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Tell Me

By nataliedecoco Updated
Characters Amber Liu Krystal Jung SMTown Members
With 35 chapters, 56 votes, 470 subscribers, 41630 views, 723 comments

New story :) Hope this entertains~~~~~ <3

My Brother's Substitute

By -GraySkellington- Updated
Characters Krystal, Amber, Seulgi, Yiyun
With 39 chapters, 89 votes, 791 subscribers, 49800 views, 914 comments

I'm engaged with my girlfriend and I love her, but I was forced to go to Korea to act as my twin just to save my parents from a court case which was filed by the parents of the girl he got pregnant with. I really didn't expect to fall for her, specially that I'm fully aware that I have my fiance waiting for me and I'm just my brother's substitute.

The Billionare's Ex-Wife & Son

By SkylerGoesK-Pop Updated
Characters Aiden, Krystal, AmberJLiu(AJ), Minho, Etc . . .
With 12 chapters, 13 votes, 326 subscribers, 4390 views, 87 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The Billionare's Ex-Wife & Son Aiden and Krystal Jung have been living freely and comfortable in Hawaii. It's been 9 long years since she filed for a divorce and won custody of Aiden. Ever since the divorce, Krystal and Aiden has been under Minho's care. They started dating when Aiden was only 9 years old. Many times Minho popped the question but Krystal, afraid of a repeat, always tol

I need you

By EXOSHIDAEfxaddict Updated
Characters Krystal Jung Amber Liu Lee DongHae Kim Hyuna
With 40 chapters, 5 votes, 113 subscribers, 5870 views, 104 comments

Hii!! I'm back after almost 1 month with another story after "You're my destiny"! It's called "I need you" like you saw,this is my second fanfic about Kryber (Krystal + Amber = Forever) ^3^ thank you for the support you gave to my first story and enjoy this! Kryber fans 화이팅! 사랑해요 여러분! Enjoyyyyy!!!!

Meet the Family

By Jey-chan Updated
Characters Donghae, Hyukjae, Amber, Kyuhyun, Henry, Krystal, Jessica, Sungmin, Siwon, Irene
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 121 subscribers, 1370 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What if you have to marry some stranger guy even though you're lesbian? 

AFF guiden and Kryber fan club (more on Amber)

By Bo-Remi Updated
With 851 chapters, 57 votes, 315 subscribers, 186610 views, 1627 comments

It's not a story.  For new member in this website who doesn't know anything beside reading story, here some knowledge about Asianfanfic  .   And for your information, I am fan of Amber (she's the main reason i love fx), kryber (i l

Be my love tonight

By Taeistae Updated
Characters Snsd f(x)
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 34 subscribers, 750 views, 9 comments

Jeasica found her Boyfriend cheating on her with another girl as she caught them in the action. On the same day, she received gifts from an anonymous sender.....who could it be?

The Demon

By llama_93 Updated
Characters amber,krystal,fx members
With 2 chapters, 128 subscribers, 880 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

in which Krystal dreams of a person for the first time in her life she has never seen that person. but some how she hopes its fake.  

f(x) 4 Walls – X

By slho901 Updated
Characters Kryber, Amber Liu, Krystal Jung, Jung Soo Jung and friends of AFF
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 580 views, 28 comments
Status Completed

  What is X?   little slho901: "I am a smart child. It means the twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet! " cheesy slho901:" Ooooo, i knew this since I was bornt, it is used in a letter or message to symbolize a kiss. X (mucks) M slho901: " Kids, this is a rating assigned to movies classified as suitable for adults only and


By cashmerezai Updated
Characters krystal jung, amber liu,f(x) members, jessica, various artists
With 50 chapters, 38 votes, 734 subscribers, 26010 views, 482 comments
Status Subscribers Only

18 years have passed....... Krystal now on her mid 30s..she has nothing to ask for as everything she wants is right at the palm of her hands...beautiful and successful in her career ..she has everything that anybody would think she's happy having all of those things..It's always been a mystery why she's still single..many guys tried to date her but end up being rejected.. but unknown to them she's holding into a PAST..she's waiting for that man who promised to find her in the FUTURE...she kno

Black: The Flightless Bird Sequel

By DonkeyASS Updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri, Liu Amber, Lee Sunny, Hwang Tiffany, Jung Jessica, Jung Krystal, Choi Sooyoung
With 26 chapters, 87 votes, 1018 subscribers, 26660 views, 1031 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Are you guys exited? I know I am! The long wait is finally hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! >:D

Love Story

By daredevilcec Updated
Characters Amber Liu, Yiyun Liu, Krystal Jung, Im Yoona, Oh Sehun, Oh Jongin
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 173 subscribers, 1670 views, 17 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Eighties era It was love at first sight when Yiyun first saw Yoona in the eighties in high school. Yoona was your typical student compared to Yiyun who was your everyday Maths teacher. Yoona was aged 17 while Yiyun was 27. Under circumstances, they grew up separately and even produced offspring who follow their parent’s footsteps in their love life.

