajo como todas las noches, estaba a sólo unos metros de llegar a casa, cuando de pronto todo se oscurecio...despierta y descubre que esta siendo secuestrada...de milagro encuentra su teléfono y llama a su novia, Taeyeon...¿Podra Tiffany ser rescatada por su amada antes de que sea muy tarde?

1 Year Later [Spanish]

Byclaudia09 updated
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 1 comments

  asdlkhasd lo sque de esa canción de snsd :'3 <3 1 year later

*Recommendation* - TaeNy

ByTaeYeonieK updated
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Annyeong. This IS NOT a FanFic. I just want to ask if Anyone can recommend me a Good TaeNy Story in AFF.

Am I wrong?

ByhappySoulsince1993 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Yuri Seohyun Yoona Jessica Hyoyeon Sooyoung Sunny
With16 chapters, 7 votes, 425 subscribers, 4570 views, 62 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

"Past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted"   You held on but I didn't. Why? Just because I was scared of what people might say. I was scared being disown by my family. But you... you only cared about me and you and our love. You were willing to fight for me with your parents when they learned about us. But I... just let you go. Even worse I made you go. 

Love and Instagram

ByxFallenAngelxx updated
CharactersTiffany Hwang, Kim Taeyeon
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 254 subscribers, 1240 views, 8 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

I bought it because I thought of you. - Kim Taengoo -I got inspired by Tiffany's latest post on instagram about Taeyeon giving her a present and just... looking at the picture of their chat made me want to write this one shot. :D  

Firts love

Bymicani updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 6 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments

Hola, bueno esta es la primera vez que publico un fanfic que en este caso sera un one-shot, ya más delante publicaré otro fanfic estafa más capítulos :3 Espero que les guste. Also espero llevarme bien acondicionado Ustedes :) PD: El one-shot no es mío


ByiHello updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon Hwang Tiffany
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 5 subscribers, 2 comments

A fluffy(kinda) TaeNy one-shot. I don't know. Taeyeon is a she in here. Those in italic are song lyrics.


ByYoongLips updated
With8 votes, 28 subscribers, 430 views, 4 comments

Oneshot inspirado en la canción Friends de Ed Sheeran.  Escúchenla ;; Es muy, MUY TaeNy.  Este es un regalo por esperar los capítulos de Love Sick~   Gracias por el apoyo dado. <3 El próximo oneshot será YulSic <3


ByEXOaddict updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 190 views, 3 comments

:D   Annyeong! EXOaddict imnida but you can call me Jaekyun :)

She Is My Sister?

ByDamarisJung updated
With39 chapters, 12 votes, 224 comments

  ¿Qué pasaria si te enteraras que eres adoptado y que una de las chicas de Girls' Generation es tu hermana? Bueno esto es lo que le sucedio a Sebastián, tuvo que dejar todo y viajar a Seúl para conocer a su verdadera familia, pero ¿qué sucedera cuando se entere de quien es su verdadera hermana?, ¿Qué pasara cuando se entere del secreto que rodea a las chicas?  

My dorky detective

ByJjangTaeny updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany
With26 chapters, 39 votes, 269 subscribers, 10750 views, 186 comments

Kim Taeng, he is a Korean whose been posted to L.A police force for 3 years. He is a smart and dorky detective plus little Byun. He has cracked a lot of mystery cases or even the most ridiculous like "owner killed by their pet" thru out the 3 years in L.A. Until one day he met the most troublesome lady named Tiffany Hwang, the two couldn't meet eye to eye and Taeng never thought that she will be the love of his life.

Rebel Heart

ByFourthMonth88 updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang and the rest of the SNSD girls
With65 chapters, 31 votes, 330 subscribers, 20720 views, 241 comments

Being in a new environment was never an easy thing. You have to try your hardest to fit in. And what can be worst than being place to this new environment against your will?

Juegos Clandestinos

BySayTsuki updated
CharactersSunny, TaeYeon, HyoYeon, SooYoung, Jessica, Tiffany, Krystal, Hyomin, Nicole, Sulli, Amber, Hara
With41 chapters, 20 votes, 192 subscribers, 296 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only

  "La vida universitaria no es cualquier cosa, o si puede llegarlo a ser, depende del entorno en el que te muevas, las cosas marchan… tal vez de manera muy lenta para mi gusto, los días se agotan más rápido sólo cuando tienes algo de tiempo libre, pero si no es así en cambio obtienes un fastidioso… tedioso día, rodeada de materiales, compañeros de clases, números, Dios es tan incesante. A veces me preg

You Are My Destiny

Bydorkytaenganger updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, YulSic will be their best friend
With13 chapters, 6 votes, 291 subscribers, 2310 views, 30 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

love? what is love? i used to believe in the true love, and also in the happy ending, but now, i don't think i can do that anymore. life is sucks, and so do love. love is a lie, love is pain. but i start to know more about the true meaning of love when i meet you. you show me what love is, you teach me how to love, you make me feel the feelings that i never feel before. i don't know why, and i don't know how, but you have successfully make me fall for

Fly to Your Heart

ByFujinoLover updated
CharactersKim TaeYeon, Hwang Tiffany
With16 chapters, 258 votes, 582 comments

Love hits people unexpectedly. Love hits Tiffany when a female pilot decides to use air traffic communication unwisely.

OS "Waiting for You"

ByDorkyKawaii updated
With1 chapters, 9 votes, 500 views, 7 comments

Esperando por ti hasta el momento en que podamos volver a estar juntas...  

INSTAGRAM!! and +++

ByPatingirara94 updated
With96 chapters, 43 votes, 298 comments

Day by day we through in more fun, together with my member and sones. Everybody gonna know us more, cause we will really go to international..   I WILL TO STEP AHEAD FROM ALL OF YOU GUYSS!!       SO......         I HAVE INSTAGRAM NOW! >.< -Tae #

My Pervy Boyfriend

ByPatingirara94 updated
CharactersTiffany Hwang/Hwang Miyoung, Kim Taeyeon/Kim Taeng
With15 chapters, 8 votes, 105 comments

This is the genderbender story between two people named "Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang" who love each other but they don't realise it. So we'll see what they do to reali

Our Sunflower Garden

ByPatingirara94 updated
With7 chapters, 6 votes, 4010 views, 28 comments

Maybe I had a lot of fear, as alwaysI always hid in the shadows, unseen

Triangle Love

Byglam_9168 updated
With38 chapters, 37 votes, 268 subscribers, 16090 views, 484 comments

Choi Sooyoung : Top model around the world. Work with Jessica Jung as her photographer for her new CF. Slowly, Sooyoung develop feeling for Jessica but when she knows that Jessica is already in a relationship with someone she decides to forget this feeling. When she do voluntary work in Seoul hospital, she meet the beautiful neuro doctor Im Yoona. She falls in love with Yoona at the first sigh…………   Jessica Jung : Photographer for the Kwon’s Corporation. She is secretly dating K


Byloveaddict updated
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 11 subscribers, 560 views, 4 comments

As they stand in the front, Taeyeon takes the moment to reflect on when she realized Tiffany was the one.