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Accidentally Married | Baekhyun

By jenniuary Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun
With 3 chapters, 9 subscribers, 160 views

I never imagine to marry Korean most notorious singer, Byun Baekhyung who seems to be three years younger than me! Ahn Yejun were surprised to find out that she suddenly woke up next to one of EXO's member, Byun Baekhyun with a similar looking ring on their finger. In a accidental marriage with a notorious singer, can Yejun find her happiness e

ღ Angst Recommendation ツ

By ikoniieyxz Updated
Characters Fanfics | Exo | Bts | Recommendation | Angst
With 29 chapters, 175 subscribers, 1800 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

You love genre's angst and sad? but you dunno where to find the best one? come here, i will present for you some heartbroking's fanfic.

Through The Funeral

Characters Baekhyun || You/oc/Lee Gyu-Won ||
With 12 chapters, 2 votes, 94 subscribers, 1890 views, 27 comments
Status Subscribers Only

                       6 years after breaking up, she met Byun Baekhyun

so far away. (yoonmin)

By minuteyoongi Updated
Characters BTS MEMBERS, mainly Jimin and Yoongi
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 180 views, 1 comments

  Jimin has been drowning in depression for so long it couldn't be counted on his fingers. He would have been drowned in deep by now if it weren't for Yoongi to aid him, without even knowing that he saved Jimin's life. Jimin can't handle hiding everything behind his smiles, he loses it after winning daesang award.

Broken promises (Semi-hiatus) NEW CHAPTER

By lupe05 Updated
Characters Bang Yongguk, Bang Yongnam, BAP, Ryu Hwayoung(you), Ryu Hyoyoung, other characters to come
With 42 chapters, 5 votes, 72 subscribers, 50 comments

when you were 6 your parents sent you overseas to study while your twin sister stayed with them. Before you left your two closes friends promised to take care of her. 11 years have passed and you’re finally back in Korea only to find out that your friends’ couldn’t keep their promise, your sister has been in a coma for the past 2 months and to make things worst your parents are forcing you to marry the jerk who hurt your sister the most. What will happen when you find out what really happened

Little Smile For You

By little_me96 Updated
With 2 chapters, 30 views

Lalisa mungkin nama indah, menawan dan mempunyai ciri-ciri seorang wanita idaman yang kaya namun itu hanya angan-angan. Selain daripada sikap lemah-lembut dia tidak mempunyai ciri-ciri seorang wanita idaman. Dia hanya gadis biasa, seorang yang pendiam dan yang paling penting dia hanya anak yatim piatu. Tiada ibu bapa di sisi. Hatinya di curi oleh seorang jejaka idaman yang hanya di jumpai setahun sekali iaitu pada setiap malam 13 Disember di sebuah tasik yang indah di bawah bulan dan bintang.

Say Nothing, Just Go

By Czelle_Khoury Updated
Characters Kim HanBin (B.I), Jung MinHee (OC)
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 18 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

 The  typical story as one might foresee  it, Minhee thinks so too. She finds it funny how her feelings for her Best Friend since the dawn of their births never went away. In her case,   she likes to think that Hanbin is one of a kind, a whole lot different from the others. For a boy like Hanbin, he

You Gave Me Hope When I Already Gave Up

By BlackRosesTears Updated
Characters Myoi Mina, Hirai Momo,...
With 3 votes, 27 subscribers, 240 views, 4 comments

Two years, two years that the time, Hirai Momo is already fighting against cancer. Two years that were so tiring not only for her but for her whole family and friends. She knows that they want to give up, that they are tired as hell because even after those two years, Momo doesn’t feel better. But they always tell her that she will be healthy in the future, that she should continue to fight. Momo herself is tired too, she doesn’t want to be under medical treatment. She knows that it w

Please Don't Say Goodbye

By Myungjiyounglo Updated
Characters Huang Zi Tao | Seo Haneul (oc)
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 36 subscribers, 6 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Title : Please Don't Say Goodbye Author : helloimdee_ Genre : Angst, Sad, Lo

Rain Lock

By Crystal928338 Updated
Characters Sehun, OC(Jae), Kai
With 20 chapters, 6 votes, 155 subscribers, 2850 views, 42 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Jae WAS a smart, nice, and understanding girlfriend for Oh Sehun for three years. Oh Sehun WAS an attractive, caring, and open-minded boyfriend for Jae.    However, EVERYTHING changed when Sehun is put into an arranged marriage with Helena, the daughter of a partner company of his family. As Jae and Sehun drift apart due to this arranged marriage, will they still hold on or just simply let go?