Love and Trial

By alexaom Updated
Characters Kryber KrystalJung AmberLiu
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 87 subscribers, 430 views
Status Subscribers Only

Amber has been a great doctor since she finised studying two years ago. She's already one of the best surgeon in South Korea. She has everything, money, fame. Yes, she was really famous, she was featured several times in some TV shows and Magazine as one of the most handsome/beautiful professionals in Seoul. There's so many ladies that are ready to take any risk just to be her girl. She is a tom, and every other guy envy her.   She believes that love comes in its own way, and

Constant and Changing

By kryber_heart Updated
Characters Krystal, Amber, Victoria, Luna, Jessica, Sulli, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, SMTown
With 30 chapters, 57 votes, 1043 subscribers, 26460 views, 324 comments
Status Subscribers Only

A Kryber love story based on true events. Following f(x)'s "Red Light" promtions, life for Krystal takes a turn for the worst. Sulli goes on hiatus, Jessica is kicked out of SNSD, and SM bans her from SMTOWN concert endings. When Krystal feels like her life is out of her control, it's Amber who holds her steady and she realizes that Amber is more than just a friend. From "Red Light" to "4 Walls", this is Krystal Jung's story. Lots of Kryber. Lots of f(bond).


By kingandqueen12 Updated
Characters Amber Liu , krystal jung
With 7 chapters, 6 votes, 95 subscribers, 2140 views, 21 comments

    Amber Liu A delivery nerdy girl who is secretly in love with her Bestfriend Krystal Jung who is a daughter of a respected mafia group in Korea...... Their life is just normal until one day a man name Hino introduce himself as a positioned Bodyguard for krystal... It is said that every daughter of Mafia groups are being kidnapped and killed in search of a Crystal that has been said to be implanted in one of them......Krystal is in danger because of that....

Pieces to remember

By fankry Updated
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 100 views

"I know I love her and I can't deny it."  "Will everything change if I take the first step forward?" "Will she also love me like I love her?" "Even if she didn't, will she always stay by my side?''   This is my second kryber fic and I'm still in learning process on how to write a better story so forgive me if I have any silly mistakes kekekeke. and... I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS WILL ENJOY MY STORY. tee hee :D

I Will Always Love You

By MyRippedJeans Updated
Tags kryber
With 20 chapters, 66 votes, 375 subscribers, 15390 views, 349 comments

      Krystal wanted her first boyfriend to be perfect. Someone she could be proud of. But Amber wasnt like that. Amber was the campus nerd.....a lanky boyish nerd.And worse,she was her girlfriend an she was ashamed of her.   But the saying: "You dont know what you've got until its gone" happened to her. She lost Amber on the night of her debut party.

My Hyung

By Fxfamily Updated
Characters Amber Liu and Krystal Jung
With 23 chapters, 32 votes, 270 subscribers, 11650 views, 254 comments

"Family means no one gets left behind"

I fell for 'LIU'

By juliane2408 Updated
Characters Amber, Krystal, f(x), Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyon, Minah, Shinee
With 57 chapters, 17 votes, 667 subscribers, 22980 views, 316 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Hey guys! This is my fourth fanfic I know right don’t worry I will b

How I Met Your Wonderful Self

By chromenagi Updated
Characters Amber Liu, Krystal Jung, Sulli, Luna, Victoria, & whoever I decided to throw in.
With 16 chapters, 10 votes, 27 comments

Annyeonghaseyo~ After being a silent reader of many, many, many, fics, I've decided to try it myself. My

Face to Face (One shot series)

By jungc9 Updated
Characters Amber, Taeyeon, Jessica, Krystal, etc.
With 30 chapters, 19 votes, 938 subscribers, 14310 views, 139 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Series of one shots and short stories of Amber and her ships.   I will only do GirlxGirl ships (sorry) if you want to request a one shot just comment below and I'll try my hardest to get them all completed  

Young & Free

By Yoyoyo24 Updated
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 133 subscribers, 2020 views, 33 comments

Krystal is forced to spend her last year of high school in Korea.  After leaving her comfortable life in Newport Beach, California, Krystal is immediately ed into the highly competitive and elite world of South Korea's most prestigious high school, JL Academy.  Although Krystal is well-acquainted with the pretense and parade of the world of the top one percent of society,

The Necklace That Represents Her Heart

By daredevilcec Updated
Characters Amber Liu, Krystal Jung, Chris (OC), F(x), T-ara and More Idols & Drama Characters
With 121 chapters, 20 votes, 687 subscribers, 21210 views, 235 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What would you do if you life completely changed? Having power only existed in dreams until you finally meet your fate. Amber is a 17 year old girl who gets her fortune foretold with

A Water Coloured Meadow

By Loyal_Llama Updated
Characters Amber || Krystal || Victoria || Luna
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 21 subscribers, 330 views, 3 comments

  “You are like a chestnut burr, prickly outside, but silky-soft within, and a sweet kernel, if one can only get at it. Love will make you show your heart some day, and then the rough burr will fall off.”

saying i love you

By ambae-r Updated
Tags kryber
Characters Krystal Jung, Amber Liu
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 11 subscribers, 610 views, 6 comments
Status Completed

Krystal tells Amber she loves her for the first time over the phone, but Amber doesn’t respond, leading Krystal to arrive at the worst conclusions.