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Swirling Reds (Unending Thirst for You)

Hundreds of years spent alone made his heart bitter. Humans may have been awestruck by his looks but they never meddled with him, not when his gaze was so cold, lifeless.

Delicate Dove

By bunny506 updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, and others
With 10 chapters, 13 votes, 213 subscribers, 5840 views, 88 comments

Kim Jaejoong is a single parent to a highly mature 11 year old named Yoochun. Jaejoong is also a famous fashion designer that is know throughout  the world for his beautiful clothes. But, since the day Jaejoong was born he has been suffering from a heart disease. However, as Jaejoong doesn't have that much time left, he trys to track down Yoochun father his ex lover. When Jaejoong finds his old lover he learns that his ex lover is now married and has a son, in which you could say a perfect fa

Indisputable Love

By Kimbab_ssi updated
Characters Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Shim Changmin [Main: YunJae]
With 13 chapters, 90 votes, 1155 subscribers, 23520 views, 712 comments
Status Subscribers Only

 Genre: Romance, Drama-Angst, Fluff… Rating: PG-13 


By kimhyunsup updated
Characters jaejoong yunho yoochun junsu changmin jessica tvxq jyj kpop oc
With 5 chapters, 36 subscribers, 990 views, 14 comments

Kim jaejoong is a singer. People always see him as a perfect man. He also famous around korea and oversea. He can get whatever he want if he ask for it. Eventhough as a famous singer he still cannot run from one thing. That is scandal. There is a lot of scandal involve him in industry until they call him as king scandalous. Jaejoong cannot do anyting about it. Until today he himself doesnt understand why everything he do will create a scandal. Can he stop the scandal in his life?


By doubleblue updated
Characters Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin
With 4 chapters, 9 votes, 60 comments

Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho were happily wed for about five years already, but that is until Yunho's ex fiancé, Shim Changmin, came back from the US to get what was his. The lives of the three get complicated when Yunho and Changmin have an affair behind Jaejoong's back; and more complicated when Jaejoong discovers this. Things turn out worse when Jaejoong falls in love with

77 Words

By Serenity_Grace updated
Characters jaejoong, yunho,changmin, junsu, yoochun,
With 17 chapters, 5 votes, 42 subscribers, 2440 views, 22 comments

I will be writing 77 shorts based off of (give or take) 77 words. They will range from sugar-sweet to down right depressing and everything in between. There will be a wide variety of pairing and nothing is off limits. I really want to push myself to my limits and challenge myself. I want to push what I'm used to writing and I want to experiment with different pairings. Also, some of these with be bromantic in nature. ^__^ Feel free to request pairings for words. I've had a few

You, Whom I Left Off

By 5starssupporter updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho
With 23 chapters, 14 votes, 317 subscribers, 9700 views, 230 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jung Yunho, a life saver. Yunho and Jaejoong were lovers. They have been together for years already in one house, since Yunho's parents decided to take care of Jaejoong. At the time, Jaejoong was being left in the hospital alone, without anyone and even without memories.That's why, he was mostly feeling thankful towards Jung's family at the time. After lived together with Yunho, someday Yunho was inviting Jaejoong to meet one of his very best friend, the one considered as a brother alr

I know you will Love me

By Melodia-no-hanashi updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin [main]
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 33 subscribers, 750 views, 35 comments
Status Members Only

Title: I know you will Love me Author: Melodia <3Pairing: JaeMinLength:

JaeMin Drabbles

By etherealufan updated
Characters Jaejoong & Changmin
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 40 subscribers, 420 views, 10 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

This is where all my latest one-shots and drabble of JaeMin will be held. Please enjoy them. 

Power of Suggestion

By jellofiend updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Jung Yunho.
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 270 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

How to seduce a man, with minimum effort, in 7 acts.


By jellofiend updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin,
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 260 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

Jaejoong and Changmin go about their morning routine.

YunJae and JaeMin Recommendations

By lmposter updated
Characters Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun
With 198 chapters, 29 votes, 1307 subscribers, 24600 views, 83 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Fanfic Recommendations So, I realized I have a habit of bookmarking any story that leaves an impression on me on my phone. It's accumulated quite a lot. So, I thought'd I share them with you all.  This is purely a DBSK (HoMin + JYJ) centered


By fictionallife updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Kim Junsu, Park Yuchun, Shim Changmin
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 67 subscribers, 1770 views, 38 comments
Status Completed

WARNING: This is a BL story. If you don’t like it, please don’t read it.   I don’t own any of my characters (although I want!!). They are real people in real life but their characters in my fiction are made up so don’t be angry with me or them.    All photos belong to their owners. If you don’t want me to use them, just tell me!      


