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Sweet like Suga?

Pure sweet Suga? You are so wrong...

I love you (more)

By MaeLNR Updated
Characters L/Myungsoo ~ OC/Jonah ~ Infinite
With 14 chapters, 2 votes, 9 subscribers, 500 views, 4 comments

“What are you thinking about?” “About you, about us.”  


By fishyyy137 Updated
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 30 subscribers, 880 views, 12 comments

Can an angel who had been cursed to ruin the heavens and the earth be the one to keep it at peace?

Dr. Sungyeol meets Mr. Shark

By JunYeeInspirit Updated
Characters Dr. Sungyeol, Mr. Shark
With 21 chapters, 8 votes, 124 subscribers, 6590 views, 78 comments

                                             Dongwoo worried a lot about his best friend Sungyeol because although being a doctor he didn't live a sophisticated life. Sungyeol used to think that having the capability to treat others must be

Loving Him Is Painful

By fiqa0103 Updated
Characters myungsoo sungyeol sungjong hoya dongwoo sunggyu woohyun
With 15 chapters, 9 votes, 160 subscribers, 11980 views, 148 comments
Status Completed

If I knew it's going to hurt so much like this, I wouldn't dare to put myself in this hell I created myself. Since when loving become so painful like this? Why he treated me like I did a deadly sin to him? It hurts that I feel like dying. - Lee Sungyeol   I could see it. The pain in his eyes. It hurts. Having to pretend like I don't give a damn when he's all I think about. Why loving became so hard like this? Isn't it a wonderful feeling? Then, why it

School is a Torture .

By sunggyutie12 Updated
Characters All of infinite, (BTOB)Sungjae, Hyuna | Others may be included in the story not comfirmed
With 5 chapters, 4 votes, 77 subscribers, 2680 views, 17 comments

Sunggyu that brat! He just made fun of me like a minute ago. I hate him so much! He should shrink 1cm everyday so in 175 days he would disappear! Mwahahaha! But... That can't happen. Because I'm in love. With that brat. My eternal enemy. Or to be exact, frenemie.   

Don't Naughty-naughty

By NoonaYoung Updated
Characters Main - Sunggyu, Hoya || Comeo - all Infinite members
With 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 140 views
Status Subscribers Only

"Don't naughty-naughty!" It starts with a simple innocent joke but it ends with a misunderstanding between Hoya and Sunggyu. "Are you hiding something from me?" Sunggyu looks at Hoya, puzzled. He is seriously clueless to why he would ask him such question out of the blue because he has always been a good listener and friend to him


By marieah Updated
With 2 chapters, 10 subscribers, 800 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

if you ever wonder why tattoos are ticklish attempts.       A/N: Lichtenberg Figures 

My Overprotective Brother

By Bluemusic_94 Updated
Characters Infinite member with cameo from other group
With 6 chapters, 9 votes, 67 comments

Get the insipiration from one of taiwan drama but i will change the plot so this story will be different from them... Kim Sunggyu is the maknae in his house and he lives only with his 3 brother that very protective over him... Because his brothers love him so much until they make sure every boy that getting near Sunggyu similar to their qualification and they will do anything so their little brother will be happy... Nam Woohyun is a new college student who is moving beside

Mellifluous Love

By KimBada Updated
Characters Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Sungjong, Yongguk
With 18 chapters, 13 votes, 312 subscribers, 8040 views, 134 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hey everybody, I’m back with a new story; I know the previous one is not finished, but only the last chapter is left, and I wanted to post this before posting the last chapter. I’m not sure when will I get to update the story because I have several things to take care of for now, so bear with me little bit. Just like how I promised, to be fair enough, this story will contain the 3 couples of INFINITE. I will ship Sungjong with YongGuk.  -Kim Bada

Provoked Confession

By ilovesungyeollie Updated
Characters Sungyeol and Myungsoo (ft. rest of Infinite)
With 2 chapters, 15 votes, 2570 views, 16 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

  Sungyeol likes Myungsoo.     Sungyeol wants Myungsoo to ask him out.     But unfortunately Myungsoo is totally oblivious to his own and Sungyeol's feelings.     .     What will happen when Sungyeol takes matters into his own hands?!       written for Sungyeol's birthday  

Fantasies and Daydreams [drabble collection]

