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The Joys of Being a Parent

Witness the four cute, fluffy pups grow up and Tao and Sehun mastering everything from the pups' first steps to their first heat and their first mates. Could you handle them?


By iced_americano Updated
Characters Yonghwa, Seohyun
With 2 chapters, 12 subscribers, 200 views, 10 comments

Him. Wanna tell the whole world about their relationship. Her? Knowing their hearts belong to each other is more than enough. What will happen to their relationship when everything starting to go the way they never wanted to?

A Book of Seohyun

By rxinbowlicious Updated
Characters Seohyun and Various Male idols
With 33 chapters, 20 votes, 18700 views, 135 comments
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Characters ~

The Princess And The Pea

By lyre27 Updated
With 61 chapters, 116 votes, 1096 subscribers, 79420 views, 2159 comments
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      Hello.... I'm here again to bring you another story.


By MicTest Updated
Characters Featuring the YongSeo Couple ♥ ♥ ♥
With 23 chapters, 17 votes, 140 subscribers, 3690 views, 73 comments
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YongSeo and babies

By gwen15 Updated
Characters yongseo
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 60 subscribers, 1990 views, 15 comments

  Just a series of short stories about uri OTP and babies. 

YongSeo Short Stories (Previously Yongseo on 3,500 words.)

By HoneyPie Updated
Characters Yonghwa, Seohyun, Jonghyun, Kyuhyun
With 6 chapters, 20 votes, 591 subscribers, 8880 views, 99 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This is a series of one shots that should have 3,500 words. I may fail at this (goodness knows I will) I'm too descriptive for my own good. I'm officially changing it to YONGSEO SHORT STORIES. Why? Because I can't ever just write 3,500 words.


By bluefreya Updated
Characters CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa; Girls' Generation Seo Juhyun
With 18 chapters, 2 votes, 75 subscribers, 7630 views, 45 comments

What do you think? Are they real couple or not?     Just a bunch of YongSeo's update*inmyimagination*! Hope you like it!

Wondrous Magnolia

By ubie24 Updated
Characters Yonghwa Seohyun
With 16 chapters, 38 votes, 694 subscribers, 17910 views, 261 comments
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In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.

A Tranquilizer with your Cold Coffee

By Dragonbutterfly Updated
With 18 chapters, 11 votes, 145 subscribers, 7070 views, 62 comments

A tranquilizer with your cold coffee     A man (33 years old), the great JongYonghwa who seemed to live

YongSeo Story 3

By raincpays Updated
Characters Main: Jung Yonghwa, Seohyun Second Main: Lee Jonghyun, Im Yoona Supporting: Kang Minhyuk, Krystal, Girls' Generation, CNBLUE, SM
With 98 chapters, 40 votes, 1130 subscribers, 101250 views, 516 comments
Status Subscribers Only

BEHIND THE CAMERA.   This is my first ever fanfic. I'm not so good in writing so please bear with my composition and with my grammar ;) I got my inspiration from the other stories that I read here in asianfanfics. Lately, I've been thinking really hard of what's really happening to my OTP that's why I wrote this fanfic. I hope you guys will like it. Again, sorry for some grammatical errors :) YongSeo forever! :)   I'll be glad if

You Are Mine

By Chaputilicious Updated
Characters Jung Yonghwa Seo Joohyun CNBLUE SNSD
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 153 subscribers, 5280 views, 36 comments

Life after WGM is very different. Time has passed by. Many things have happened. They are not the same people anymore. He has turned into someone no one expected him to be. Others were grateful for his transformation. Others are not. The fans doesn't care. All they know is that Jung Yonghwa has become someone worth dreaming. More passionate. More intense. More devilish. His image has been every inch of a rockstar


By DTREAD Updated
Characters YongSeo Jung Yonghwa Seo Joohyun CNBlue SNSD
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 181 subscribers, 1020 views, 11 comments
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Serendipity - Pronunciation: /ˌsɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti/ The occurrence and development of events by 

Epilouge : Yongseo Couple

By bluefreya Updated
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 44 subscribers, 1950 views, 9 comments

What are they doing after divorce? What if they meet once again? What if they fall in love once again?    Epilouge - a story after WGM

