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A Wife's Love

ByTaeLliMinSulLove updated
With6 chapters, 6 votes, 45 subscribers, 1060 views, 18 comments

Sulli was the perfect daughter, the perfect friend, the perfect wife and the perfect mother. She only had one problem, her job was taking over her life. She began to neglect her husband, Minho. Yoona was Sulli's best friend, no one could replace her. But Yoona, suffers from the emptiness of a true love. What happens when the lives of these three people intertwine?   Characters

you'll always be there along the way

Bydmelody1 updated
Charactersminho , sulli , fx , shinee
With1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 60 views

This is another minsul story I know sulli is having a hard time right now because of all the hate and her taking a break from FX .

It's Business

Bycikbella updated
CharactersChoi Sulli, Choi Minho, Yoogeun
With38 chapters, 44 votes, 354 subscribers, 556 comments



Bydmelody1 updated
Characterssulli minho
With14 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers, 490 views, 9 comments

We got married a minsul story

Loved them!

ByMahogany4 updated
With1 chapters, 20 votes, 46 subscribers, 850 views, 14 comments

    Hi Guys!   I was checking twitter when I saw a friend asking me to check my Aff. And I was pleasantly surprised to know why. She had a chance to get to learn about photoeditting (graphic design?) and tried to work on some stuff to practice. Luckily, she thought of my stories as her samp

tothebeautifulyou(beginning and end)

Bydmelody1 updated
Charactersgoo jae hee , kangtaejoon ... etc
With19 chapters, 9 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments

* I do not own this drama, but will use the lines , and I will describe the places as my own*   What will she do to be happy again ? Why is this boy so special to her ? Will they find out if she is a girl? Will he love her?

i fell in love with a hot geek

Bydmelody1 updated
Charactersminho, sulli, minsul, 2hyun, hyuna, hyunseung, yuri, fx and shinee etc...
With10 chapters, 1 votes, 18 subscribers, 510 views, 8 comments

What will he do when he becomes the laughing stock of the school? What will she do when she becomes friends with a total nerd ? What will they all do when there two friends fall in love ? What will she do when she has to make him popular ? What will she so if one of her rivals takes an interest in him ?

Everything will be okay

ByKVMS288 updated
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 6 subscribers, 250 views, 5 comments

News broke out. Sulli is confused on what will she do next. Some fans are happy about it, yet there's still fans hating and bashing her. She doesn't know what to do next, who she will  to talk to. But little did she know, there's always a person that can lend a shoulder to cry on, she just doesn't realize it yet. 

When I Look at You

ByiLoveToSmile12 updated
CharactersKrystal Jung, Choi Minho, Choi Sulli, Kim Jonghyun, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Won, Kim Jongin, Kim MyungSoo, Jessica Jung, etc.
With12 chapters, 24 votes, 91 subscribers, 3410 views, 296 comments

"I constantly ask myself if it's worth it; and in the end, I still have no idea."   "I can't risk losing someone I've cherished so many memories with; along with falling in love."  

Behind those lips

Byfath_taylor updated
CharactersChoi minho || Choi Sulli + others
With4 chapters, 13 votes, 164 subscribers, 1780 views, 62 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

"Behind Those Lips"  

Call yourself f(x) fans?

ByShafSO updated
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 7 subscribers, 260 views, 13 comments

I'm just sharing my thoughts. It's what I've written in my blog too.

Female President

Bycoolmage30 updated
With20 chapters, 2 votes, 34 subscribers, 1690 views, 16 comments

Hello guys~ Do you miss Minsul (Crowd: YEEAAAAHHHH!!) anyways, I'm making two stories in a row. Don't wory, I'll update both of them. I'll change, I'll change *giggles* anyway, it's based on an anime called Kaichou wa Maid sama. the main couple is Minsul of course (obvious much) staring Sulli as Misaki Ayuzawa and Minho as Usui Takumi.  Characters: 

My Hidden Feelings

Byallyshazillane updated
With1 chapters, 9 subscribers, 110 views, 2 comments

    Well another story from me...another one even though I have'nt finished the two stories I have made...Hope you'll like this one....-Zillane                                                                                                               

SM Boy High School

Byfiqahhanafi updated
CharactersChoi Sulli | Amber Liu | Choi Minho | Kris Wu | EXO | f(X) | Shinee
With12 chapters, 10 votes, 98 subscribers, 3600 views, 59 comments

This story is about Choi Sulli who is attends an all-boys high school and she must disguise herself as a boy to enter. She tranferred to the school because she have to pretend to be her twin brother who is now coma in hospital because of involved in an accident. She know how much

The Lost Figures of Hatred.