By OwnedbyaCat updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 25 subscribers, 660 views, 11 comments

Fate has means of getting her way. For over eight years, Kim Jaejoong has been outrunning a prophecy. Long enough to start thinking that he might have escaped. Only to meet his fate on a crowded Tokyo street when he saves he life of pop idol Shim Changmin. AU suspense/romance where Changmin is one half of Asia's biggest pop duo and Jae is... something else. Credit for the lovely poster goes to naivete from Minimal Design

My Strict Tutor

By chocoyuncake_ updated
Characters Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin (main)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 370 views, 1 comments

Summary: Heechul hired a tutor for his brother, Jaejoong who is currently having difficulties in his studies. Jaejoong would never thought that his tutor would make his life different-- more than he did on his studies. Rating: PG Chaptered: Length Pairings: JaeMin / YunJae / YunJaeMin conflict <3 Genre: Romance, Crack (i hope i made this crack lol), AU    

Nowhere is Safe

By OwnedbyaCat updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 290 views, 6 comments

Invisible up close, able to kill from a long way away… when an elite sniper operates in your neighbourhood nowhere is safe. To Major Kim Jaejoong, being a sniper is more than a job. It's a mindset. A mindset he needs when comrades on his army base suddenly fall prey to a shooter with a high-powered rifle. A mindset that helps him get things done even when his new partner, Captain Shim Changmin from Army Intelligence, turns out to be as much a distraction as he is a help. The man is un


By etherealufan updated
Characters Jaejoong & Changmin
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 63 subscribers, 720 views, 13 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jaejoong, an angel, dies while being embraced by Changmin, a mortal. Changmin just want Jaejoong to return. 

The Enlistment

By 5starssupporter updated
Characters Shim Changmin, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Heechul
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 20 subscribers, 510 views, 5 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

Jaejoong didn't usually keep a secret from Changmin, but this time he did- and not just about anything but... his enlistment day. Then one day, it was all leaked to the media; that Jaejoong was confirmed to be one of those celebrities to enlist at the end of March. Thus, how would Changmin react with the sudden new information of his boyfriend? What would Changmin do to Jaejoong who has been keeping it as a secret?

Wedding bells

By Melodia-no-hanashi updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho, Lee Hyewon (OC), minor Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu
With 9 chapters, 10 votes, 119 subscribers, 83 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Title: Wedding bells Author: Melodia <3

The Passenger

By KeepCalmN_AKTF updated
Characters Changmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho
With 2 chapters, 7 subscribers, 200 views, 4 comments

On a strange day, Changmin gives a lift to an even stranger passenger. 

Don't Say Goodbye

By Melodia-no-hanashi updated
Characters Shim Changmin, Kim Jaejoong
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 4 subscribers, 340 views, 3 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

Title: Don't say goodbye Author: Melodia <3Pairing: JaeMin

The Professor's Model Boyfriend

By KeepCalmN_AKTF updated
Characters Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 5 subscribers, 430 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Jaejoong is a Literature Professor. His boyfriend, Changmin, is a Model and can be very dramatic. Here's one example of such an occurence...

♥ InfinitelyCassie Videos Box ♥

By InfinitelyCassie updated
Characters DBSK,Infinite,Shinee
With 78 chapters, 4 votes, 21 subscribers, 2530 views, 6 comments

Sharing my OTPs fanmade videos with everyone on AFF!

What's Loved, Lives

By lmposter updated
Characters Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin
With 1 chapters, 27 subscribers, 420 views, 10 comments

Kim Jaejoong is a collector of stuffed animals. He has hundreds piled around his room ranging from normal bears and rabbits to eccentric aliens and unidentifiable creatures. He has four, however, that he favors over the rest- a deer, a sheep, a tiger, and a rabbit. When he was eight years old, he found them at a cheap stand in the market and instantly fell in love with each of them. He couldn’t look away and bought them with the money he was saving for a new art set. Eight yea

I'll Never Leave You

By yehetqueens updated
Characters Mark, Jeno, Jae Min, Ji Sung, Dong Hyuk (Smrookies), Oh Soo Mi (OC)
With 6 chapters, 29 subscribers, 1530 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

I'll Never Leave You   Oh Soo Mi never wanted to trust anyone again, not until she met him. Mark.   “Why don’t you like me helping you?”   “Because I don’t need your help.”  

Why JaeMin (Not a fic)

By jaemintee updated
Characters Jaejoong Changmin
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 75 subscribers, 1000 views, 29 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  THIS IS NOT A FICTION. I am going through extreme JaeMin feels for the last few days... and I had to let it out somewhere.  Then I thought why not write it somewhere to let people know why I chose JaeMin...  Why do I think they are REAL. I am not trying to prove anything or convince anyone.