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You're my Wonderwall

We’re not meant to be together. You’re not supposed to approach me and I am not supposed to let you approach me. And yet, I still did. Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me. After all, you’re my wonderwall.


Byjamillechu updated
CharactersSuper Generation,Leeteuk,Taeyeon,Donghae,Jessica,Siwon,Tiffany,ryeowook,sooyoung,Seohyun
With40 chapters, 3 votes, 79 subscribers, 8610 views, 38 comments

In Seoul University there are many students who are studying here. Among the students,the kingkas and queenkas are the most popular in the school.The kingkas have their secret,what will it be? But the queenkas hate the kingkas. Will the hate each other or will they fall in love? CHARACTERS JUNG JUNGSU ALSO KNOWN AS JUNG LEETEUK -JESSICA'S OLDER BROTHER

The Band

Bysapphirestarr updated
Characterssunny sungmin jessica donghae
With2 chapters, 150 views, 2 comments

Combination of a band you would NEVER imagine   

Nothing But a Game

ByCeleste_Sirius updated
With27 chapters, 8 votes, 105 subscribers, 6020 views, 80 comments

This is a story about two best friends Who drifted apart

Illegal Marriage

Byprisjones updated
CharactersJessica Donghae
With36 chapters, 30 votes, 187 subscribers, 10910 views, 282 comments

What if a friend is in need, how far would you go to help them? What if that friend needed you to put everything in your life on the line to help him out?

Unexpected you

Bygaemgyuu updated
CharactersKyuhyun, Donghae, Seohyun, Jessica
With11 chapters, 4 votes, 37 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

On one summer, I feel like I'm such a loser, a dork, and an orphan who don't have anything in my life. But since he came to my life, Everything turn upside down.  

Sober Hearts

ByDancingMangoes updated
CharactersJessica Jung, Lee Donghae, SNSD members, Super Junior members, SM Town Family
With26 chapters, 4 votes, 27 subscribers, 27 comments

A story that revolves around two individuals who suffered from traumatic, yet so cliche heartbreaks that caused them to change the way they think about life.... and mostly about LOVE. Two sober hearts that never thought they could love and trust another person to touch their hearts.   closing the'r hearts, not letting anyone enter it again because of the shattered door knob.   But I guess life is just a bit playful.   It just ma

When Table Turns

ByLivingDead updated
CharactersChoi Sooyoung Jung Jessica Lee Donghae Rest Of SNSD
With6 chapters, 6 votes, 131 subscribers, 1140 views, 37 comments
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Sooyoung was pissed. Finding out that the boy she likes, turns out it was her bestfriend, likes someone. And she wants to meet her, that someone. She thought it was actually a good idea. But not until she found out it was her. Jessica. The school's goddess.


Byjeansuntang updated
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 24 subscribers, 500 views, 3 comments

Yoona's mother is getting remarried with Yunho. Yoona's alright with Yunho but not so okay with his daughters. Jessica and Krystal who believed that Yoona's mother is here to replace their mother. As Yoona got closer with Jessica and Krystal boyfriend Donghae and Myungsoo (L), Jessica and Krystal finds themselves hating Yoona more. How will this family of hate continue? Will Yoona go towards the path that shall lead to her happiness or the path that shall lead to her family's happine

The One I Want

Bymelodyoflife updated
CharactersLee Donghae, Jung Jessica
With2 chapters, 7 votes, 26 subscribers, 360 views, 8 comments

If only you could look at me once. If only you allowed me to show you, just how deep my love is for you. If only you weren't so blind.

Maybe Someday

Byjessica21c updated
CharactersJessica Jung,Lee Donghae,Im Yoona,Lee Seunggi
With1 comments

Lee Donghae aka Aiden Lee - 26 y/o - Owner of the cafe 'ranaway rabbit'(집나간 토끼) [a/n :Its a big cafe with many branches like starbucks.] Jung Sooyeon aka Jessica Jung -26 y/o -CEO of BLANC Supporting Roles: Im Yoona -26 y/o - famous model-actress Lee Seunggi -28y/o -A judge   3 things you need to know: 1. Jessica,Donghae and Yoona were bestfriends since highschool 2. Jessica and Don

What's behind that pretty face?

Bybettertmru updated
CharactersYoona, Jessica, Heechul, Donghae, Changmin and others
With1 chapters, 3 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

When you're in love with someone, you stop seeing their flaws. But the gamemaker will force you to. Because everyone is ugly and evil, once they're provoked.

