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Park Jimin MEET Park Jimin...

They say that the third time is the charm... What happens when BTS's Park Jimin meets 15&'s Park Jimin for the thrd time and finds out that she is his...

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Charactersidols actors tvpersonnalities
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Artposter by Violetkecil of "Violetkecil Poster Shop". Check them out they do great work !


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Here, you can find K-pop lyrics of all sorts and maybe Japanese songs and some mashups! :D Hello, welcome to the place where I store all the lyrics of certain songs, you are free to request, I won't mind. For mashups and remixes, please bear with me, all lyrics may be incorrect © to all owners :) note: not all lyrics are color coded

Window in the Skies

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Characters2NE1, Various
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This is perhaps one of the trippiest things I've ever done. And I'm not even on LSD yet. In the kingdom of HippieLand, lived a fairy named Dara. Dara was the fairy goddess of love, peace and music and ruler of the entire kingdom. She, along with her cherubins sang and made music everyday to help the growth of their land. With these, they prospered and became powerful yet maintained their solid ground and humility, accepting anyone and everyone that came into th

The Acacia Treehouse

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CharactersSeohyun, Kyuhyun
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Seohyun is  9 years old and together with her friend Kyuhyun, 10, their eyes are opened to the way of life in a sleepy provincial county in Korea. Watch as the two share laughs, tears, fears, love, and friendship all in their Acacia treehouse. 


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CharactersMain : Lee Angel [OC], Lee Donghae ; Park Heerin, Lee Donghwa
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"I just saw my bestfriend whom I haven't seen and talked to for like 6 years and I missed him." - Angel Angel and Donghae have been best friends since forever but Donghae has to leave. 6 years later they see each other, they're in the same school and in the same class. Will their rel

Pick Up Sticks

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Characters[Main] Henry Lau, Chaerin Lee ; Lee Donghae, Dara Park
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There's one thing I learned... It's easier to pick up girls while I walk my dog but harder to pick girls when I don't have my dog and when you're interested in them

Losing To You

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CharactersKim Min Seol, Baek Eun Jo, Oh Ha Ni, Baek Seung Jo, Hwang Geum Hee, Kim Eun Jae, Oh Gi Dong, Baek Soo Chang and many others...
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Baek Eun Jo was many things BUT he was NOT a coward! How dare that infuriating girl call him that?! He would give her what she wanted and what he wanted somehow too...

My Stubborn Seniorita

Bywinterprincess updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong || You(The Reader) || Lee Kikwang || Lee Byunghyun(L.Joe)
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'My Stubborn Seniorita' is inspired to a new korean drama called 'My Princess' Starring: Kim TaeHee. Though actually still didn't watch the whole drama and just a preview. I decided to make a fanfiction about it.

Love In The Ice

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CharactersYou | Kim Jaejoong | Choi Siwon | Song Eunhye[Fic] | Park Yoochun | Kim Junsu | Oh So Eun[Fic]
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Its not your fault those hands are cold Clinging onto


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CharactersL.Joe || You [The Reader] || L || Song Eunhye [Fic] || Teen top || Infinite
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Our love for each other at "Forbidden" no one understand what we feel. They always try to take him away from me but they will never succeed because our love for each other will last till 'Eternity'.

Love Disease

Bywinterprincess updated
CharactersYou [The Reader], Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun Joong
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Love Disease is a story about You [The Reader] , Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun Joong. Its a Love triangle fanfiction. 

すごい ‹ sugoi, the roleplay for the weirdos // IF YOU'RE SUGOI AND YOU KNOW IT, JOIN US!11!!!! LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN WALK THE TALK B\

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 sugoi rp 

Milky Couple (Pil Sook and Jason story)

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CharactersIU- kim pilsook, Wooyoung- Jason
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Jason and Pilsook  started off as two strangers who met at an audition. At the time, Pilsook was an overweight student who dreamed of becoming a star, and Jason was just a courteous somebody who helped her. However, eight months later, Pilsook reappeared as a cute and loveable, 66 pounds slimmer, girl. The two hid their feelings for each other, all the while flirting with other men and women. After confirming each other’s feelings, just looking at each other made the world rosey. Pilsook ta

Kim's Korean Class [Learn Korean]

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I am here to help you learn Korean! I will be here to discuss basic vocabulary and grammar for you.  Maybe you'll even be able to pick up certain sentences in songs or TV shows :)

Leave Me Never

ByWriting4rmtheheart updated
CharactersLucy Green (OC), Super Junior
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A twenty year old american girl learns she has been diagnosed with cancer and drops everything to live the life shes always wanted to live. She quits her high paying intership and drops out of college in her last year to travel the world. Her first stop was south korea and on the way there she goes finds some people worth living for. Lucy Green is your average amercan girl majoring in Foreign languages to become a translator for the governent. She uses her talents in foreign languages in spea

Shaking Heart

Byiheartskpop updated
CharactersSong Miryung (OC) & Kang Jun (C-Clown)
With47 chapters, 12 votes, 5360 views, 45 comments

      Being pulled together by their parents into an arranged marriage, Kangjun and Miryung met for the first time. They didn’t get along, although their personalities were alike. Both despise each other because of their stubbornness, family names, and pride. However, Miryung definitely caught Kangjun’s attention. He never thought any girl would catch his attention, nonetheless the girl that his parents picked for his arranged marriage, but Miryung most

1004 ( Trilogy to B.M.L & S.L.A )

ByPABOSX updated
CharactersBANGTAN (BTS), BAP, You.
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1004. A Story of Love. Starring : BANGTAN (BTS) , BAP, You. Trilogy to BE MY LIGHT & SKOOL LUV AFFAIR BANGTAN  

Ulzzang Fashion LookBook~

ByAsianLam updated
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The Ulzzang LookBook Welcome~ to the wonderful world of Ulzzang fashion! (\*^*/) Maybe you wonder of dressing like an ulzzang, but could never know what to wear?

Girl with the Americano

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CharactersChoi Yura (OC) | Kim Himchan | BAP
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  Money is not everything, but love is everything that destroys one person's life; that's her, Choi Yura's philosophy. No matter how old she gets, she had no intention to fall in love with some stranger. She just wanted to live her life with no trouble. Working, earning money and settling down in one pretty apartment in that bustling city, was her life


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As fiery as sparks. As fast as heartbeats.

Efflorescence [Graphic Shop]{BUSY}

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CharactersAll of you :D
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The Tattoo of the Mafia returns

ByEmizLucifer updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Lee Hyehee (fic), Oh Minjung (fic), Oh Sehun
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The wind blows so strongly that the hem of her loose shirt started dancing to the direction of the wind, and a small curled up dragon is seen on the lower back of this girl.   Another girl, another tattoo, another history.            Rated for foul words 

That Smirk

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›› Title: That Smirk →A u t h o r :: caramel_brulee

*~*Love One Shot Collection*~*

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Characters2PM, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk & many more
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This is my first time for one shot stories. I'll try to update every week or so.

Beautiful Race Queen/Model

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