By Rainerchor Updated
Characters Lu Han | Song Jihyo | Do Kyungsoo
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 210 views, 5 comments
Status Members Only


My Husband is look alike Kpop Idol ?!

By HanHara1351 Updated
Characters Ahn Daniel ,Han Hyeri(YOU/OC), Kim Minho(OC), Han Hyejin(OC), Park Nanhee(OC), Ahn Daehee(OC), Teen Top
With 44 chapters, 2 votes, 19 comments

Kereta Hyeri tiba-tiba rosak di tepi jalan.Seorang namja yang rupanya agak mirip dengan kumpulan kpop idol telah datang membantunya dan menghantar Hyeri pulang ke rumah.Apabila tiba di depan rumah Hyeri,ada sesuatu perkara yang tidak diingini telah berlaku sehingga menyebabkan Hyeri terpaksa tinggal di rumah namja tersebut buat sementara.Apakah yang berlaku?Dan semenjak Hyeri tinggal di rumah namja tersebut,hubungan mereka menjadi semakin rapat dan telah menimbulkan satu perasaan lain di dala


By Jiri143 Updated
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 103 subscribers, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

My first fic.. Hope you guys enjoy it  

Can't See The End

By haseungwon Updated
Characters Kim Mingyu and Kim Sohye
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 9 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"Cinta tidak boleh dilihat tapi boleh dirasai." "Sama juga seperti percintaan,kita takkan tahu penghujung. Bahagia atau derita." "Can't see the end."

Of Obsession, Trauma and Love

By fionastars Updated
Characters Han Yeoreum(OC) Byun Baekhyun
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views

Han Yeoreum despises marriage. Until she meet and falls deeply in love with Byun Baekhyun. The man who resembles her grandpa in many ways, whether it’s his attitude, actions, and the way he thinks. Byun Baekhyun who keeps reminds her of her dearest grandpa. She wants his love


By kimjaena29301 Updated
With 3 chapters, 4 subscribers, 150 views, 1 comments

Kyungsoo.The only thing you see right now. You want him, to talk to you, smile at you, and the main point is to put his attention on You .  She . what was it just now ?

My One-Sided Love Life...♥

By Sweet_chocolate98 Updated
Characters Park Hyojin || EXO Luhan || EXO || Choi Haneul || More characters
With 74 chapters, 102 votes, 785 subscribers, 35150 views, 678 comments
Status Completed

Park Hyojin once had a perfect life.. She had once a perfect life , living happily with her parents in Beijing..    Her perfect life turned into imperfect one when her parents left her on her birthday..

Crazy Girl

By member Updated
Characters Kim Taehyung Lee Yuna(you)
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 11 subscribers, 1110 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

Lee Yuna, who is beautiful girl, always smiling and have good life before abandoned by her boyfriend, Taehyung. Now her face is very pale, not beautiful like before. have bad life and always crying. Now she staying at new house, mental hospital. Because she always miss her ex like crazy. But she have new friend at her new house, Dr Kim who always take care of her. But sometimes, she crying when she see Dr Kim. His face is very familiar to her.  “


By Eunhae7 Updated
Characters Jinyoung (B1A4), You, Bae Suzy (Miss A), Kang JaeHee (Mystic Messenger || Manager)
With 1 chapters, 70 views
Status Completed


Stay with me

By ZEMING Updated
Characters Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua & More
With 1 chapters, 17 subscribers, 250 views

Nature was where Jeonghan grew up till he moved to the city one day when he was just about to turn 16, being apart to the only thing that made him feel safe was hard.. Until he met Seungcheol.. Then everything changed- being loved by the man of his dreams was completely breath taking, the day he proposed, the day of their wedding, Jeonghan loved eve