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by Lemonxcandyjongie updated on
Tags: infinite shinee woogyu myunggyu wookey hogyu
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 44 | Views: 1610 | Comments: 12 |

I thought you said you LOVED me. You said you would HOLD me. You said we will be TOGETHER FOREVER. and PROTECT me. But, Everything you said were all LIES. No... Read More

Jhengchie says thank you part 2!

by jhengchie updated on
Tags: infinite myungyeol myunggyu wookey ongyu taejong heegyu
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 10 | Views: 970 | Comments: 21 |

Hi Everyone!  ... Read More

The Unseen Love [Subscribers Only]

by Kim_JaeHwa updated on
Tags: 2min drama jongkey school wookey
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 24 | Views: 540 | Comments: 5 |

Jonghyun and Key had been best friends almost as long as they could remember. They were always together and told each other even their smallest and deepest secrest. They had promised to stay with e... Read More

Her Mr. Chu [Complete]

by Jaey1303 updated on
Tags: apink woohyun pinkfinite woorong wookey chorong toheart
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 27 | Views: 1170 | Comments: 13 |

Hey. ^^ I am finally back with this new fanfic. ^^ I did not want to write a woorong fanfic at first but after all the events that happened. A fanfic about woorong is the best! :D I spend some time... Read More

Crooked Love [Complete]

by Songspired updated on
Tags: angst key sunggyu woogyu woohyun wookey
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Views: 580 | Comments: 3 |

"I want to make this crooked love straight again" ~Tell Me Why by Toheart... Read More

Key's Totally Into You. [Complete]

by exotic_sarang updated on
Tags: fluff jongho jonghyun jongkey romance shinee wookey
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 8 | Views: 2140 | Comments: 22 |

In which Jonghyun is asked to serve a couple on a dinner date at work, but can't help finding himself completely distracted by one of the extremely attractive males, who clearly takes a keen intere... Read More

Between You and Me

by Secretsagain updated on
Tags: dongkey jongkey minkey wookey
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 10 | Subscribers: 100 | Views: 2660 | Comments: 39 |

Jonghyun is perfectly fine being single.  He has three great bandmates, he's in a rather popular boyband and he's rich. He doesn't need a partner in his life. Or at lea... Read More

Intimate Note Special: We’ve got dorm mates!

by jhengchie updated on
Tags: fluff infinite shinee wookey ongyu taejong shinfinite
Chapters: 12 | Votes: 12 | Subscribers: 70 | Views: 1480 | Comments: 41 |

Intimate Note Special: We’ve got dorm mates! SHINee and Infinite PG-13 Fluff/crack They were cast on a variety show.  ... Read More

Half-Empty, Half-Full

by warderscloak updated on
Tags: key woohyun onkey wookey
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 13 |

Best friends isn't nearly enough to describe what they are to each other. A series of drabbles about how Woohyun and Kibum spend their days together.... Read More

Confess [Complete]

by SongMaelin updated on
Tags: fluff infinite kibum shinee woohyun wookey toheart
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 4 | Views: 430 | Comments: 7 |

Being an idol isn't glamorous. It's stressful... but he is always there to support me.... Read More

Key's Just Not That Into You. [Complete]

by exotic_sarang updated on
Tags: jonghyun jongkey key oneshot shinee taekey wookey
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 9 |

In which Key is finally asked on a dinner date by his co-worker Woohyun, but can't help finding himself distracted by their extremely attractive waiter, who clearly takes a keen interest in Key too... Read More

visit [Complete]

by nazi22 updated on
Tags: jongkey shinee wookey toheart
Chapters: 1 | Views: 380 | Comments: 3 |

another jongkey fluff , written by a whim ... Read More

we heard the fireworks, rushed out to watch the sky [Complete]

by Lirazel updated on
Tags: infinite key shinee woohyun wookey toheart
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 11 | Comments: 12 |

They end up locked in the single occupancy bathroom during their break, taking turns on their knees, because that’s what they do when Kibum is single. ... Read More

The truth shall set you free [Complete]

by jhengchie updated on
Tags: infinite shinee sungjong taemin wookey taejong shinfinite
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 11 | Views: 540 | Comments: 6 |

They knew about Woohyun’s love life and how the vocalist dated his supposed BFF Key... Read More

Collab? [Complete]

by ivegotmyeyesonew updated on
Tags: infinite kimkibum namwoohyun shinee wookey toheart
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Views: 320 | Comments: 3 |

Really random and quick fic that popped into my head; kinda made this up along the way---... Read More

If only you knew

by mochisenpai updated on
Tags: abuse angst jongho jongkey schoollife wookey
Comments: 2 |

Kim Kibum enrolled in a new private school, Seoul Academy. Being as awkward as he is, he was surprised to have made two new friends on his first day; Amber and Luna Key later meets the scho... Read More

Pride and Dignity

by Dephanie updated on
Tags: angst infinite sunggyu woogyu woohyun gyujong wookey
Chapters: 4 | Subscribers: 47 | Views: 720 | Comments: 6 |

  Woohyun is in denial of his feelings for Sunggyu. Sunggyu is tired of waiting. Sungjong is constantly hoping ... Read More

Author-nim [Complete]

by jhengchie updated on
Tags: fluff key onew sunggyu woohyun wookey ongyu
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 11 | Views: 410 | Comments: 10 |

Author-nim OnGyu (with ninja! WooKey) Because he found none for his favorite pair, he decided to write it himself... Read More

Infinite true drabbles [Complete]

by hotterthanasummer updated on
Tags: key niel wookey ailee hakyeon minha yeolniel
Chapters: 5 | Comments: 3 |

One drabble per Infinite pairing.  I'm writing true drabbles to try to get myself over writer's block. True drabbles means they're exactly 100 words each. Most will be AU.... Read More

Pure Love [Complete]

by VickyLovesSHINee updated on
Tags: fluff infinite key shinee woohyun wookey
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 3 |

Hello!!!!!!!! i'm back with my secind one-shot and this time it's wookey! idk but lately i've been having these woekey feels and i just had to write something! It's a drabble where woohyun can ma... Read More

Stranger [Complete]

by ZombehPanda updated on
Tags: 2min jongkey myungyeol woogyu wookey canon shinfinite
Chapters: 23 | Votes: 17 | Subscribers: 98 | Views: 4850 | Comments: 95 |

When Woohyun looks in the mirror he sees Minho's face. When Minho speaks he hears Woohyun's voice. Will they ever get their own lives back? Two people who used to be strangers.   ... Read More

Jerk [Complete]

by jhengchie updated on
Tags: fluff onew sunggyu wookey ongyu
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 9 | Subscribers: 15 | Views: 680 | Comments: 6 |

Jerk Author: Jhengchie Pairing: OnGyu,... Read More

real [Complete]

by cchangsub updated on
Tags: infinite key shinee woohyun wookey
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 6 | Views: 620 | Comments: 7 |

Woohyun and Key have a sleepover. ... Read More

Two Weddings

by TheFameWalker updated on
Tags: comedy drama jongkey kryber wookey keystal
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 39 | Views: 1960 | Comments: 4 |

Amber, 27, architect, is a handsome tomboy and an open lesbian. Krystal, 25, is a beautiful obstetrician in a famous hospital in Korea. She's Amber's girlfriend but still a closeted lesb... Read More

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