By ilovesungyeollie Updated
Characters Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sungjong
With 28 chapters, 7 votes, 7160 views, 56 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

Welcome to ilovesungyeollie's INFINITE drabble collection and request shop

Limitless Love

By ilovesungyeollie Updated
Characters Sungyeol and Myungsoo (ft YaDong)
With 2 chapters, 18 votes, 149 subscribers, 23 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

During a time when a harsh but good Emperor was ruling, two boys were born. From the moment they were brought into the world their fates have been decided and entwined. It was in their destiny to grow up and fall in love with one another. Despite the rules their society was bounded by, the love between these two boys was limitless.   ~~∞~~   Set in ancient Korea.  Where the decision of choosing who to love was not your own to mak


By lovemyotterprince77 Updated
Characters Infinite, Lee Howon/Hoya, Kim Sunggyu, Kim MyungSoo/L, Jang DongWoo, Lee SungYeol, Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungjong
With 18 chapters, 2 votes, 29 subscribers, 1980 views, 8 comments

Stumbled upon this while looking for something interesting to read and decided to give it a shot Date Started: 11/27/13 Date Ended: N/A 18/100

Behind Closed Doors

By yvonnenguyen2297 Updated
Characters Sungyeol, Myungsoo/L, Woohyun, Sungjong, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sunggyu, other characters
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 28 subscribers, 440 views, 3 comments

Myungsoo was just a simple daycare teacher. His passion in life was to help kids grow and be happy to be young and free. When his older brother, Kim Sunggyu, is unable to pay his debts to the local mafia and begins to pay the price for it, Myungsoo is willing to do whatever it takes to help Sunggyu, even if he doesn't know it. This leads him to crossing paths with Lee Sungjong, head of the Korean mafia, and Sungyeol, loyal bodyguard to Sungjong. At first, he tells himself that it was just tem

If life could be rewritten

By spartace_jjang Updated
With 1 chapters, 20 subscribers, 240 views
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

just a one shot i did for a challenge my friend and i were working on. --  

Shoe Strings

By IceGrayMelody Updated
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments

Life’s such a tease. Sungjong learned that mastering multitasking can save your head from further worries (migraine for worst case scenarios). He knows he can handle things (an obstacle is the right word) that are laid in front of him, though he can’t even earn a good night’s sleep despite of his hard work (with emphasis on the last word). But when one event made him change his usual routine and plans, he w

When Choding Meets Shy

By Airishsilver Updated
Characters Sungyeol Myungsoo Sunggyu Woohyun Dongwoo Hoya Sungjong
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 164 subscribers, 2490 views, 22 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Lee Sungyeol is one of the most popular guys at school, with his friends, Lee Howon, Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, and Nam Woohyun. They all are Kingkas. While Myungsoo was a nerd with his bangs covering his eyes, reading books everywhere- or maybe except when he is with Sungjong.   And Sungyeol makes the nerd work as his boyfriend because he is annoyed with all his fans. What he didn't know is, Myungsoo was one of his fans.     


By B2theANG Updated
Characters Woohyun, Sungkyu, Hoya, Dongwoo, Myungsoo
With 19 chapters, 18 votes, 285 subscribers, 10750 views, 107 comments

Woohyun is one of the most successful celebrities Korea has ever seen. Used to a life of fame and fortune, where he can get everything he wants at the snap of his fingers, how will he fare in the face of the headstrong Sungkyu, who strangely doesn't think his only purpose in life is to please Woohyun.

Growing Pains

By xdark_blue Updated
Characters Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Dongwoo, Hoya
With 22 chapters, 95 votes, 638 subscribers, 55270 views, 509 comments

Dongwoo and Hoya's relationship has been unshakable since it began, but when an unexpected addition to their home shakes things up, will they get their chance at a real family or will their happy ending fall apart? Sungyeol is a single dad, raising his beautiful daughter on his own. When he meets Myungsoo, who might just be his first real chance at love, will he take a risk

Pebble Path

By blondeyoonie Updated
Characters Sungyeol and Myungsoo with Woohyun, Sunggyu, Hoya, Dongwoo and Sungjong
With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 217 subscribers, 3030 views, 26 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Two boys once met by chance.   One was a hard working, selfless choding.   One was a cold but kindhearted heir.   They were from such different worlds, so how was it possible for them to get along?