ByMinsulLovatic updated
CharactersChoi Minho & Choi Sulli
With20 chapters, 76 votes, 237 subscribers, 379 comments

What was she going to do now?! Finding herself stranded in an island that wasn't even discovered or found in the global map was something she couldn't believe. And worst, why out of all the people to be stranded with after being in a shipwreck did it have to be him? The only person she utterly hates with all her upmost heart. The single person

Le Prince Sombre D'amour

ByAppleSonyuh44 updated
CharactersMinho, Sulli, Tiffany, TOP, Nichkhun Horvejkul, SHINee, F(x), etc.
With13 chapters, 13 votes, 54 subscribers, 1900 views, 39 comments

   "Have you ever loved somebody so much that you are willing to give up your own life for the sake of theirs?"   "Are you willing to leave the old, comfortable life of before for a new and different one?"   "I ask you, one last time. Could you sacrifice your life, the one you have developed friendships, bonds a

The Last Sigmas

Byserenitynadz updated
Charactersall Shinee and F(X) member, some EXO, SUJU and SNSD member, Suzy, Naeun, Nichkhun, etc
With8 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 580 views, 8 comments

Anyeonghaseyo (Is the spelling right?)  Until now, I have been a silent reader and somehow I have the urge to write my own after seeing many of you wrote wonderful stories. I myself like to write story, but never published any of those although my friends have already encouraged me to do so. At last, I decided to write this fanfic, my first fa


Byleeminjoo92 updated
CharactersChoi Minho, Choi Sulli, Lee Jinki, Lee Ji Eun (IU)
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 120 views, 3 comments

Minho in backstreet relationship with Sulli . No one knows except Jinki

My autism husband

Byfath_taylor updated
CharactersChoi minho || Choi Sulli || Kai + others
With20 chapters, 36 votes, 319 subscribers, 7210 views, 246 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

"Sulli-yah.. I call you here now.. because i want you to find this guy at Namyan Village" her dad gives a picture to Sulli. "appa...!! why should i?? Am i your slave or what??" She asked her dad angrily instead of looking at that picture. Mr. Choi sighed. "Truthfully... he's your future husband.. and he's your cousin.. and now... go find h


Bycunningbutton updated
CharactersChoi Minho and Choi Jinri
With13 chapters, 16 votes, 89 subscribers, 2700 views, 49 comments

What is really happening inside the minsul ship?


Bymataharidina updated
Characterschoi minho, choi Sulli, Lee Taemin, Yogeun, etc.
With24 chapters, 21 votes, 200 subscribers, 5000 views, 191 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

The house where she lived from birth to now  . The house where she found her first love. The house where she stored her dreams. Will she be willing to sell all the dreams and memories to a stranger?      

Clash of the Worlds

ByImperfectArtist updated
Charactersf(x)'s Sulli, EXO's Sehun, SHINee's Minho
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 23 comments

Magical world: "Run Sulli, run!" Krystal yelled behind her back. She, Victoria, Amber, and Luna tried to hold off the invading humans and fallen angels while trying to let Sulli escape. "B-but what about you guys?" Suli trembled in

Naeun's Diary

Bymyraajah updated
CharactersSon Naeun, Lee Taemin, Choi Jinri, Choi Minho, Kim Jun Myeon, Jung Eunji, Lee(?)Soo Jung, Kim Jongin
With20 chapters, 11 votes, 63 subscribers, 4000 views, 112 comments

I used to life that what I wanna do but I cannot do it. What I want to say but I keep it. To do effort with my studies that is not my desire. To say yes, but actually I’m not. I always hide this with my bright smile cover it. But there is one place that I can share my thought. That place is my diary, my blog. There is one day, that I want to tell him how much I love him but how can I say that, my tongue already lock for long time.    Can he h

i will make her remember me ( re-uploaded )

Bymonko92 updated
Charactersminho, sulli, krystal , taemin
With22 chapters, 4 votes, 31 subscribers, 1700 views, 11 comments

  "why am i here doctor ??" asked sulli while looking at minho. he swallowed his saliva "sulli , it's me " he smiled weakly " your husband ." ****