Falling Slowly

By djdaph Updated
Characters Jung YongHwa Seo JooHyun SNSD CNBlue OCs
With 34 chapters, 16 votes, 225 subscribers, 13260 views, 65 comments

Seo Joohyun   - only child of the family  - grew up as grandpa's precious gem  - raised as polite, disciplined, stubborn, cold but secretly caring

The Real Me

By ricotaku Updated
Characters Jung Yong Hwa,Seohyun,Kang Minhyuk,Lee Jungshin,Lee Jonghyun,Im Yoona,Jessica,Krystal,Key,Seolhyun
With 34 chapters, 8 votes, 767 subscribers, 16810 views, 56 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jung Yonghwa - Being the Leader of the Number one Band in Korea i have an image to uphold, In Everyone else's eyes i'am Perfect. Handsome,Rich,Talented and Full of Charisma but there is so much more to Jung Yonghwa... Seo Joohyun - There's nothi


By Tinkle_Star Updated
Characters Yonghwa (CNBLUE), Seohyun (SNSD)
With 5 chapters, 10 votes, 162 subscribers, 5350 views, 44 comments
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Jung Yonghwa is a psychiatrist whom recently been accepted at Gangnam's famous Psychiatric Hospital. As one of his first duties, he was in charge of a patient named, Seo Joohyun, a 18 year old.  Joohyun, who was a mute, could only communicate through the uses of a notepad and a pen.  However, that didn't falter Yonghwa's goal to help her. Unf


By euncha20 Updated
Tags yongseo
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 353 subscribers, 2930 views, 27 comments
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They decided to break up.   No, she left him.   She miss him, so damn bad.   He miss her, a lot.   but...          

Shining Star

By Chaputilicious Updated
Characters Seo Joo Hyun Jung Yonghwa SNSD members CNBLUE members
With 17 chapters, 7 votes, 160 subscribers, 7550 views, 70 comments

Seo Joo Hyun a.k.a Seohyun is the youngest member of a popular girl group named SNSD (Girl's Generation). Their group has just debuted but they have received so mu


By HoneyPie Updated
Characters Jung Yonghwa, Seo Hyun, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin, CNBlue, Hoya, Lee Joon, So Ji Sub, Yoona, SNSD, Park Shinhye, Taeyang, TOP and others
With 21 chapters, 46 votes, 814 subscribers, 24620 views, 235 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This s a different Hyun and he's a slightly different Yonghwa.  

Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart

By ayasdfgghjkl Updated
Characters yonghwa seohyun cnblue lee minho park shin hye ji changwook others
With 16 chapters, 10 votes, 528 subscribers, 10340 views, 65 comments
Status Subscribers Only

 A story about a girl who was given a task to break the heart of a Casanova, making him fall for him. Seo Ju Hyun is an ordinary college girl but when their school's ultimate casanova broke her best friend's heart, she agreed to do the task in order to have revenge to him. Will she ever make the Casanova fall for her? Or Will things turn the other way around?


By mimikissme4ever Updated
With 8 chapters, 30 subscribers, 3110 views, 5 comments

  When Yongseo equals first.... When Yongseo means bittersweet... When Yongseo symbolize love in all its form.

Should it be you?

By _princesslulu Updated
Characters Yonghwa Seohyun Changmin Victoria Minhyuk SNSD CNBLUE
With 14 chapters, 8 votes, 392 subscribers, 7230 views, 82 comments
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i think i love him.. i think he is my first love.. he always protect me.. shower me with affection.. but.. he said i'm just his sister.. he broke me.. he make me realize.. does he really my first love??

Baby Fever

By Khunh1 Updated
Characters yonghwa seohyun yongseo
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 44 subscribers, 690 views, 10 comments

Baby Fever


By specialtha Updated
Characters Seohyun Yonghwa N Jimin
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 210 subscribers, 1810 views, 18 comments
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Hi guys,,, This is my very first story, i've read so many YONGSEO fanfic and decided to write one. I want to share my delulu about this couple with all of u (yongseo shipper) I wanna try to write story in english, but sorry for my poor english. hehehe   Let's start  

Our Little Things

By MayAndJune Updated
With 8 chapters, 7 votes, 277 subscribers, 6430 views, 21 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Happiness is simple. Bliss comes from the smallest things. If two people are in love, isn't it normal for them to want to give their best to their significant other?