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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

The Academy

  Everyone has a normal life. Really? K-POP Artists started to shine internationally for their exceptional choreography and vocals. But what the normal people don't know is that these artists don't experience life this normal. A floating school above Korea, the Academy teaches these artists 4 things: Dance, Sing, Act and

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CharactersEXO (Main Group), K-POP Groups and Artists
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Promises were meant to be broken

Kyungsoo and Baekhyun go to a crappy high school in a crappy neighbourhood. One morning Mr Kim introduces a new student who has come from China. The two boys befriend him and their lives are turned upside down then right side up. Vampires, shifters, witch’s? What is this boy talking about!

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CharactersEXO, OC's, other idols i feel like throwing in
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Kpop Scenarios, mainly EXO.

        I just love those gif reaction thing on tumblr and thought I'd make some on here.. mainly because I can't do them on tumblr, it hates me at the moment.   So anyway this basically a scenario thing like if Exo were.. or if any other artists were.. (scenario) you know those kind of things. I just really want to do one of those, so yea I'm doing one.  

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CharactersSM artists, EXO, Super Junior, SNSD
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How Do We Get home...... Together?

(A fragment of the story) Baekhyun POV  Where am I? Where's Chanyeol? Where's everyone? Why am I in this dark room?  Questions and questions. Ques

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CharactersEXO Baekhyun Chanyeol Kai Kyungsoo(D.O) Luhan Sehun Suho Lay Kris Tao Chen Xiumin
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The Hottie Next Door

new place, new surroundings, and maybe new love? Huang Zitao has a new apartment in seoul, living with Mr.Boo, his siberian husky and yes, he has a great job as an interior designer. Ever since the first day he moved in, he coulden't get his eyes closed every night. Loud moans was heard since then. not only that, apparantly the one who lived next door likes to do spanking and even a roleplay with his partner. Tao, who

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CharactersTao and Kris
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Don't Be Afraid of Me

Skye has grown up in a world where mythical creatures—Occults—exist and terrorize the human race. The world is at war with itself, and humans are fighting a losing battle. Skye's family was killed by werewolves, and she was raised by her foster father Luke to believe all Occults were meant to be killed. When she meets and helps a werewolf named Chanyeol, then is kidnapped by his wolfpack, can she learn to work with people she originally hated?

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CharactersSkye (OC), EXO
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In Between Lay & Yixing

Kim Joonmyun meets the twins.  Starring:  The cocky dancer- Zhang Lay

Bybyeolwoaini updated
CharactersJoonmyun, Lay, Yixing, EXO
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The Great Story

Zhang Yixing is a one-hit author. After a very successful writing debut and an almost movie proposal, he hasn't been able to write anything anymore. He has travelled the world in search of what he calls the Great Story. In order to support himself, he is forced to work as a personal assistant for Kris Wu, CEO of Starling Entertainment. Yixing soon learns that the Great Story might be closer than he imagines.    

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CharactersEXO and other Kpop stars
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The Unforgive

This time, I challenge myself to write this story entirely of quotes and dialog. Use imagination and deductive thinking to fill in the spaces. 

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Thank You

Kyungsoo is the beloved king of Seoul. One day, while he was investigating a crime in his village without guards or protection he was attacked by one of the villagers, late at night, while walking the streets to look for clues. Becoming pregnant with his rapist child. Feeling dirty on the insides and out. Will he ever be able to love again? Himself, his child/children and an extra someone who loves him no matter what.

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CharactersKaisoo, Kyungsoo and Jongin, EXO
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Over the Moon and Back

Wu Yifan is totally and completely over the moon for Huang Zitao, and Huang Zitao is absolutely and undoubtedly smitten with Wu Yifan.       1. saturday nights & sunday mornings

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CharactersHuang Zitao, Wu Yifan
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It Should Be Me

This is based off K. Will Please Don't   Kris is Tao's best friend but because of his obliviousness he doesn't notice Tao's feelings.   Kris is getting married and he wants Tao to be his best man.    Why can't you notice my feelings for you? 

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CharactersTao and Kris
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On that day—when the Mama visited the Tree of Life, she saw twelve orbs budding from its sturdy branches. The orbs were small as one sees the stars. Yet Cosmos knew that it meant something dreadful. She touched the tree, and she realized she was wrong. Yes, there would be chaos if it buds, but those little orbs sparkling and hanging on the trees branches would be the way to resolve the chaos that was going to happen.

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CharactersEXO MEMBERS and Original Characters SHINEE AND BAP
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Of the sky, the clouds, the sun, the darkness, people, even himself.

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CharactersTao, Baekhyun
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Pandora's Box

Zitao has a box of memories which he affectionately names his Pandora's Box. There is a note inside which he wants Yifan to see after he passes. Will Yifan do as the note asks? The Pandora's Box is a Greek artifact, known to store all the evils of the world. Not that Zitao has any evil, but the things he has in there, they may not come of as evil but they tell a different story.   :)

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CharactersTaoris, Kaisoo and Hunhan and cameo by other exo members
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Lovely Summer Vacation

  Kyungsoo and his older brother, Baekhyun, are forced by their parents to join them on a summer trip. Their parents' friends, the Oh family, will be coming along, together with their two sons: Jongin and Chanyeol. The only problem is that the four teenagers don't get along. Kyungsoo and Jongin are complete opposites, while Baekhyun thinks Chanyeol's clingy personality makes him his most annoying acquaintance.

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CharactersEXO members + random cameos
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exo fanfiction recommendations (kris x member)

need to keep track of my fics so ;; its a recommendation/for me to keep track. it'll be mostly kris/member 's fic. enjoy   you are warned: there will be a lot of bottom!kris cus my ship  

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Falling In Love With The Transfer Student

Being transfered to another was enough but leaving in the same dorm with the bad boys was too much. Tao didnt want to transfer to XO High even if he and his parents were moving. But thinking that it would be okay since his bestfriend, Baekhyun is also transfering to his new school, he agreed to transfer. Unfortunately for them, they had to live with the bad boys. Baekhyun had to endure the annoying, loud boy, Chanyeol

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~A Slice of Life~ (Oneshot Series)

Need a dose of fluff? Here's me (the panda), bringing you every day scenerios that could happen to our precious OTPs!! I'll give you a little look at what happens behind the scenes in the idol l

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CharactersSuper Junior, SHINee, EXO, OCs
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Find us. Please

Kim Jongin, aka Kai, the self-proclaimed greatest thief in the entire world, receives a strange list from a suspicious man in a very confusing conversation. Now, Jongin knew that he was always special, well who wouldn't be considered special if they could, you know, freakin' teleport. This, did, in fact, make stealing things marginally easier. But, back to the point, even as special as

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