Jessica Jung's Little Victim

BySuperGeneration2 updated
CharactersLee Donghae | Jessica Jung | Im Yoona
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 21 subscribers
StatusSubscribers Only

All Lee Donghae wanted was to have SM High's beautiful sweetheart, Im Yoona, as his girlfriend. Being out of his league, Donghae couldn't just go up to her and ask her out. They were from two different worlds! He should've known that when he asked Yoona's spoiled, rich, popular best friend, Jessica Jung, t


ByEverlasting15 updated
CharactersLee Donghae, Jessica Jung, Wu Yifan
With16 chapters, 10 votes, 55 comments

"I met her on my way to Chicago, where she was all alone And so was I so I asked her for a name She smiled and looked at me I was susprised so see that a woman like that was really into me..."

I'll Be Waiting

Bytaengsix updated
CharactersJung Jessica and Lee Donghae
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 69 subscribers, 280 views, 1 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Sometimes, you just have to wait.No matter how

Fated Coincidence

Byyoonacorn- updated
Characters「 main: jung sooyeon, lee donghae, jung soojung, kim jongin.
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 33 subscribers, 590 views, 5 comments

"Jess, wake up. We're in reality right now, not everyone can score a perfect, fairytale relationship."  

Aspiring Lovers

ByILovePikachu2 updated
CharactersGirls Generation and Super Junior!
With65 chapters, 30 votes, 213 subscribers, 16790 views, 661 comments

18 People With 9 Different Love


By--ygwinnerjjangg updated
CharactersKwon Jiyong , Jessica Jung , Im Yoona , Lee Donghae
With34 chapters, 8 votes, 6920 views, 124 comments
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Skinny Love

Bytaengsix updated
CharactersJung Jessica, Lee Donghae
With1 chapters, 9 comments
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  skinny love. Two people wh


Byyoonwondaebak updated
CharactersSiwon , Yoona , Donghae , Jessica , Suzy , Taecyeon , Minho , Krystal
With2 chapters, 41 subscribers, 290 views, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

"ONE"   ~ A yoonwondaebak fanfic ~    

Under Protection

ByCeleste_Sirius updated
Charactersyonghwa, joon, kyuhyun, jessica, hyuna, heechul, donghae, tiffany, siwon
With20 chapters, 4 votes, 52 subscribers, 26 comments

Summary: The agents are assigned to protect a girl from the villains while training her on how to control her powers. Along the way, the mission starts to get personal for each one of them in different ways. (lame summary but oh well) Characters

Getting married with a PLAYBOY

BySpringDragon updated
CharactersKim Hyoyeon, Jung Jessica, Lee Eunhyuk, Lee Donghae, SNSD, Super Junior. Other artists like: F(x), SHINee, A Pink and EXO.
With23 chapters, 17 votes, 305 subscribers, 5950 views, 153 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Lee Eunhyuk, the eldest son of the DH Entertainment, was arranged marriage with the one and only daughter of the famous HY Dance Academy, because of their mom's promises to each other years ago to let their son and daughter get married. Hyoyeon agreed on it because she really loves her parents while Eunhyuk hates the idea of it, because he will be marrying a nerd.   CHARACTERS Main Characters Kim

Me, You and Her

By789fest updated
Charactersjessica, donghae, taecyeon, snsd, suju, 2pm
With2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 190 views

The past between her and him The secret between her and him The past between he and him The secret between him and him

My Heart Flutters

Bymysteriousgirl262 updated
CharactersSooyoung, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Jessica, Sungmin, and Henry
With13 chapters, 3 votes, 10 comments

Choi Sooyoung - 17 years old - 2nd year class (advanced)


Byyoonwondaebak updated
CharactersIm Yoona , Choi Siwon , Lee Donghae , Jessica Jung , Ok Taecyeon , Bae Suzy , Choi Minho , Krystal Jung
With40 chapters, 32 subscribers, 1770 views, 124 comments

yoonwondaebak is BACK  

Silent Tears Of A Pianist (피아니스트의 침묵의 눈물) HIATUS

ByYulSunSeoSone updated
CharactersLee Donghae | Jung SooYeon (Jessica) | Kim Heechul | Hwang Mi-Young (Tiffany) | Nichkhun Horvejkul | Ok Taecyeon | Im Yoona | SNSD | Super Junior
With7 chapters, 12 votes, 18 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

      She's playing the piano beautifully and passionately. Not knowing the pain hidden inside her heart. She smiles for her fans, but still her silent tears kept rolling on her rosy cheeks. She secretly weeps inside a silent room and just dreamt that one precious day there would be someone there to cheer her up for h